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There are a lot of things I used to love that I no longer enjoy.

Bright blue eyeshadow is at the top of the list but there are other things too.

I’m not into sweets like I used to be. I find most desserts (at least the American versions) far too sweet.

My drinking favorites have changed. I was never a ripple chick but I did like the sweeter drinks like pina coladas and mudslides. Today my drinks are less sweet and simpler. Way simpler.

I appreciate a sour balance too. I’ve been known to put a dab of a really good balsamic vinegar on almost anything. Really. Anything.

It’s not only cosmetics and food. (Don’t even start me on hair products! Who decided that banana clips were a bad idea?)

Travel! Going someplace where you don’t live. See new stuff! Try new foods. Experience new sights.

BTW, camping is NOT traveling! At least not my style. Traveling requires a place with four walls, a roof and a sign that says Hilton. (Ok, it doesn’t have to say Hilton but the toilet has to work and I need HOT water! Marriott is good!)

When I was younger I loved to travel. I’ve been to a lot of interesting places. I spent a month bumming in Hawaii when I was young. Loved it. No reservations or agendas. Just bouncing around on recommendations from natives.

Now I am not a good traveler and that is an understatement. The thought of spending any time on a plane gives me heart burn.

Back in the day, it was fun to travel by plane (except for the smoking). Today you become far too intimate with your seat mate for my taste. Body parts bump as a matter of course. You haven’t even met yet and you’re sharing sweat.

On one trip, my seatmate said, “Thank God you’re thin.” I thought it was a compliment until he rolled onto MY side of the armrest and partway into my seat. Ugh!

It’s so much more than that. My body isn’t always in the mood for travel. Sometimes it says, “Not today honey, we’ll try tomorrow.” How do you explain that to a costly plane ticket? (Listen ticket, can we do this next week instead? What? There’s a surcharge equal to twice the original purchase price? Seriously?)

If my colon hears the beloved husband say we’re ready to go, it immediately starts contractions that render me attached to the porcelain goddess for the next hour.

I have learned to enjoy local attractions and short-term visits. There’s a lot of “quaint” in the east coast and then there is the beach.

Coming home to three “happy to see me” cats is spectacular. Well, mostly they’re happy to see me. Some of the time anyway.

I fulfill my travel interests through friends, relatives and blogging buddies who go to exotic places and share stories and pictures.

It’s enough for me. It’s been another passage.

Me enjoying my staycation, Source:

Me enjoying my staycation, Source:




48 thoughts on “More passages

  1. Im remembering a time when I proudly wore green and blue eyeshadow to school Kate. Have not worn it for a good many years. My teeth don’t like sweets anymore. I still love to travel but have a hideous issue with my sinus’s when I fly, rendering me in a vegetated state due to the pain in my ears. Yes we evolve we cannot stay the same, now that would be just plain boring.


  2. I really have never been much of a traveler. I will when there’s a good reason, but I’m content at home and really probably get more relaxation and mental refreshing out of my local jaunts. A good number of my friends really don’t get it! I don’t know why it is that some people are absolutely energized by travel, and some of us depleted, but it is just so! I get it, Kate!


  3. What people call “camping” not only is not traveling, it is rarely even camping! Which (in my book, at least) requires one full day MINIMUM of hiking away from people and places, with all your food and gear carried on your back. THEN you get to set up tents and a firepit…and call it camping.

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  4. Blue eye shadow was a brief flirtation. I wish it were as easy to move beyond sweets. I’ve cut way back on them, but I’m still in love with cake, cookies, pie, candy … The only difference is I confine myself to high quality stuff.

    I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only one who isn’t a good traveler anymore. My sister still wants to travel all over the world. And my kids don’t understand. My favorite trips these days are day trips.


  5. Lots of very true and interestong point, Kate. Though my tastebuds have a changed a bit, thank God I still enjoy sweets..:) Travel is another story. I hate flying with a passion. Always have, even though I’ve done it, long and short flights. I hate the whole process of getting to airports, waiting, getting on planes, waiting, bumpy rides, trying to land,waiting, then waiting to get off the plane then doing it all over again on the way back. That doesn’t include 3-12 hours of stress during the flight. I’m beginning to enjoy road trips. Throw everything I need in a car and off we go. So much to see in this country….and writhing driving to es😊


  6. Some places you just have to fly to, but we always prefer driving if we can. We like to go without specific reservations which makes our trip a lot more flexible. We did get in a bit of trouble recently, though, when we made the mistake of looking for a place to stay in a popular location on a Saturday. We ended up in a Motel 6 in some out-of-the-way town about 50 miles down the road… and we were grateful they left the light on for us.


  7. The first time I flew was to Honolulu in the 1960s. The plane was half empty. I was served a wonderful fillet mignon dinner with an orchid on the tray. I would have had champagne if I had been 21. After dinner the attendant helped me settle down across the seats with a blanket. Sigh. Passages.


  8. I mostly travel internationally via blogs these days. 🙂 Real travel is a tremendous hassle. Too bad we have family on the East Coast and in Hawaii. There’s no escaping air travel to each place at least once a year.

    And while the animals are happy to see me, one of them always gets even by throwing hairbands into the litter box.


  9. I was a late starter in the flying department, not having my first flight until 1993. Now, I love it, if I get the chance. The one thing I’ve always hated about holidays is packing. Hubby was King of the Lists and it would drive me mad. Now if we want to go anywhere, we can take the boat with us!


  10. Welllll!!!! We went to a wedding out of town this weekend. Stayed at a well known hotel…ended up with a room that was cold (had to call 4 times before they actually sent someone to fix it) and the wall and drapes had black mold!!! The toilet was very stained! It was awful. Yes, they comped the room, but honestly we travel so infrequently that I would have hoped for better!


    • We took a discount room at a very expensive hotel in Key West many years ago. Won’t do that again. The “picture” window was along the walkway so either everyone peered in or we had to keep the drapes closed. You get what you pay for.


  11. I’m with you, Kate. I don’t want to fly or sit for hour upon hour in the car watching interstate traffic fly by. I did love taking the auto train between Florida and DC in 2012 ~ bathroom on board, great food in the dining car (and the desserts were not too sweet). Just grab an overnight bag from the car, climb aboard, and relax. They had a lovely wine tasting during happy hour. And snacks. And I didn’t have to worry about “holding it” until the next rest stop loomed on the horizon. Choo Choo!

    Nevertheless, the BEST part of any trip for me is walking in MY front door at the end.


  12. I don’t mind traveling as you know, Kate, but need a bed and hot water (and other indoor plumbing)at the end of the day, everyday! Living in the Northeast I also like to visit those ‘quaint’ places. Nice to be able to jump in the car and go. As for drinking favorites – are we including our Starbuck’s habit?


  13. I remember when flying used to be fun…and they served a decent steak dinner. People are nuts on planes these days. Did you hear about the woman, just recently, who said she was chocked by the man behind her when she reclined her seat? These days, I feel more save staying home and watching The Travel Channel.

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  14. I agree about camping, which I define as sleeping anywhere that doesn’t have room service. I travel, but don’t like the process of getting somewhere. However, after I get there & am checked into a lovely hotel, I’m good to go, seeing the sights at my own pace.

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