Shopping with a different kind of friend


None of it was my fault. It usually isn’t.

After all these years the beloved husband doesn’t understand the impact of words.

Over the weekend he commented that I haven’t bought shoes in a long time. That comment swirled around my head for days making me crazy.

He was right. I bought a pair after my thumb surgery. That’s when I started wearing yoga or exercise pants without zippers and I needed shoes that would work with them. Most exercise clothes (if not all) come in your choice of black, black or black. Yes there is the occasional grey but that’s really a faded black. (I did find navy blue but I have more black than blue.)

Now that I’m thinking about that pair, they qualify as a medical device purchase rather than a shoe extravaganza! Seriously, they were more for my health. No zippers equal new pants and shoes to match.

After a few days, I scheduled a trip to our BIG shoe retailer on the other side of town. It’s like an acre of shoes. (Caution: I have no idea what an indoor acre looks like. Actually I’m not sure what an outdoor acre looks like either.)

You need to pack a toothbrush and jammies for a visit. There is a large cosmetics store in the same shopping center along with other stores. I haven’t investigated the other stores because there is never enough time (or maybe its energy).

The difference between my version of shopping and a normal person is that I take my fantasies with me. They are little spirits that sit on my shoulder and give bad advice. Very bad advice. That’s how a 60 something woman ends up trying on prom gowns she would never have a place to wear (and we are not even going near how they fit or look).

The fantasies go crazy in a shoe store because they love shoes as much as I do. Maybe even more. The store is sectioned off by type. You have to walk through the trendy part first to get to the old lady orthopedic section. That’s where the comfortable shoes are.

First we pass the shoes that have four-inch heels. The fantasy has me trying on a pair or two. I can’t walk in them. I can barely stand. I need a walker! My bunion scar is killing me. However I still try on two pair!

Old feet are not fun. They are not pretty even when manicured. They have knobs and callouses bulging out at places where there shouldn’t be bulges. We hit the sandal section next which is always a challenge.

First up are the thongs, those shoes that go between your big and second toe.

Ever since my bunion surgery, those shoes are not comfortable. (Yes, my bunion surgery was successful and took away the other pain.) Most thongs downright hurt. That eliminates a lot of fashionable shoes.

None of that means that I don’t try them on. You never know if you’ll find that special one. (If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you!)

After wasting a lot of time trying on shoes I definitely can’t wear but look absolutely awesome on my feet, I move to the ortho section.

Usually I find something that’s somewhat trendy with support and cushioning. Today’s purchase looks like dock shoes but are much more comfortable. (I can’t wear real dock shoes, they are too wide.) They are a charcoal and white stripe and will look great with…..exercise clothes.

My fantasies and I were all happy. I found sandals that weren’t too old-looking. Everything was on sale. All good.

As always, there is a treat for me (not for my fantasies) after such an exhausting excursion.

I love pizza and a new shop opened nearby. It’s called Mod Pizza and for one set price they will put any topping on you want.

It’s all about the toppings because the crust is very thin, almost non-existent. I like a nice bite of bread in my pizza but the hook for me is that you can get drizzles on your pizza afterward. I had balsamic fig drizzle that was out of this world. Vinegar makes everything better.

If this pizza place was ocean side like the one that Nancy Hatch goes it. It would be perfect!

41 thoughts on “Shopping with a different kind of friend

  1. I’m still smiling, Kate, because my husband Jim would never even hint that I need more shoes, even joking. I love Sketchers and Keenes in all styles, and when I had a bout with plantar fascitis last year, I also found some OrthoHeels sandals and dress shoes that were a big help, too. I still keep them available to ward off another round of the soreness. The MOD PIZZA sounds like a place we both would enjoy, especially if we didn’t go by any shoe stores first!


    • In the past year or two I have become a Sketchers fan. They are casually stylist, comfortable and fit my feet! I have seen ads for OrthoHeels (I get ALL the shoe catalogs) but never tried them. We could go directly to Mod Pizza and skip the shoe store!


  2. I can’t relate to your shopping expedition… I buy everything online… but I do relate to the pizza. If there’s a heaven I’ll be drinking wine and eating pizza 24/7… two things I sadly have to bypass in this life!


    • I buy more and more online but with shoes I like to try them on first. Since I have a narrow foot, I can usually tell even if the store only has the medium width, how it will look and feel if I order narrow on line. No pizza? Now that’s sad.


