Random 5 for Nov. 8 – Weight, contractors, stupid phone calls, foliage, pets

earrings in high schoolFeeling smug – I saw this cartoon on Facebook and was feeling good. I weigh a pound or two less than in high school. Then I remembered. I am also an inch or so shorter. Boogers!

Eyow dude! – When we had a fence installed in our yard, we had two workers here for five days. No radios, no yelling, no swearing. (Yes, I send a note of thanks about all that to the company.) There are contractors nearby starting a project and all I hear is hooting and hollering and a radio. At first I thought the screaming meant an accident so I rushed to check. No work. Just standing around. Must be talking about sports or something. Our houses are not close. Just because you are outside doesn’t mean you have to scream or blast your radio.

Thank God it’s over – I hate election time. The junk mail and robocalls intensify. We normally get about 3 to 5 robocalls a day. At election time they are hourly. We must appear to be stupid old people who believe Nigerian princes or IRS prank calls. We never answer the phone unless we are expecting a call. I don’t know how they get our number and I wish the phone company would come up with a blocking system. I would be willing to pay for the peace and quiet. Perhaps next year we’ll unplug.

This isn't my street but it's close! Source: Wallpaper-wallpaper.com

This isn’t my street but it’s close! Source: Wallpaper-wallpaper.com

A stunning fall – I live on a tree-lined street. Unfortunately, the developer used very cheap maples that don’t have fabulous fall color. They tend to get a yellow-brown shade. This fall they have been brilliant yellow which is accented by dogwoods and other trees that are red or orange. It has been so beautiful. This is the first time in twelve years and I don’t know why.

Sassy cats! — I’ve wanted to do “shorts” about critters without losing my eclectic appeal. (A short is a very short post, like a paragraph or two. The most creative writers can make it a sentence or even six words. Eclectic means I don’t have a theme but grasp at any passing straws!) If you find no humor in animal topics (my sympathies) you can skip over these. I plant to run them on Fridays.

So how was your week?





40 thoughts on “Random 5 for Nov. 8 – Weight, contractors, stupid phone calls, foliage, pets

  1. I love your random thoughts! Sounds just like me…
    I had a random thought about the pesky, unwanted callers: Our phone company (in Switzerland) has, on their website, a way for customers to block individual numbers; you may want to give your provider a call or check out their website to see if it’s an option for you. Now that I know about this option, I gladly accept their calls – I just quietly set the phone aside and let them practice their sales pitch while I get on with my writing, and then go to the website and block their number. 😉


  2. We didn’t have local elections this time around… thank goodness. After the last major election, we ditched our land line and bought an Ooma which we use in addition to our cellphones. So far, we haven’t had nearly the level of unwanted calls that we used to endure. We are having a warm fall too… perhaps the calm before the storm (in our case, El Niño)? Enjoy it while it’s here!


    • I had to google Ooma as I never heard of it. We keep the landline because we used to have power outages, some of them long. Without electricity we would run out of charge for a cell phone and computer. The past year or two hasn’t been so bad so maybe we should revisit. We are very familiar with El Nino! He visits us here too. I think he brings warmer weather but more precipitation. Is it spring yet?


  3. I’ve seen that quote before, Kate, makes me smile. I live across the street from someone who blasts his radio whenever he’s working in the yard. Our houses are very close together so I have the (dis)pleasure of listening to whatever sports he’s listening too. Fall colors have been magnificent around here, too. Look forward to your Friday shorts!


  4. Ugh! Robocalls should be illegal. I pity the elderly who struggle to catch the phone, only to hear one of those awful calls on the other end.

    Friday critter posts? Awesome idea ~ count me in!

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  5. Cat post??? In the wings…I’m in. A beautiful photo of the trees. Today was our first nippy day in a while to my disappointment. Out came the sweats, back went the shorts…sigh.
    I skipped election day because I was working. By the time I got home polls closed.
    Again, can’t wait for those kitty pieces, and I too am no longer a strapping 5’8. I almost strangled the little hop on the scale girl who said, newp…yous 5’7. Age, it kicks your ass. Have a great, happy week 🙂

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  6. It has been a beautiful Fall this year! We have contractors arriving on Monday. I’ve taken the liberty of copying your post and putting it up in the garage for them…. You never know, they may be in to sassy cats 😉

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    • We are looking into getting a robocalls blocking device to install on our phone. The last week has been horrendous. They start before 7 a.m. to go on until 9 p.m. I never answer the phone unless I am expecting a call. Unfortunately this week I was expecting a call (which hasn’t come yet). Ugh! Not ready for the game. With all the hype I don’t know what to expect.

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    • From what I’ve been reading, they are difficult to prosecute as they keep changing numbers. Many originate from overseas. They shut down a call center with the “Rachel” calls only to have it pop up somewhere else. I do wonder how they make money on these. At this point, no one in their right mind gives out info over the phone. I don’t even donate to my favorite charities on the phone.


  7. My husband is very noise-sensitive — he cannot tune stuff out. So we bought a house with 2-1/2 acres in an area where 2+ acres is mandatory. Still, there is always noise. Leaf-blowers, lawn mowers, barking dogs, and contractors like those at your neighbors’. Oh well.

    I’m behind in my blog reading (and was zealous with my delete button). But I’ll read your criter posts! And I agree, folks with no love of animals do miss a lot.

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  8. My week also involved some noise [well lots of noise] generated from the workers who are “fixing” a neighbor’s roof. I mean really… my head is still throbbing from the it all.

    I like the idea of an established short post day of the week in which we all get to learn about your take on some critter. That’ll be fun. Good idea.

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  9. Love the foliage.

    Hate noise. I’d have taken swearing, though, over the jackhammer in the neighbor’s backyard. I applaud the fact that they are getting rid of their in ground pool, but 1) They drained the sucker in the street when I would have been glad to take a few hundred gallons off their hands for my wilting yard, and b) The jackhammer was unbelievably loud. For hours.

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