R5 for January 18 — Pets, relatives, technology, weather, change

The header is a very peaceful Morgan sleeping on the computer desk. She is rarely this still. Wish I could get into that kind of zone.

Recovered – Mollie thanks all of you for your caring comments on her recent illness. However, Kate is still doing laundry!

Game night Woo Hoo! – We had our sort of annual family holiday get together last Sunday. Most of the relatives were there. We had fun playing some new games. The most amazing comment came from my 85-year-old sister-in-law who came in second place in one of the tougher games. She was beaten out by someone in her 30s. She outpaced all the rest of us ranging in age from late 30s to 60s. Instead of basking in the glory, she thought she could have done better. Enough!

Constant change – I complain about WordPress changing things without notice. It continues but it’s not only WordPress. Keeping up with technology in our new TiVo and new computer are also challenging my brain cells. I know I can’t stand still because I will be left too far behind but it would be nice to have a week where I didn’t have to figure out a new way of doing something.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALucky us – After the really brutal winter we had last year, we have been very lucky this year. Yes, there have been some cold days but we have had a few warm (50 degree temperatures) sprinkled in and the snow has been almost non-existent. Bring on those seed catalogs! Break out the spring clothes sales!

A change – Last year I challenged myself to post four times a week. I learned how to write much faster; recognize stories in the everyday life; and not to agonize before publishing. That was all helpful. This year I want to do some other writing projects (and a lot more reading). I am cutting my posting schedule slightly. The goal is to allow other projects to get completed and have the blog stories get a little more polish (without agonizing of course!). You can always catch me cleaning out the litter boxes!


30 thoughts on “R5 for January 18 — Pets, relatives, technology, weather, change

  1. Morgan’s pose represents winter here.- (cold wet and nothing to do but endure and sleep through it) But finally sun the past few days! Get out the Hawaiian shirts and flip flops. (Ignore that cold front forecast for later in the week)
    We should all be so clear headed at 85. (Is that why WP is tossing changes at us all the time? Being helpful? They say puzzling stuff out is good brain exercise…but I’m tired, now…)
    I don’t know how people manage to post everyday. 3 times a week is pushing me. Considering cutting back, too…especially in good weather! Everyone outside…ignore the dust and pet hair tumbleweeds!


  2. I don’t mind WP changing so much as I hate that there is no warning. It would be so easy as you suggested to send out an email. They do have our addresses, don’t they?
    I think it is great that you have decided to rearrange your blogging schedule. Not because you will post less as I enjoy your writing, but that you have made a decision and it suits you. Sometimes we have to make a decision that doesn’t fit. If we can’t do it all, then do what we do the best we can and enjoy it. I usually post every day and feel off if I don’t. I’m not always able to do much more than sit at the computer, so there would be a big void.


  3. I agree with you that one must adapt to this [nonsensical] ever-changing tech world. I see no reason to constantly change how-to do things, but that is of no concern to TPTB. I believe their theory is: over-complicate things, then people will think that it’s progress– and want to be part of it because it’s hip.

    I play along, but I don’t like it. Not that TPTB care.


    • Agreed. Right now WordPress is making me crazy. I would rather if they made a group of changes and sent out an email or notice first rather than let me be surprised. Things that are intuitive to them are not intuitive to me.

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  4. It’s so hard to keep up with even a limited number of technologies. My engineer daughter is here this weekend. She’s trying to repair some mistakes I made last week.

    Winter is just starting and my daffodils are already coming up.

    I’m impressed by your previous writing schedule, looking forward to hearing about your new project.


  5. I’m glad to hear Mollie is feeling better, Kate. We’re also enjoying warmer temperatures. I think we might hit 60 by Tuesday. I hope you’re not getting any of the ice I’m hearing about on The Weather Channel. Enjoy your day!


  6. I am in awe of anyone who can post multiple times a week! Or, maybe I should say: … who can write interesting posts multiple times a week (like you). I’m lucky if I can write four a month. I do like your challenge of writing faster. I agonize way too much before publishing and I’m not sure all that angst is worth it. I hope Mollie and your washing machine are feeling better soon.


    • I read a post about blogging tips. It said that a post is dead in a week so get over it. I want to write quality stuff but came to the conclusion that posting less but better stuff may end up with a better audience. I could never post every day or if I did some of it would be meh in my book. Writing to your own schedule is always the best way to blog.


      • Not all posts are dead in a week. I’m still getting readers on a few posts from last spring and summer. It’s hard to know, though, which topics are going to be evergreen. Just keep doing your best, even if more infrequently. If the subject appeals, and you’ve tagged it accurately but comprehensively, the post will go on finding its audience — a smaller one to be sure, but gratifying nonetheless.


        • I get those too but not a lot except for one post that’s about 3 years old. It was just an ok post so I couldn’t figure out why it gets so much exposure. Turns out people are looking for the artwork. When I google the subject of the clipart, up pops my post!

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  7. We are so far behind the technology curve that it will swing around full circle before we even begin to catch up.

    I’m with you on blogging less and focusing on other things a bit more. Enjoy perusing seed catalogs and shopping for summer clothes.


  8. My sympathies to you and your washing machine…. how’s that?
    The changes on WordPress and everything else are a major pain in the ass! Why must we conform to these daily changes? A revolution is in order….
    Best of luck on your next challenge. It sounds like a great one!

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  9. I didn’t know about M being unwell. Forgive me for that. Must have missed a post, but glad she’s on the mend,
    Wordpress changed something on my side comment bar that’s annoying me. I also was forced to get a new phone this week I HATE…it has touch tone, and having a thumb like Gulliver it takes me an hour to compose one pithy email. Yes, technology is a real pain in the ass.
    Great you’re writing. I too feel maybe 5 essays a week is a bit much…could go down to 3. I don’t know. Food for thought.
    It’s pouring here and I want to go see Carmela since I worked Saturday. Weather, I mean whether or not I will has yet to be seen. More coffee may be in order to help me think.
    Love the Random 5 as you know 🙂


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