R5 for November 16 — soliciting, winter, shopping, Gone Girl and cats

Way too much tight stuff to work with (Courtesy of timesunion.com)

Way too much tight stuff to work with but it does look good! (Courtesy of timesunion.com)

With age comes practicality, doggone it — On my last shopping trip to the local upscale mall, there were small groups of well-dressed women. They wore tight jeans with knee-high boots and layers on top — mostly an insulated vest over a sweater over a turtleneck with tons of jewelry. It was attractive but I wondered how hard it was to try anything on. When I go clothing shopping I wear pants that drop easily, slide in shoes, the same socks/stockings that I would for the shoes I’m buying, a front button blouse and an easy-to-zip jacket. I rarely wear much makeup because I don’t want it on clothes. Jewelry? Not a chance. Yeah, pretty boring.

Gone, gone, gone – The beloved husband is a voracious reader. He reads more than I do. He recently finished Gone Girl and he must be the only person who didn’t like it. The first half of the book was slow and for him, the ending wasn’t satisfying. I am one of the few who didn’t like Fifty Shades of Grey. Maybe we are aging out of the “best sellers’ list” of books.

Is it charity or a traffic hazard? – The past few weekends, college kids have been collecting for a pediatric charity at a busy intersection. I don’t like it. It’s dangerous. They walk through the traffic dancing and jiggling their cans. Some wear costumes limiting vision. I love their enthusiasm but it’s not the right place. The first time I saw this was at a dangerous intersection of two eight-lane highways. I refuse to donate. If I bump or hurt someone, it’s on me even though they are where they shouldn’t be. Whatever happened to soliciting at spots where you interact with foot traffic?

The confession – This week we had our first snow. It was just a dusting and I whined as loudly as anyone. Truth be told there is something rejuvenating about the beginning of the winter. Finally, there is no watering to do or weeds to pull. The outdoor chores are done (unless you get those outrageous snowfalls we had last winter). You are happy to be indoors. With the shorter light days, I get more sleep. I would not admit this to anyone so mum is the word. I would be happier if this “rejuvenation period” was shorter – like two months instead of six.

Hazel update – It is slightly under three weeks since our lovable Thunder Thighs started her diet. She dropped a pound. That’s significant for a cat and we are all proud (except for her). She has developed a very pouty sad sack look which I have not fallen for. Yet. The offshoot is that with the dry food at high places that she can’t reach, the other cats are getting more exercise jumping for their supper. It’s a win-win for everyone except me who feels so guilty denying her of one of her big pleasures.



40 thoughts on “R5 for November 16 — soliciting, winter, shopping, Gone Girl and cats

  1. Just the thought of trying on those skin tight jeans is scaassry! Have to admit they look good tho. I wish I could lose one pound like Hazel and then one or two or 20 more. Maybe trying on tight jeans is the same challenge as climbing high places. We are both too chubby to get there.


  2. Hi Kate tell your hubby I am in the Gone Girl group of readers who was not impressed. Although I loved the writers style I really did not care about the characters by the end. So happy kitty is lighter. I wish we had snow here. Kath.


  3. Those cat guilt trips are the worst. We did have to put them on the less-active cat food (read: not as tasty as the other stuff “they” prefer). Ours, usually Reggie – our female, act like they haven’t been fed in days. Trust me! They’re well taken care of.

    I love your confession about the first snow, Kate. That’s how I felt – sucker-punched every “new” snow. Until it got old and deep, of course. 😉


  4. People of all ages soliciting at intersections is completely out of control on my daily routes. Young people stand out there with buckets collecting for funerals, hospital bills, and all sorts of things that never would have been on anyone’s radar just a few years ago. It isn’t safe at all and I wonder if it works! And poor Hazel. Our dog was put on a diet, too, and I feel so badly for restricting her treats. 😦


  5. Don’t have snow yet but it’s very, very cold and wet. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the snowflakes in the morning…lovely.
    I didn’t like Gone Girl and refused to read ‘the Grey’. On the other hand I just finished Stephen King’s newest ‘Revival’. Interesting…very interesting. Also have been reading many of John Grisham’s books…love them.
    My shopping is mostly online but when I do go out w/my girls we ‘dress up’…always makes me feel better to be ‘made up’…like playing when I was a little girl…in years, that is.
    I think about Hazel often and have wondered how she’s progressing…or losing better yet. Poor girl…dieting is absolutely no fun at all.
    We lived in Wisconsin for seven years…smack in the middle of all those cheeseheads. It was very good for us though since the Dallas Cowboys were in their winning mode. They’ve sort of lost their touch these past few seasons…oh well. Life is hard…depends on whose life it is, huh?
    Take heart, Hazel…there’s bound to be some better ‘daze’ ahead…just stay w/the catnip…mmm!
    Love the post, Kate…as usual. You really are some way up there writer. Hugs!


    • Thank you. You are very interesting yourself. Love your stories and knowing they are true makes it all better. I love your upbeat style. That’s the best way to live for sure. Have a great week.


