Enough Said – the movie

Enough Said-edI don’t review movies because there are so few I really like. I saw one recently that hit a note with me. I am sharing my thoughts.

I loved romantic comedies — “When Harry Meets Sally,” “Sleepless in Seattle,” “Message in a Bottle” and all the other weepy ones from Nicholas Sparks. There are many, many others. Who can forget that scene in the “Titanic” on the ship railing?

I used to see them all.

My enthusiasm for them – at least the new ones – is gone. The stars are always very young, beautiful and perfect. They are too young for me to get their “angst.” Heartbreak at age 25 is nothing compared to heartbreak after 50.

Then I saw “Enough Said” with James Gandolfini and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

There is nothing “movie star” about Gandolfini. He is like a guy you already know. Hair is thinning. Stomach is a little paunchy. He is real. He’s not perfect. He is ordinary.

Julia is similar. Not drop dead gorgeous but attractive enough. Both are very talented. Very talented.

The plot is believable. Julia starts to date Gandolfini who is the ex-husband of a new friend. Only no one knows the connections. That is until Julia sees the daughter at her friend’s house.

From that point on Julia starts looking for those traits in her boyfriend that her friend complains about. She picks up on the goofy things that don’t bother you until big things sour the relationship.

Will she get fed up with his idiosyncrasies? The problem is that it’s out of context. Lack of bedroom side tables do not break up a marriage. Something else happens and then anything (and I mean everything!) gets annoying.

I can see this happening. (Except for the part about dating at this stage of life. That would give me hives.) All of a sudden you realize you are in the middle of someone else’s contentious divorce and you will lose one friend or the other. Unfortunately Julia didn’t decide on a course of action until she was “outed” by the daughter.

I won’t tell you the ending. If you like romantic stories (I wouldn’t call it a comedy) with people you can identify with, this may be a good movie for you.

If you prefer perfect young men and women romping around in their underwear showing off gorgeous bodies, this isn’t it. (There are some underwear scenes but it really “ain’t purty!”)

James Gandolfini’s death is very sad. I saw a few episodes of “The Sopranos” but I really didn’t know how talented he was until I saw this film. He presented a quality of realness that touched my heart.

Disclaimer: As always no one pays me for anything I write. We could change that. Starbucks you hear me????

33 thoughts on “Enough Said – the movie

  1. I saw that film too and I totally agree with everything you say. I especially enjoyed it for the “ordinariness” of the people and the joy they found in each other in spite of being so ordinary. I did not even realize Gandolfini was with the Sopranos since I never watched it before but now I know he is that very popular star who died. Also didn’t realize how very talented he was. What a shame. Thanks for this review Kate!

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  2. Kate … Great review. I do plan to see this movie. I loved James Gandolfini in “Get Shorty.” He was real there, too. I saw a couple of episodes of the Sopranos. He was excellent, but I didn’t stick with it as I ditched the cable TV service.


  3. I saw this movie, enjoyed it, but I cried a little. My (married) girlfriend looked at me, sort of worried, but I did get to the ending, happier than I expected. I related so much with Julia’s character, since I am in the dating scene, off and on, when I have time. I feel open to a wide variety of people, so am not ‘picky’ but somewhere along the way in life, I have become too chatty. Maybe it is nervousness, but I really felt bad because what Julia does is accidental, but it becomes a life changing experience. I hope to be better, listen well and not stick my foot in my mouth so often. I agreed with your review, Kate!!


  4. Hi Kate, I saw this movie too, and was so disappointed! I wanted it to be fabulous for James Gandolfini…I wanted it to be his most unforgettable role, but I think that will remain with the Sopranos. Your review of the movie was right on target. The movie was trite and annoying with no real substance. Glad I watched on TV…sitting in a movie theater and paying big bucks for it would have been painful!


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