Random 5 for May 17

Mini frapStarbucks – My favorite coffee retailer has come out with a new size for frappuccinos – mini. It’s 10 ounces. I have been begging them to make a 24 ounce size hot coffee. (Seriously, I’ve written them many times about that!) That would equal 3 cups of coffee which is a nice amount to drink in the morning. Instead they came out with a mini for cold drinks. Bleah!

Cruising – I added three floating plants in my pond this week. They float in the deep part all day but something happens overnight. Every morning they are in the shallow part. I am concerned because that would put them in reach of a thirsty groundhog who would find them tasty. Today the mystery was solved. Usually when I am out the fish are hovering around me (hoping that I will feed them). I was cleaning up a project so they got used to me and went back to doing what they normally do. What they normally do is use the plant as a float. A group of them will swim and push it down to the shallow end while nibbling on the roots. The little buggers!


Still hanging in. Notice those floating plants in the front left side. Those are the frog floats.

Speaking of my pond – If you read my earlier post you will know that I have been on a death watch for my tropical water-lily. I lost the original three big leaves but that’s not unusual after a transplant. So far it’s hanging in there. I even had one of the buds open.

Don't pester me now.

Don’t pester me now.

Odd habits of cats – I’ve noticed this before but only with Morgan. She will not let me touch her until she gives my hands a thorough smelling. It could take a minute or two. She will even smell between the fingers. If the smell isn’t up to her standards, her hind feet will kick my hand away. She secretly wishes that I was a butcher with meat smell (instead of a retired person with Starbucks smell).

A good tired – I’ve been working on outdoor projects this week. It’s so great to work outside and enjoy the wonderful weather. We are blessed that neither of us have allergies which are bad this year. There is a thick coat of pollen everywhere.

So how was your week?


45 thoughts on “Random 5 for May 17

  1. I’m sitting here laughing at the idea that you’ve contacted Starbucks and requested a larger coffee size and out they come with a mini-frap! That’s hilarious! And anyway, if I’m going to indulge in a frappucino I want a large one, not a mini! The pond looks pretty good for all the trouble you’ve had! I am still pulling for the lily! 🙂


    • Lily has another bud. Starbucks has a suggestion section on their site and there are thousands of people requesting a 24 oz size. At some locations they serve cold drinks in that size.


  2. You are a delightful pushover for your critters Kate – from the fish to the cats. I love it that the fish know where you go around the pond and they make plans to meet you there, and that Morgan insists on pre-approval inspections. LOL! I wonder if Starbucks would allow you to bring your own 3-cup cup. 🙂


  3. How many calories are in the little mini coffee drink? I bet about a 1,000! I’d prefer a 24 oz hot coffee to that little wonder. I only drink cold coffee on very, very hot days.

    Never heard of a cat sniffing hands. Our cats were more inclined to bite than sniff. Although, thinking about it, sniffing would not hurt at all, so I think that I find Morgan’s habit quite charming.


  4. I don’t drink cold coffee. if I wanted cold coffee I’d just let mine sit till it got cold. I think your fish are getting pushy. I don’t think your tropical water-lily will need life support much longer, Kate. Cats, even Morgan, have never appreciated Starbucks, probably because they hate 10oz. cold frappucinos! I think the pollen count is much higher this year. I think my wife—who is highly susceptible—sneezed her dose off this past weekend. :O)


  5. The pond is looking spectacular and the first thing I noticed was the purple flower….my fingers are crossed, but that’s a good sign.
    As far as allergies …. I can’t get in my car without protective gear! You are indeed very lucky.
    10oz? That is a mouthful or a midsize. I’m with you and your quest for 24oz.


    • The 10 oz. is good for the foo-foo drinks. They have a new s’mores Frappuccino that I hear is tasty and calorie laden. Don’t think I could drink much more of that one. As for my morning Joe, I like a big gulp!

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  6. Love your pond and I wish that I had one such as yours. The cat smelling your fingers and hand is odd and very cute. None of mine “smell” me. One likes to pat my face when I’m lying down and she is definitely my baby.


  7. I too am grateful that I don’t have allergies. When we were in St Louis on our recent road trip, it seemed like everyone was suffering from breathing in the thick pollin. What a shame it would be to be unable to enjoy a gorgeous spring day because of allergies.

    Yay for the tropical water lily!


  8. Your pond looks lovely, hope the water lily’s thrive. I was in Starbuck’s the other day and commented about the mini sized cup. The barista told me he laughed the first time he saw it. I was working in my yard outside earlier this week, too, and agree it feels great. Have a great Sunday.


  9. Whoo-hooo! The water lily made it! Well done. Your pond is lovely.

    Andy is with you on the giant Starbucks coffee. We have a twelve cup pot coffee maker. I drink 1 1/2 cups of it. He drinks the rest, plus I don’t know how much at work.

    Yeah, cats are weird. Some of mined like to sniff, but none as thoroughly as Morgan. And Bat Cat loved to head butt, sticking her face in mine, while Commando Cat would flip if you stuck your face next to his.


  10. Glad you’re enjoying some lovely weather, Kate. We’ve had a good week ~ a couple of walks on the beach, a couple of Cosmos with a neighbor, a couple hundred / thousand calories at the Melting Pot (cheese fondue, salad, chocolate fondue ~ decadent, I know!), a couple of things crossed off the To Do list.


  11. Probably because I only go to Starbucks infrequently, and despite all the now old and lame jokes about it, I *still* cannot remember what the difference in “venti” or “grande” is. I still end up ordering “medium” or “small” when I go there. Thankfully, they fill my order no matter what.


  12. I love when you talk about your pond. You are on such intimate terms with its dwellings. How you see and notice everything, how you worry. Says so much about you Kate.

    Morgan might be a little OCD? Is that when you wash your paws all the time? Cats can be quirky, His new snapshot makes him look like Mr. January…he’s a male, right? Forgive me, my genders are all influx.

    Starbucks…yeah…some new nut is at the helm no doubt.

    Love the Random 5


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