Random 5 for July 26 – kittens, spiders, consumer marketing, demographics, traffic lights

kitten,small from wallpaperest-com

The kitten will look like this in a few weeks. Source: wallpaperest.com

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur – My heart was warmed this week. I went to pick up a sale item at a store. Inside the store I heard a “squawking” that I thought was a bird. I had a bad feeling. The store keeps its doors open so a bird could get in but it would be hard to get it out. I heard it again so I asked. Turns out one of the staff is fostering a week-old kitten that was taken to a rescue organization. It looked like a mouse. The eyes weren’t even open. She kept it in a sling with her and had to feed it every two hours. That is quite a commitment. Kudos to the management team that allowed it. They will surely get my business now. (End of week update – Kitty is still alive and doing well!)

One cray-cray blogger – (This is posted at the urging of Susannah who is as cray-cray as I am.) I have been co-habituating with a spider in the main bathroom. (He’s not creepy. He isn’t fuzzy and doesn’t drop down from the ceiling.) One week he spins a web in one corner, the next week he is in the other corner. I see bits of insect dinners here and there. We started having discussions. I tell him my problems. He sits and listens (seriously who does that anymore?). At the end of the therapy session there is no charge. Sometimes I wonder if he would be happier outside with more access to insects. Maybe that will be our next conversation.

Who me? – On a recommendation from Pix under the Oaks I bought some yoga pants. I like them. Nice zippered pockets, great material and they come in navy. (Am I the only one who gets tired of black?) This week they sent an email asking for my opinion (and I thought no one cared about my opinions anymore). There were 20 prints for their spring 2016 line. They asked me to rate the print. They were all bikini bottoms. The probability of me wearing a bikini again is similar to me being pope. Nada. Zilch. No way Jose. I gave them my opinion on the print. There wasn’t anywhere I could write that I wouldn’t buy any of them! Bring on the shoes and give me space to write! Maybe even a sketch pad.

Speaking of which – Why is it that I am out of the targeted demographics for merchandise and TV programs? Seniors have more expendable income than the young’uns. Oh yes, I forgot. We also have more sense and don’t buy all that stuff.

Change or not? – On my drive to Starbucks there is a large intersection with stop lights. Until yesterday, left hand turns were allowed on the green arrow only. They changed it (and included a sign) so that after the arrow switched off you still had the green light but had to yield to on-coming traffic. It’s a good thing for non-peak times. I’ve often sat there when there was no on-coming traffic waiting for my arrow (like a good person). This morning I was in back of someone who does not believe in change. We sat through the (non-arrow) green light, then the red, until the green arrow came on. Now that is resistance!

So how was you week?

48 thoughts on “Random 5 for July 26 – kittens, spiders, consumer marketing, demographics, traffic lights

  1. I love my yoga pants. I have grey, navy, and black. I wish they came in dark green and brown then my wardrobe would be complete. No spiders in my bathroom or anywhere else. We have an agreement outside they live inside they die. Wonderful about the kitten. I would shop there and tell everyone else to.


  2. A hilarious post – once again! I love your therapy sessions with the polite spider. I hate to admit it, but I do the same thing via telepathy, but I warn him not to get any closer or his life might be in peril. Hope the kitten is still doing well. And I hope you know you can always air your opinions here. 🙂

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  3. LOL! I got that same invitation for the survey and saw the bikini bottoms and hit delete. I love Athleta but mature people wear their clothing and I think we should be represented, not in a bikini… 😀 Looking at those fit, tan, young girls wears me out! Happy about the tiny kitten! Hope you let the spider stay, he’s probably pretty comfortable. Our week was rainy and full of spider mites!


    • What? I’m not special? You didn’t miss anything. The bikini prints weren’t anything I’d buy. I like my bottom either in solid colors or muted. I never kill spiders unless they are in the shower with me. Naked and spiders isn’t cool. Spider mites hanging in? They don’t like rain!

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  4. A kitten success story is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face! Wonderful! And you made me laugh out loud comparing your odds of wearing a bikini with the likelihood you’ll be Pope! I don’t know about yoga pants as a fashion statement, but I am in agreement that they are comfortable! I’m speechless about your pet spider. I suppose if there’s only one it’s okay, but if he begins inviting his friends, I hope you’ll reconsider your arachnid hotel!


  5. Well since you asked…I am thinking..I absolutely love your writing. You make me think, smile and am touched by your stroies. I can relate to so many. You bring a bright light to my life. and I thank you Kate.


  6. I also hope the kitten thrives … Heart warming to hear of people giving time and love to rescues.
    On the spider front… I’m beginning to think I have a close affinity to them. My mind is saying its because I am fascinated by the intricate web they weave and how it catches the light. My shadow side understands it is the constant listener!


  7. So glad that kitten was rescued and is being fostered. I’ve noticed a few dead bugs on my kitchen windowsill and Bill told me there was probably a spider nearby. I never put the two together (not very smart)


  8. I actually think somewhere in my mind is a Luanne that thinks she will one day wear a bikini bottom again. Who is this person and why does she live in my aging chubby body?
    I love the kitty story, as I’m sure you would have guessed. What a nice business!!!!


    • You are younger than I am so maybe you will. For me it’s about droopy skin! It was a great kitty story. That cat will make a great adoption with all the socialization she is getting. (Or he)


  9. This post surprised me, Kate . . . I figured you would have adopted the kitten and taken it home to meet your therapist de toilette!

    Glad Pix’s recommendation for yoga pants worked!


  10. Proud of that stores owner, and Sheldon would be proud too. I’d put a couch in my tub, but I suspect I’d attract a widow, and I think they make the worst psychologist. Not to mention she’ll ultimately cost me more in the end when I have to pay for an exterminator to terminate our visits together. I still feel that they will get around to asking you about shoes as they come in pairs, and that therefore, I feel, will get double the response! In regards to the demographic question, you can’t expand on the perfect answer. Why is it I feel you took time to write this while you were still sitting at that light, Kate?

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  11. The kitten got me too. God bless that girl in a sling. Looks a little like Morgan.

    So glad you added the spider story. Honestly, you’re such a wonderful story teller, and that was sweet. Really.

    I only seem to wear black, white and navy, and after memorial day, white is out. Connecticut dies hard. Love the Random 5…one day you’ll put them all together for a book. One day 🙂


  12. Yep, I have also had spider friends in the bathroom. I like to compliment them on their hunting skills and suggest a change of menu (I push the mosquitos as the entree without shame).

    The only time I do not like spiders is in the early morning dark, when I am walking dogs. My hands are full, and I have taken more than one spider web to the face — once with a silver dollar sized spider still in the web! Shudder.

    Yay, kittens, and yay staff. Hope for humanity.


  13. Laughing here. I’m right there with you and Susannah. I’ve got a spider friend on the screened-in porch, perched on high who I talk with on occasion. Just the darned best listener. Never judge-y.


    • Not sure if I’ll get down to the store again but the woman I talked to (who was not the one fostering) said the kitten was doing great. After a week, it’s probably past the critical period. Getting carried around all day, it will be one spoiled critter!

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