  3. I love your little shopping spirits – they know how to have a good time!
    (and dock shoes. They’ve come a long way…if you want to pay a price for the fit and arch support which I have to have. Bass used to make some great ones and Timberland, too…but now most seem to be flat and wide. Frowny face for sure.)
    I like the stripes! Go with red, too…..there’s bound to be red…except it fades and you ahve to separate it when you wash…..

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  4. That pizza sounds beyond delicious and makes me think of Rise Pies… Nancy Hatch took us there when we met up with them in Florida this past winter. I crave Rise Pies but that’s a long way to drive for pizza! I am looking for blue/navy sandals to solve my matching shoe issue with the Metro Slouch capris I bought. I am thinking of these but in navy…
    I have a pair sort of like them before they “new and improved” them but there is no navy. There is a bright orange but… ? The toe thing on these sandals solves the painful thong thingy between the toes and they make my whole feeties feel wonderful in them. Black exercise stuff is HOT! Can’t they come up with some different colors? And while we are talking clothes… why can’t I find a great pair of Levis without stretch and that fit like the ones I wore in high school? Pretty soon I am just going to be wearing CH’s boxers, a comfy long sleeve tee(to hide my soon to be 64 year old arms)and the merrels I bought two years ago! Those slip ons you you found work for me… definitely header worthy!


    • The shoes look nice but I would have to try them. I avoid anything between my toes. My bigger problem is that Merrell shoes are too wide for my skinny feet especially their sandals. I like a lot of their stuff but so far haven’t found any except a fleece lined pair that fit right. I bought the Metro slouch long pants and capris both in navy. It’s a beautiful color. I’m a big fan of Naturalizer or Clark but lately there have been Sketchers that work too. As for your jean fit problem, Levi’s makes a Made and Crafted line that doesn’t have stretch. I’ve never tried it.

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      • I do like Sketchers. I will look at Clarks and Naturalizer tomorrow. I am trying to find these shoes before The Mama’s 87th birthday party Sunday. I will google Made and Crafted. Thanks! If I don’t find anything tomorrow I will treat myself to PIZZA!

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  5. This little spirits were in the car and buckled up the second your husband brought the travesty to your attention. I’m still questioning what the hell he was thinking … lol
    I am loving your new kicks … wear them well!


  6. Love…the impact pf words…would have made a great title…and slip ons rock. I have several stewed around the house. Just need to be careful they match when I slip them on.

    They are little spirits that sit on my shoulder and give bad advice…another great line. I saw them all like in the film Wings of Desire gearing up for pizza. I actually went to Farinellis for the first time in ages and swooned in my seat. Always reminds me of a line from a movie…pizza is like sex, even when it’s bad it’s pretty good.

    As always you made me laugh.


        • I’ve seen more explicit comments (not on my site of course!). I wonder why WP banned you. Were you naughty again? When I was very young I wore flipflops but always seemed to stub something. Never tried them on my butt. Fortunately I was born to early to get on that train and I’m ok with that.

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          • Really was surprised that you referred to flip flops as thongs though that’s what we called them when we were kids. You’re not nearly as old as I am.


  7. Now I’m craving pizza…yum! I found some great sandals by Bandalino. They are the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. They’re about 2 1/2 inches all around. I feel as though I’m walking on sponge, which is good since I have to hike downtown from the parking deck to my building.


  8. Shoe shopping is something I dread. Nothing fits that I like. And when something does fit, it costs about as much as my monthly rent on my first apartment. Pizza, however, I like. Almost always. And with a vinegar drizzle it sounds wonderful.

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  9. Vinegar on Pizza, yummers! As for shoes, maybe UGGS (sp) can help you. They are becoming trendy now. If you see something comfortable, buy different colors. Bring hubby shoe shopping next time to carry the box of Pizza while you shop for shoes.


  10. Your pizza sounds like a great topper to your excursion!

    Next time your husband pushes you out the door saying, “Go shop for new shoes,” check out Earth Origins by Earth. They have “flip flops” with soul/sole! Awesome comfy. And pretty to boot! I got mine at Peltz Shoes.


    • I think he was aware that there weren’t boxes in the trash for a long time. I bought the last pair in March and that’s a long time for me and shoes. Truth is, I really don’t need shoes like I did when I was working.


  11. Cute shoes, Kate. I love shoes…and love that I’m always the same size so they always fit, even on my chubby days. My sister and I wear the same size shoe; she’s having issues so I got all the 3-4″ heels. Not to brag but I can still wear them. 🙂 I’m short and like to feel tall. Love pizza too and that balsamic drizzle sounds pretty good.


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