  6. Gone Girl is waiting for me on my iPad but I’ve heard it’s good. Never even had the desire for that Grey book… it just sounded dull.

    I went through my first summer of retirement without buying anything clothes-wise. The cute winter sweaters I am seeing in the stores are calling my name, though. I find that wearing make-up while clothes shopping helps me feel better while looking into the mirror-that-shows-all-faults, so I do.


    • Right after I retired I didn’t buy clothes for a long time. As I weed through things and discard or donate, I buy things I wear day to day. I kept some of my favorite suits and dresses but if I need to wear dress shoes, I will have to buy some. I’ll wait. They go out of style. In the meantime I have shoes for jeans and pants that works casual or dressier. I don’t need anything right now but occasionally something “speaks” to me too.


  7. I dress comfortably for grocery shopping because that can go on for hours (I’m a bargain hunter) however clothes shopping I dress up for – probably because I rarely do it 🙂 I thought Gone Girl was clever and very well written but I admit the ending was a disappointment so am not surprised your hubby didn’t enjoy it. Very proud of Hazel (even if she is not happy about it herself) lol.


    • Hazel is in a Catch 22. All the dry food is on top of high cabinets that she is too chubby to climb. Once she loses weight she will be able to jump up there to eat until she can’t. Since I retired, I stopped dressing up for any shopping although I try to look nice every day. When I worked there were times when I stopped someplace on the way home and I shopped in high heels and pantyhose (Oh my I wonder if anyone still wears those…)


  8. So proud of Hazel–and you :)! hah, my little one is my chubby one. When I call her Chunky Monkey, her (human) dad gets irritated.
    I used to dress that way with the boots, boot toppers, sweathers, tight jeans. I loved it in those days, but it was hard to try clothes on. Now all I want are my yoga pants.


    • Yes, I discovered exercise clothes and was instantly in love. I have some LL Bean black pants that look so good I wear them for dress. Nice shoes, top and some jewelry and I’m good to go. No zippers, no problem breathing.

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    • I can send you her diet. 3 ounces of wet cat food twice a day. However, I still think she is sneaking some from the other cats. Follow that diet and you’ll be skinny before you know it. For exercise I have an extra catnip mouse I can forward.


  9. I agree, it’s much easier to try on clothes during the summer when you can kick of your sandals. Ugh…it’s too early for snow, even a dusting. We were in the low 20’s yesterday morning, very unusual for the south. I didn’t read Gone Girl. I read reviews on Amazon and didn’t feel it was my kind of book. As for Fifty Shades of Grey…not for me.


  10. I’m with you on the shopping attire but then, I don’t like shopping at all. Except for others – shopping for others is fun! Shopping for myself is a chore.

    Put me in the same camp as your hubby – I didn’t like “Gone Girl.” Twisty, dark & disturbing. I wanted satisfaction in the end and didn’t get it – bah!

    Way to go Hazel-girl!


  11. 1. That’s why I moved to FL ~ I can shop in shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops.

    2. At least 2,417 people on amazon agree with your husband about Gone Girl, giving it a 1 star rating:


    3. Stupid place to ask for money . . . but they are emulating Fire Departments and those who wash your windshield while you wait for the light to change. They like that you are STUCK and have no way to walk around them.

    On a related note, the #$%^ bell ringers are already stationed with their kettles outside every store. “NO. Do not solicit for Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving.”

    4. You already know my thoughts on SNOW.

    5. Go Hazel!


  12. Way to go Hazel, but I totally understand her lack of enthusiasm. I’m trying not to eat sugar and though I’ve been moderately successful there’s no joy without my daily Hershey Bar.
    Snow…are you kidding? Not ready to say mush mush down Fifth Avenue. I’m still hoping for a summer resurgence,
    Love that your husband reads, the real remedy for hearing loss. I’m into the second half of Anjelica Huston’s memoir about her love life…hot stuff…Anne Lamont is in the batter’s box for a little spiritual lift….favorite R5 line of the week

    jiggling their cans. 🙂


  13. I think snow is just another four letter word! It should have been part of the group of seven four letter words you can’t say on TV. (Coined by the late George Carlin.) Having said that, when I opened the door to let someone leave my house and saw the snow covered ground…the huge flakes who do you think ran quickly back into the house and got her camera!?


  14. Poor Hazel. A pound in three weeks is admirable-on your part. I started the Grey book and really did not like it. Did not bother to finish it. Won’t see the movie either. I have seen some more mature women in the standard tight jeans, boots, layers, etc. I just don’t understand how they stand up with the weight of all that jewelry while balancing on boots with heels.


    • I wear jeans (just a tad looser) with boots (just a tad lower). I have this deep down need to be comfortable which conflicts with my deep down need to be stylish. For the past decade or so comfortable has been winning.


  15. Hilarious post! I particularly love the description of your shopping attire. You are brilliant! Me, I shop online. But that has issues when your derrière is disproportionate to the rest of your body. Lots of pants and skirts get sent back…


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