Are you quirky?

gavel_clipartMy sister-in-law and I were discussing a common friend of ours. She is a new friend to both of us but we met her through different activities.

She is a delightful person but I would call her quirky. When I mentioned that to my SIL, she agreed. In fact we both said it at the same time!

We shared some of the quirky things we have seen and laughed. My SIL commented that we are all quirky in some way and she’s right.

We learn to navigate situations in different ways based on our beliefs, upbringing and experiences. Everyone is different.

While I am blunt, I put a soft edge on it. Years of working taught me that works best. (It’s the whole catching flies with honey theory although I think you can catch them just as well with dog doo doo but that’s just me!)

This friend is a private person and is blunt about it. When asked a question I don’t want to answer or share, I find a way to make it humorous or deflect. I don’t like to make the other person uncomfortable.

This person will say that she doesn’t want to talk about it in a way that ends the conversation awkwardly. Makes you wonder if there are some illicit skeletons in the closet. The odd thing is that the questions are innocuous. (Question: “do you drink coffee?” Response: “I’d rather not say.”) 

Sometimes it’s off-putting (yes, that’s a word) because it’s not about gossip or intrusion. It’s part of a normal conversation where people are sharing.

She doesn’t like to have people do things for her either, like kind things or favors. She is very conscious of reciprocity — more than she should be. At our age, I like to think it’s more of a ‘pay it forward’ attitude than keeping score.

I started to think about myself and wondered what people think my quirks are.

Although I am close to perfect, (really close!) I can be a control freak. It was successful for me in business — not micromanaging but always being aware. Like catching things before they fall through the cracks.

One time I asked the beloved husband what he thought my worst trait was, (whatever was I thinking?) he said I was bossy. Can’t imagine what made him say that. He probably had a bad burrito the night before.

So what are your quirks? Even better what would your friends say your quirks are? By the way, some quirks are very good indeed!



42 thoughts on “Are you quirky?

  1. I have my quirks…bossy isn’t one of them. Good grief, when you’re loaded w/sons, a good m-in-law best know how the game is played. I have good relations…thank you, God. I’m transparent in my blog; also in public life, what you see is what you get 24/7…no pretenses. Quirky maybe where my feelings are concerned…I don’t like being misunderstood…when it happens I am wounded because my intentions are good. Everyone’s different…no cookie cutters!


  2. I’m private when it comes to certain things, but for me it depends who’s asking. If it’s a friend I’m forthcoming. If it’s a nosy, big-mouthed neighbor, I’m Greta Garbo.
    I’m perceived as quirky…always have been…from the way I eat, to liking to be alone, to my short hair that I never grow out even once in a while…to the men I choose. If you’re not like everyone else, it’s as if there’s something off about you.
    I say good…it really means you’re interesting. Of course why your friend plays her cards so close to her vest is a mystery…and I do know all about people thinking, if you do something for them, they are obligated to do something for you.
    It’s too bad since one rarely keeps score. You’re right about that.


  3. I love this post Kate, it really got the old wheels turning. I am a certified quirk magnet, but I must say the response “I’d rather not say” would kill me. I am way too curious to settle for that response … I think curiosity is my quirk to a fault.


  4. Kate … I had a friend tell another friend – in my presence – that I was a very private person. Which surprised me. There are some personal things I don’t discuss. But I do share when folks seem interested in what I’m saying and when they share some of their own stories. It’s a perception thing, I guess. 😉


  5. I am quirky. CH’s family have never embraced it.. 😀
    I am quirky in so many ways I could not begin to list my quirkiness.. I love some of my quirkies and some of them get in the way of living my life the way I would like to.
    Interesting post Kate!


  6. I agree with Eric. I’m really very normal. Although maybe he’s being clever, and I’m just so darn straight-forward–not very good at cleverness. If there’s something about me that seems quirky to other people, I’m so used to “me” I can’t see it. And if I could … well, I never did like going to confession.


  7. Quirky is such a great term because it describes what can’t be described with universally understood words (like “bossy” or “quiet”). I have a few friends that I think of as quirky… now you have me wondering if anyone would describe me the same way. I do like coffee though!


  8. There is always one “strange” friend wherever I go (“Bossy fits)… and that would be the same as quirky. And that means, of course, that I am personally quirkless except for always feeling guilty about everything and/or worried about feeling guilty. 🙂


  9. When I went to the 10yr high school reunion, we voted things we were not allowed to put in the yearbook (best athlete, most charming…whatever). They voted me class clown. What?!! I never tried to be funny and I slept through 1/2 senior year. Guess I’m quirky. 8)


    • Another good reason for me not to attend my class reunion. When I graduated from my 8th grade Catholic school they voted me most likely to be an auctioneer. Funny thing was that 20 years later I was doing design presentations at large shows. At the end we would auction off the designs and I was the auctioneer. I was damn good at it.


  10. I’m the normalest person on this damned internet! You’re all quirky, not me.

    See, you quirky people would put a little smiley face thing here. You’ll get no such satisfaction from moi, which is Zulu for “Iceberg off the starboard bow!”


  11. Question: “do you drink coffee?” Response: “I’d rather not say.” ~> That is quirky.

    When someone asks me something that I don’t want to discuss, I usually turn the tables and ask, “Why do you ask?”

    If they have a good reason, I might decide to discuss it. If not, I remain “mum.”


  12. oh, I definitely fall into that “bossy” category. for me, I think I spent so many years without any voice at all, that once I found my voice, there was never any shutting me up again. 🙂

    some of my other quirks are sort of OCD’ish, in that I’m kind of particular about putting things back where they came from (you could practically outline everything in my drawers), and that I very easily bend myself to the whims of my pets, but not so much for humans. 🙂


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