Rise and shine!

Source: clipartpanda

Source: clipartpanda

One of the blessings of retirement is sleeping later. I am a morning person but I like sleeping until 7 a.m. (Yes for us old folks that’s sleeping in! The beloved husband gets up closer to 5.) I get to the gym early and hit Starbucks just after the morning rush.

Occasionally, life intervenes as it did three times this week.

The cleaning lady twice! — I hate cleaning so I have a cleaning person. I would give up other things (but not Starbucks) to keep her. She is worth her weight in gold.

However…she comes at 8 a.m. and she’s never late. That means I have to be up and dressed prior to 8; the cats have to be fed, medicated and everything cleaned up; bed made; and bathroom straightened.

I DE clutter the horizontal surfaces. I don’t pay someone to put things away.

Horizontal surfaces are amazing. Stuff accumulates. Exponentially!

One kitchen designer told me to beware of too much horizontal surface. I thought he was crazy. He wasn’t.

I don’t have collectibles in my house so what accumulates? Right now there are winter gloves, a bizarre winter hat (with tassels) in the kitchen and the odd thing we found on the floor. Every few months we find a gizmo that came off of something. We never figure out what it belongs to until we throw it out.

The coffee table has magazines, books, e-readers and a bottle of nail polish.

This week after I was up and everything was ready, the cleaner called to reschedule. That means I will get up early and do the whole routine again. This week.

Funerals – We attend a couple of funerals a year. Most are in the morning. I had one this week. I left the house before 8 and got home after 2 p.m. Yes, that means an early start.

Tests and medical appointments – Those always get scheduled for first thing in the morning. It’s good to get out of the way. That sounds perfect when I’m scheduling. When I am crawling out of bed at 6:30, not so much.

I shouldn’t complain. When I worked I was out of bed around 6 most mornings and on a strict schedule. If I have to get up early a couple of days a week it’s not so bad except on the days that I really have to do it!

There should be a larger sized Starbucks for those days. Come summer I won’t mind so much.



39 thoughts on “Rise and shine!

  1. I will retire in about 1 1/2 years. Until then, I can only fantasize about what I’ll do with all my spare time. We have a cleaning service come in once a month. I never got that advice about horizontal surfaces, but I should have. We’re both guilty of accumulated clutter. Ugh!


    • I love my cleaning lady. Will give up other things first. Once a month is all we need too. No kids, just hairy cats. You will be amazed at how the time fills up. We had dinner with a couple this week. The guy retired last summer and he was complaining about not enough to do. During better weather he’s a golfer so he has a “winter” hole to fill and he hasn’t quite done that yet. Of course, it’s been a BBAADDD winter here.

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  2. I was having this conversation with a good friend this weekend. I am not yet retired, but it’s getting closer. My dream is to not set an alarm clock! I’m out the door at 6:30, and if left to myself I naturally rise about 7. I think once I have the luxury of sleeping in a bit I won’t be very amenable to giving that up!


    • Haven’t needed an alarm clock in a long time. Occasionally I set one if there is something important I have to do early but I always wake up before it goes off. You will enjoy retirement. It’s a luxury to do the things that interest you most on your time schedule.


  3. Seems like I’m getting up later and later. Seven o’clock has turned into eight most days. If I had to get up earlier, I guess I’d find a way to do it.


  4. Getting up at 7 is sleeping late?! I get up between 6 and 7 the 3 days I work but the rest of the time rarely before 9 or 10. Probably because some nights I don’t go to bed until 2. I am a night owl always have been.


    • There is no way I could stay up until 2! Most New Year’s Eves I’m in bed when the ball comes rolling down. Last NYE party I went to several years ago, we left by 10:30! (I know, I’m such a party person!)


  5. I always hit your LIKE button though my picture doesn’t show up…another wordpress mystery.
    I adore the term….horizontal surfaces. Books, water bottles, pens, pieces of paper. I too have a cleaning person who’s actually coming tomorrow. I call her the Polish wonder because when she leaves everything sparkles like it’s new. When I clean, it doesn’t quite look the same. I’d rather not eat than give her up and she only comes every 3 weeks to dig me out, as she puts it.
    My place is too small for the two of us so I leave. But I will make sure to get rid of all horizontal surfaces before I do . Love that


  6. Why is it so much harder to get up in the winter? It’s nice to sleep in a warm bed when it’s cold outside. As for the clutter, I can so relate, especially about things I can’t figure out where they go. It happens here quite often.


  7. I also get up around 7:00 but don’t really get started until 8:00 or 8:30. I hate when something has been scheduled to start before I’m ready to face the world. I think I’m making up for the years and years of my working life when I had to get up way before I was ready. I didn’t realize how sleep-deprived I had become.


  8. I’m a morning person too, and that is a good thing with my job, but it is darn hard getting up before 7 on these cold dark wintry mornings. If I could pet sit only from April through December I’d do it in a flash.


  9. It’s just so bleeping cold that I don’t want to go out there. I must run errands this morning plus check on two homes for folks who are away. At least one of those couples is in a warm state. I’m going to promise to not complain about the heat this summer.


    • I had a job where I was out of the house at 6:30 but that’s the earliest. That was back in the days of big hair so I was up at 5:30. I can’t sleep late like 9 but I have managed to do 7 nicely. Yes, one day you will be able to sleep later. Let’s hope you can. My mother was an early rise because of my Dad’s job, then her job. (early as in 5 a.m.) She never was able to sleep late after years of early mornings.

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