Pre-coffee disaster averted for today

Source: clipartpanda

Source: clipartpanda

Another near miss this morning. I artfully dodged a car fight. Those are the worst. A bent fender costs more than an ER trip. It’s similar to a hip replacement.

All this while I was getting my morning coffee.

My Starbucks has two entrances with two ways to get to the drive through. On a busy day it’s backed up so far that both entrances have a line getting to the drive through order “thingy.” People are required to play nice and take turns. (Yes, and if you believe that….well, there’s that bridge to sell!)

These are pre-coffee people who are meaner than folks at a black Friday Wal-Mart sale. You know the one where that one TV is on sale for $20. Their synapses are not snapping. Their behavior resembles prehistoric man. “Me need coffee!” (Not like me who is delightful at any time of day!)

A few weeks back I got caught in one of those lines and a young guy almost clipped me in his desire to get his coffee first. (Perhaps his wife was in labor or he had a job interview…trying not to judge here…but he was a jerk!)

This morning as I pulled around, I eyed the situation and opted to park and walk in. Customers inside are also pre-coffee. They are not friendlier but they won’t kill you to get their coffee first. The line is “orderly.” Sort of.

These days you just don’t know. Any of those hyper-tense coffee-line people could be packing heat. Love my Starbucks but I can think of better ways to die. (Read obit: Coffee to die for!)

As my reward the cost of my coffee was increased this week. You would think that would weed out the crazies. It doesn’t.

There are crazies at every economic level. Some even have guns. In their cars. At all times. I just hope they go to a different coffee shop.

Where is the most dangerous place that you eat or drink?



40 thoughts on “Pre-coffee disaster averted for today

  1. Im thankful I don’t crave coffee Kate YES I admit I like my tea, tea people seem a lot calmer. But I do adore the smell of coffee. It never tastes as good as it smells…..thats just me, I will stick to my chamomile tea, calms the nerves. Maybe they should make blends of coffee that calm the nerves too.

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  2. We need our coffee fix when we need it, and we can’t let others get in the way! There’s a Starbucks very close to my office, and any day I am having a hard time staying motivated at work I just announce I’m “going next door” and I return with a grande skinny vanilla latte. The day is so much better after that. 🙂 Anywhere I go in Los Angeles is kind of risky! So I need to drink as many lattes as I can–for comfort!


  3. I’ve been drinking decaf the past few years, so I can’t fully appreciate the pre-coffee fun. Plus, we have so many coffee shops in my edge-of-Seattle town that the lines never get very long.

    The most dangerous place around here to eat or drink? In my car (sticky fingers and spilled coffee), especially when the other cars on the road are also eating and drinking.


  4. I’m sorry…I know how much you love your morning coffee…as far as the the most dangerous place for me and those unfortunates who work there, is at my Starbucks when it doesn’t open on time and I’m banging and cursing, nicely…on the window…


  5. I would definitely not go the drive-thru route. I only do a Starbucks here and there and it’s in the winter and I get it at Target or our HyVee grocery store. I have never had a problem. I am not crazy about drive-thru places. Our Chick-Fil-A can get a little crazy but nothing like what you describe. Somebody is always fiddling with their phone and you can sneak in… 🙂


    • I started out occasionally stopping when I worked nearby. Always went in. Then I would go a few more times a week. Now I truly enjoy the mocha lattes and they are not the same when I make them at home. I don’t mind walking in but most of the time it’s a very short line in the drive through. I have a tough time walking by it in Target…..There must be meetings for me.


  6. I’m afraid I just don’t “get” Starbucks. I have been known to frequent it now and then but making it a daily habit just goes against my frugal inner accountant. And, now they are raising their prices? Yikes! We have a drive-thru Starbucks not too far away and I used to pass it every morning on my way to work so I know what you are talking about! The parking lot and drive-thru lane were an absolute mad-house! My husband knows not to mess with me before my morning coffee and I sure as heck wouldn’t mess with anyone in a Starbucks line!

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  7. Reasons I like to stay away from Omaha/Council Bluffs 1. the traffic and 2. Omaha’s latest homicide suspect is 12. Yes, I said 12. I suppose there might be some packing here at our local bar/restaurant, but the county deputies eat there fairly regularly, too. Never thought about it until just now.


  8. We stopped in to a local small town café the other night for the first time ever. It was a little scary looking on the outside but inside was clean, welcoming and the best burger I’ve ever had. You never know.

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  9. Dangerous place, that Starbucks…ours is extremely difficult to enter/exit so I take my coffee at home…packing guns? Yikes, I keep my eyes peeled for bumps on a person’s bod (that is in the right places…) but unlike Superman I can’t see through or into everything. That’s good.


  10. Around here I imagine that just about any chain restaurant has a customer or two who’s packing. While carrying is forbidden in medical places & malls, restaurants rarely have those “you can’t bring a gun in here” stickers. Like you I always wonder when
    I walk inside…

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    • The real threat is that I go “after gym.” That means no makeup, hair whatever and in bizarre outfits (no, not the expensive cute exercise clothes that I save to wear out for dinner!).


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