R5 for February 22 – George Washington, oral surgery, YouTube, funerals, weather

Source: comic phonics

Source: comic phonics

Happy Birthday George! – Yep, today is really George Washington’s birthday (by the Gregorian calendar). We moved it to make it more convenient for us — shopping, long weekends and such but today we get to celebrate for real. Cherry pie for me!

Say ahhhh! – I took my brother for some oral surgery this week. His wife didn’t want him to drive but it wasn’t a big deal. He talked as much afterward (when he was supposed to keep his mouth shut to stop the bleeding) as he did before.

Thank you YouTube – I just love YouTube. I learn so much. Everything is on it from how to apply eye makeup to hair cutting, cooking, fixing things, etc. This week we took my old computer for recycling. I wanted to remove the hard drive so there wasn’t any personal information in it. There was a tutorial on YouTube for my specific model. It was easier with two of us working on it so the beloved husband helped. One was watching the tutorial and bossing the other one on what to do (want to guess who did that job?).

Thoughts on a funeral – I went to a funeral this week. It was very solemn. It shouldn’t have been. It was a celebration of life for someone who lived a happy full life. I came home filled with ideas on what I want and what I don’t want. I want something very simple with upbeat music. Perhaps I should start a playlist. You can bet the Beatles and Rolling Stones and Credence Clearwater will be on it. Eagles too! There maybe dancing. I don’t mean to be sacrilegious but what is a celebration without great music.

Source: brandchannel

Here I am in my winter clothes! Source: brandchannel

More incarceration – It’s been another week of insanely cold weather. The kind where you don’t want to go outside and if you do, you have on 40 pounds of clothes. It’s late in the season for the weather we are having. If this keeps up, I’ll have to buy more suet (that’s for the birds, not me).

How was your week?

40 thoughts on “R5 for February 22 – George Washington, oral surgery, YouTube, funerals, weather

  1. I’m with you, Kate, on tunes by the Beatles and other rockers playing at your funeral. I’ve told Dave that I want a ticker tape parade and a party where I’m standing in the corner with a drink in my hand (like in “Weekend at Bernies”). He’s working on this as we speak. 😉


  2. There’s a town in Eastern Washington called George, WA. We visited a couple of times on the 4th of July. Their claim to fame is that they serve the world’s largest cherry pie. It’s more of a cherry cobbler. It weighs half a ton and serves 1,500 people. They top it off with ice cream. I don’t know where they found such an enormous pan. It must have been made to order.


  3. I’d be unseasonably cranky, too. That’s just too cold!! But lots of time to watch Youtube. You’ll have to start a long list of things you’d like to learn while you wait for winter’s thaw! And you can get to work on that playlist. 🙂


    • Another night of record setting lows. We hit -7 which broke a record from the 1930s. Typically we get our coldest weather the last two weeks in January. This year is one for the record books. I heard that California had unusually warm weather lately. Please pack up and send east!


      • One of my closest friends lives in Boston, Kate, and when the snow first started a few weeks ago she was so excited. She kept telling me how she loves the silence of the snow, all the while sending my photos to admire. Her tone has changed this week and she now sounds much like you do. It’s just too much. I have my fingers crossed that this arctic freeze will disappear quickly, and that in addition you win one of these huge lotteries and buy a winter home in Florida–or Hawaii! 🙂 Sounds good, doesn’t it?


        • Love your ideas. Next week is predicted to be warmer, still below normal but much better. I’m hoping after that we will see temperatures soar. For the record I only like snow for the first half hour then I’m done with it. Your friend is really a trooper. Pictures of Boston are downright scary.


  4. I think everyone should plan their funeral in advance… why leave it up to sad people? I agree, it should be a celebration. Also, I’ve had the thought lately that I want to choose the photo that will appear in my obit. Sometimes I think the departed would be spinning in their grave if they knew which picture of them their loved one picked to use.


    • In December a friend of mine died (I posted about it). She had cancer so she knew she was dying but long before that she made up an envelope titled, “when I die.” In it she had the photo she wanted used along with an obit.


    • Some of the best funerals I have gone to (if you can actually say that) have been not solemn but people sharing stories, touching and funny, about the deceased. I know when my Mom died, we told Tess stories for weeks. It was a way of grieving. It may not be for everyone but it helped break up the tears.


      • Stories are great. You can learn something you didn’t know about and share some laughs. The person’s wishes and personality should be taken into consideration and that makes it nice as well. One grandfather’s full military honors….one grandmother dressed in her fav green St Pat’s outfit with everyone wearing green to the wake. Plenty of tears, stories, and laughter all around….celebrations of their lives, as you said. I tend to be not somber enough at funerals, so if it isn’t story time, I try to keep my mouth shut and help with something if I can.


  5. I’m glad it wasn’t you with the oral surgery. I am still thinking about watching a video about putting on eye makeup. I think I have it down at this point, although I don’t put it on more than 2-3 times a week. And I will tell you that my son went to a party at John Fogarty’s house once :).


  6. Happy Birthday George! I just spent the last 1/2 hour outside with my neighbors. One set did my whole driveway and the other just got a new puppy. What a great delight it is. But, my point is, I haven’t spent that much time outside in months and months. What a treat it was. I too am cranky. I don’t ever remember feeling as suffocated by the weather as I have this year. Folks are telling me there will only be one more week of these temps and it will be better. Funny when you think 40 is a heat wave!


  7. Funerals…I remember reading how angry Don Rickles got at Frank Sinatras because they had his songs playing in the background. Also, when Jackie was laid out in her vestibule and everyone was standing around drinking and telling stories, Carly Simon left in a huff…wasn’t solemn enough, she said. I’m with you…let’s boogie down even if I’m in a box.

    Happy Birthday George and it’s a pity we seem to only honor you with a white sale. Of course, you were very meticulous about almost everything…changing your britches three times a day…insisting on showing up for Congress dressed to the nines…I’m certain wherever you are, you are celebrating…maybe even with the Beatles, Rolling Stones and C. Clearwater…

    Kate might have even done your playlist 🙂


  8. I was a subzero “shut-in” this week, but am happy to report that this morning it’s warmed up outside to a balmy 19ºF. So I’m going to do something outside the house. Am giddy with anticipation!


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