Random 5 for July 31 – Time flies, puppies, privacy, happy, appliances

Source: wordsartme.com

Source: wordsartme.com

Holy moly where’d it go? – July is all but history. How did that happy. Reminds me of last July which I swear was 2 days long. I know I spent way too much time complaining. I promise not to do that to August! Maybe.

Awwww puppies! – When stuck in the house because of the swamp ass weather, I started running out of things that interest me. Then I found puppy videos. OMG! Better than Valium! Better than booze! Just bundles of love doing what they love to do! Roll over and nibble on the next puppy’s ear (or tail or butt…whatever is handy). Don’t tell me you haven’t done that!

A secret blog post? – Bloggers who subscribe to another blogger can get the feed in their “reader” which is very convenient. Over the past week there has been entries that say “Opps! You subscribe to this blog but this post is private. Contact the administrator.” Ok, I don’t know who you are that is blocking me from your scandalous posts but I will find out! Anyone else have this experience?

Starbucks – It’s the time when some of the workers are going back to college. Lots of changes and new faces. So far it looks like maybe three or four are staying from the morning shift. One is a very quiet and mild-mannered guy. That is until I saw him put a sign on another barista’s back and tie her apron strings to a drawers. Hijinks goes on everywhere. It’s cool when people like the people they work with.

You picked now to stop? – We had house guests this week. Everything went smoothly and it was fun except for one thing. The dishwasher gave out on day 2 of their stay. Everyone pitched in doing dishes (and I used disposable plates mostly). The repairman will be here Tuesday. That will be a week without a dishwasher. I know lots of people wouldn’t care but to me it’s like primitive camping. (And I’m not a fan of that either.)

So how was your week?





34 thoughts on “Random 5 for July 31 – Time flies, puppies, privacy, happy, appliances

  1. Cute puppy pics. I went through the dishwasher deal a few weeks ago. Made the mistake of looking for someone to fix it online. Cost me twice as much as it should have and took twice as long. I didn’t realize how spoiled I was until I had to do without it.


  2. I think every month moves too fast…I think it has something to do with how many years I have lived. Yeah, baby critters are great stress relievers, especially on video…don’t have to clean up after those. WordPress does get wonky sometimes. Last week was not my best but the weekend has been good so have high hopes for this week. 🙂

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  3. “Just bundles of love doing what they love to do! Roll over and nibble on the next puppy’s ear (or tail or butt…whatever is handy). Don’t tell me you haven’t done that!”

    I have NEVER rolled over to nibble on the next puppy’s ear, tail, OR butt. Just saying.

    I got one of those OOPS messages this week. I’m guessing that someone I’ve been following decided to mark their blog private. Haven’t figured out who.

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    • Well, I follow them too. I have notice that I get email messages for one blogger but the posts aren’t in my reader. Made me wonder if it was her and if reader is a little wonky. I can access easily by email. BTW, I meant watched a puppy video, not nibbled on a puppy! (but you knew that)


      • I just checked every blog in my reader and had access to them all. So I scrolled through the reader and the OOPS message was GONE. Probably just a WP Gremlin.

        P.S. I knew what you meant . . . but couldn’t resist twisting your tale!

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    • The best one I saw this week was on FB. I tried to find it again and couldn’t. Why is it that on FB you see the same thing over and over again unless you want to? I don’t like plain weeks without chaos. There is nothing to blog about!

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  4. I know all about those puppy videos. Takes all I have not to go adopt. I long for a Carmela of my own but know…at least right now, I just can’t…sigh. Yes, summer is dashing by. Pretty soon I’ll be back in my Barbour, and your beloved pond will be closed, all frogs packing. Life just whizzes by like the super chief making no local stops. Look forward, truly, to the Random 5. 🙂

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  5. Another one of my favorites is baby goats at play. If you go to YouTube and search “goats playing” or something similar, you’ll find some of the cutest videos ever. Those always make me smile, and sometimes even laugh out loud at the computer screen … which makes my dogs look at me like I’ve gone over the edge, which makes me smile again. And so on. LOL

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