Random 5 for January 10 – Starbucks, bloggers, restaurants, exercise, aging

A cat after my own heart!

A cat after my own heart!

Oh no! – This week Starbucks ran out of their mocha sauce! I tried a different Starbucks store and was told it was a global shortage! (Really? Is this part of a terrorist plot? Was there a conspiracy?) For two days I had to quaff down the diet stuff. Yes, there is a difference to a true mocha-tier!

Hi good buddy! – This week a long-lost blogger returned to the fold! Universal Musings writer (and published author) Jill Foer Hirsch returned to blogging. I always enjoyed her humorous posts. She had a way of making everything funny. Welcome back Jill!

Where’s the meat? – This week a waitress at a new restaurant used a new (for me) term. I ordered a vegetarian pasta dish and she asked if I wanted to add protein. Hmmmm…would they dust it with a vitamin pill if I said yes? Then I realized she was asking if I wanted to add chicken or shrimp. Next time I am prepared. I will ask for a little scrambled egg on top!

What’s that I smell? – I was running behind on my “chores” and cleaned out the basement kitty litter box late in the day. I went down to the basement, home of the treadmill and litter boxes. There was a new smell. Damn! It was that male gym smell. The beloved husband had just finished an hour on the machine. I didn’t even smell the litter!

Revolving medicine cabinets – Back when I was young I had tampons, zit cover-up, blue eye shadow, make-up and various other “young people” sundries stored in my medicine cabinets. Stuff that would make me pretty and full of energy. Today it’s all different. In addition to trading out the KY jelly for hemorrhoid ointments there are pain killers, sleep helpers and cholesterol reducers. This week I added eye drops for severe dry eye. It is bad enough that my bladder wakes me up every night for attention. Now my eyeballs wake me up with uncomfortable burning. If only the bladder and eyeball would get on the same schedule so I can get some sleep. I wonder what other medications are coming my way.

So how was your week?

37 thoughts on “Random 5 for January 10 – Starbucks, bloggers, restaurants, exercise, aging

  1. Don’t you hope your friends aren’t going through your medicine cabinet for clues? Of course, theirs look just the same! Having an indoor gym with accompanying smells…that’s asking a lot!


  2. Added protein? New term to me too. It sounds like one of those spa cafes at resorts where every last item on the menu has the calorie count written beside it. Very swanky. Slightly weird.


    • Maybe she was being politically correct in case I was a vegan. The place is a new restaurant but not real pricey. The have a Mediterranean fusion style of food which I never know what that means because chicken quesadillas are on the menu. Last time I looked at a map, Mexico was not in the Mediterranean.

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  3. The other day the donut shop I go to didn’t have any jelly donuts. What’s with that! I am not a big coffee drinker but I have become hooked on Gevalia Mocha Latte. Have a cup every afternoon. Love the cat pic.


  4. I love ordering vegetarian options and seeing what I’ve saved by not adding the optional chicken, fish, shrimp, beef, pork, lamb, etc.

    If we eat a well-balanced diet with enough calories to maintain our weight and energy levels, we can get all the protein we need from fruit, grains, veggies . . . and mocha!


  5. Starbucks is out of mocha? Definitely a terrorist plot. I also have an evolving medicine cabinet ~ it really tells a story of the good, bad and ugly. Thanks for the link to Jill. We can never have too many funny bloggers!


  6. The nice thing about SoCal is that our treadmill is always the great outdoors. The gym smell never makes it inside.

    Yeah, my medicine cabinet will undoubtedly get a makeover similar to my lingerie drawer at some point. Goodbye, Victoria’s Secret! Hello, cotton briefs by Hanes…


  7. I know that smell. Smelly feet, but in a larger sense.

    Starbucks has been pissing me off lately over a variety of things. Sometimes I think if you get their regular blend it’s left over from the night before. Has that reheated taste. They deny this of course with their best 5 a.m. sneer, but your taste buds know, there’s something rotten at Starbucks.
    My cabinet has odd stuff in it as well. Enough calcium to breastfeed a small country, Swiss Kriss for those irregular, had too much cheese, days. But I will admit, I have a collection of anti-aging products I could sell at a stand in front of my building. I’m a sucker for anything that says…YOUNGER AT A OUR LOWEST PRICE EVER.
    Nice you’re promoting a fellow blogger. If you think she’s funny, then she must be. Welcome back Jill 🙂


    • I couldn’t even start to list the anti-aging products I have. I often wonder what I would look like if I didn’t use them. Maybe the same? As for SB they may not make it the day before but maybe they load up the beans the night before so they loose something overnight. Jill and I had breast cancer together at different times in different states. Perhaps you have to be a survivor to understand that. We are all sisters. Jill wrote a hilarious book on it (I know it isn’t funny that’s what makes it interesting). When you are ill you have to keep a sense of humor or they will call the undertaker.

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