Odds and ends for August 2016

My Dad as a young man

My Dad as a young man

Happy Birthday Dad! Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday. He would be 113 years old. (Yes that’s right! He was in his mid-40s when I was born!) He died when I was young but I still remember him with his laughing eyes!

Griege? Really? I went looking for that elusive perfect beige color to paint a room. Beige is so 90s. Griege is the “in” color now. It’s a grayed beige that doesn’t have any red/orange undertones. Gray is not my favorite color for walls but I’ll look into this shade. Beige is a tricky color to pick. I painted my dining room walls with one that turned peachy in the afternoon sun! Maybe I’ll settle for a nice sage green or grayed blue. Two of my favorites.

Spits and spurts! That’s how I would describe my energy level this summer. Sometimes I need naps and other times you need to get out of my way because I’m on a whirlwind to get something done. Sure wish I could plan it better. Maybe bottle it and sell it. Or keep it on the shelf for when I need it.

Aw, sometimes nice stuff happens. Someone from my exercise gym gave me a Starbucks card with money on it. It was a gift but she doesn’t drink coffee or tea. She bought a pastry but Starbucks is not the “go to” for pastry so she gave the card to me. There’s enough there for a nice mocha latte. Made my day!


38 thoughts on “Odds and ends for August 2016

  1. What a wonderful photo of your dad, Kate. Greige, huh? That’s a new one for me. And you made me laugh about your naps one day and bursts of energy the next. That’s what’s been happening to me during this first month of retirement. I’m all over the map! Not sure how I feel about that either, but apparently without a clock to punch my rhythms are a bit all over the place! 🙂

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    • I try to stay with neutrals that don’t come and go using pops of color on things that are easy to transition in or out. Just saw my neighbor’s new gray sofa and chairs and I loved it. It worked well with her creamy off-white walls. Much better than I would have thought.

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  2. Laughing eyes can do so much. Nice legacy he gave you. He looks like a wonderful dad.
    Beige can become pinky much too quickly.
    This summer has jsut about done me in: rainy month, scorching baking month for July that stole all my energy, and now soggy soogy alternating with humidity and broiling. About to consider hibernating during summers

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    • I’ve done almost as much hibernating as I do in the winter. We have had sauna weather for several days with storms every afternoon. I feel like a drowning mouse. We did have 2 really nice days last week…sigh…too fast gone.


  3. Maybe taupe is the color you are looking for. It seems to be all the rage on HGTV, that and grey. I think I would like a greyed-green shade. I also like light gold as a cheerful color, but I’m afraid of becoming tired of it.

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  4. I am waiting for that energy that comes in spits and spurts. I am depleted from traveling for two weeks (or maybe being away from the cats that long). Maybe somebody will give me a Starbucks gift card or something equivalent to perk me up! I can always hope.

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  5. Oh painting. The color never, ever, ever, not a chance in hell will it look l ike you expect. It is the worst thing about painting! Especially greens! I love sage green — especially a little bit lighter than the green in your border here. But it never looks like what I expect. Sigh.

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  6. Happy birthday to your dad..:)
    Funny how temperamental colors can be. Makes it difficult for the rest of us. I’ve seen the color you’re describing. It’s nice and cooling but there are so many shades of it. I think they do that just to mess with our minds. I’ve been trying to pick a family room color for months. We get frustrated and stop then revisit. It’s a never ending cycle.

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  7. I recommend Dunn Edwards Almond Latte. That is the beige color we painted our living and dining room in 2011. I still love the color. It is not too yellow or pink or grey. But it has enough color to, well, be a color. It looks nice with our “Swiss Coffee” color shutters.

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