Summer Solstice Odds and Ends – dreams, conga lines and general silliness

I love summer. The solstice is exciting. To celebrate I sang my favorite summer song to the beloved husband. It was off-key and the paragraphs were mixed up but the words were all there. I can’t remember what I ate for lunch yesterday but I can remember words to a seasonal song from 50+ years ago.

The nymphs or sprites or whatever were creating havoc here. The beloved husband and I both had very weird dreams. He didn’t remember his but I woke up with a vivid memory. There was a man (age appropriate — no young’uns for me) that I know in my dream but it wasn’t a weird sex dream.

You know the kind. You wake up the next morning and you are so embarrassed to see the person because well…you are convinced they HAVE to know. They were there! You need a cold shower! (At least that’s how I remember it!) I suppose that nature’s way of keeping the population going.

Those dreams stopped a long time ago and that’s good. The people in my dreams were never people I wanted to couple with.

All that dreaming was exhausting. I needed a two-hour nap in the middle of the afternoon to recover. A delightful luxury for a retired person. Or maybe it was the heat (not complaining!). I woke up in time for happy hour.

Meanwhile back at the pond, the solstice and its energy pull got the frogs all torqued up again. There was more conga line stuff going on. Oy vay!

Hope your solstice was full of conga line stuff and positive energy!

Here is a threesome swaying to the music!

Here is a threesome swaying to the music! Yes, this is my pond with my frogs. No, I’m not embarrassed! It’s nature.

So what is your favorite summertime song?

31 thoughts on “Summer Solstice Odds and Ends – dreams, conga lines and general silliness

  1. Just curious…has anyone done an official count of how many of your blog posts contain references to aquatic mating? I’m not saying it’s A Thing! No. I’m just saying there is a lot of evidence pointing to it becoming A Thing.

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  2. i can think of a few favorite songs, but the one that comes to mind is “Hot Fun in the Summertime,” by Sly and the Family Stone. I do like summer! Great post, Kate. The conga line of frogs fit in perfectly with your very colorful dreams! 🙂

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    • I used to work with a guy who attended a men’s group. It was a sort of post-divorce therapy group. For the solstice they would go out in the woods and “find their inner child.” I had this vision of middle aged men dancing 80s style with Nehru jackets and beads.


      • No Nehru jackets and beads. We just admired the “strawberry moon” and its reflection on the lake. But a dose of nature does bring out the inner child.

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  3. Many of the Beach Boys songs say “summer” to me. It was fun listening to your favorite, Kate. I’ve always liked that song too but I would never have guessed the artist’s name. Fun stuff!

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  4. Hey Kate – want to trade dreams?? Yours sound kind of cool (despite the uncomfortable moments in reality) 🙂 I dream exclusively about strangers (although in the dream they are familiar to me). What would Freud say?

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  5. Glad your dreams were age appropriate, Kate . . . and that your nap didn’t interfere with your other obligations. Namely, Happy Hour.

    I watched “My Name Is Doris” last week and found the age disparity “odd” and the casting choices “odder” ~> why would Sally Field be interested in someone 40 years her junior?

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