Another two saved


My pond before I cut all the plants back.

It’s fall. We’re closing up outside stuff including winterizing the pond. That means we remove the filter which is located in a pit near the pond.

Pond filter

Pond filter

Originally I located it there because I didn’t want this ugly (why don’t they try to make them nicer?) thing sticking out next to my lovely pond. We dug a pit so the top was close to ground level.

Very dumb idea! You have to pull it out of the pit with the water in it. Very heavy. Now you have a hole. We bought a fake stone to cover the top and it does cover the hole but little critters can get in here.

If they fall into the deep pit, they can’t get out. I found a skeleton once and was totally freaked out. Now I make sure nothing gets in.

Yesterday we pulled the filter. We put the stone on the hole intending to put a tight cover on it today.

This is a Google photo but they were huddled together and very scared.

This is a Google photo but they were huddled together and very scared.

As I took the stone off there were four little eyes staring at me. Just what I knew would happen. Two little baby mice fell in the hole and couldn’t climb out because the sides are slick plastic. Very small and very scared. (I wanted to tell them that I was a small person but figured they wouldn’t get it anyway.)

I whipped out my “bee relocation kit” (which has gotten a lot of use this year) and in two minutes they were reunited with the free world.

Often used for all sorts of critters!

You’ve seen this before. It gets a lot of use here. I wonder if I could sell them?

Most people wouldn’t save them. They are mice. They may try to come into my house and chew something. Well, not my house, I have three cats very eager to play tag with a mouse. After that there would be no chewing on anything.

It doesn’t matter. I felt better saving two little critters from starvation.


48 thoughts on “Another two saved

  1. Bless you, Kate. If they could be safely relocated, I would do the same.

    In our Florida home, I – very quickly – got a snake out of our house, and I’ve rescued several anoles (small lizards). I have even relocated a few spiders. But I draw the line at rescuing any other insects. 😉


    • I did not invited them in for dinner. However, with my cats, they would have been dinner! There are a lot of nice protected areas in the yard for them to seek out without coming into the house.


  2. I love that google photo. They look like bunnies, but I guess they’re mice–I see the tails. Cute little things. Love the earth and all its creatures. (I’ve been reading the Pope’s encyclical, “On Care for out Common Home.” He even advocates for microorganisms, which, as he says, “play a critical role in maintaining the equilibrium of a particular place.”) So good for you, with your tender heart.


    • I thought they looked like bunnies too so I checked and double checked. It was the only picture I could find of two young ones close together. I should have gotten my camera (it’s not like they were going anywhere). My mice did have smaller ears and were a shade darker. The Pope has said many things about the precious gift of life for all creatures.


  3. Sometimes I do feel like I save critters…just in time for them to be eaten by something else.

    Ah, well, circle of life, nature is red and tooth and claw, etc. I’m pretty sure I fall asleep faster knowing I tried. Good job, Kate.


  4. Good for you, Kate. Most people wouldn’t have saved the little guys but at our house we think like you do. My hubby will even pick up and relocate an earthworm if he sees one stranded on a sidewalk or parking lot. You both have hearts of gold!


    • Earthworms are hard to save from pavement. When I pulled out my annuals, I tried to make sure none of my wormy friends went to the community compost pile. I like to save them to work on my ground. You would have to be hard hearted to look at the scared babies and not do something no matter what they are. I rescued a bee from my pond once. It fell into the water from a flower and was having a hard time taking off.

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  5. Thank goodness for your bee relocation kit. Kate! When I had work done on my garage he found a skeleton and a dead ‘something.’ Whenever I’ve had my garage door open for a little while I try to check for anybody who might get trapped. I need to get out in my yard and start cutting back and relocating spring blooming plants, feels like I’m running out of time.


    • I know that feeling. I always feel like that with “winterizing” the pond. We put a bubbler in to keep an area open and it’s has to be at the right spot to bubble at the right height. One year I waited too long (Thanksgiving-ish) and it was freakin’ cold in the pond to play around with that. Our weather is fabulous this week with rain tomorrow but you never know what to expect after that. I am at a good spot with the cleanup and if it snows tomorrow (God forbid) we’ll be ok.

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        • I wish I had someone to hire. In the spring we are going to do a major pruning. It’s going to take us a couple days plus lugging to the recycling center. I like to prune shrubs look natural so I’m afraid to have a service do it as they like to make squares and circles out of plants.

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    • Some people think I’m just nuts but I appreciate your approach (much better really). Two little terrified mice, huddling together and shaking from fear. I’m surprised I didn’t name them and adopt them.


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