Random five for August 24


Here is the only shot we got so far and there was no damage. He is 10' from the back door. Maybe he was looking to come in for a cuppa joe!

Here is the only shot we got so far and there was no damage. She is 10′ from the back door. Maybe she was looking to come in for a cuppa joe!

I’m watching you! – After the raid in the pond in which most of my pond plants were eaten, I bought an infrared trail camera. It takes pictures in the dark without alerting the subject. Before I can develop a course of action, I have to know what critter is doing this. I will get to the bottom of this mystery. More to come when I get the facts ma’am!

We do it my way — I have a method for remembering to buy bath soap. I put the old one on the shower ledge. The beloved husband put it back in the shower and I almost ended up soap less. When I explained the method to him he was astounded. He said, “With that arsenal of bottles in there, you don’t have soap?” I have different shampoos (depending on my mood — coconut scent for beachy moods, some are guaranteed to make my hair thicker or healthier or something) and hair conditioners, shine enhancers, etc., but only one body soap. The odd thing is that my hair always looks the same whether I use the special products or not.

Shop til you drop! – Which doesn’t take long for the beloved husband. He wanted to pick up some end of season sales. (No, he doesn’t realize that those sales happen in late June.) We embarked on this errand with me firmly at his side. When he shops, he misses things, like cute tee-shirts that are on the bottom shelf or that one pair of nice shorts hidden in with the hideous golfing clothes. Even I couldn’t find something for him although he did try a shirt on that didn’t fit. The dressing room is next to the men’s underwear and Calvin Klein has some hunky models on his brief’s packages. My, my, some of those briefs are…well…very brief indeed! It was getting warm in there.

I can be a hero too! — My brother came over for dinner with his 13-year-old grandson. This grandson is a picky eater. For years he survived on buttered noodles. I was convinced his teeth would fall out. So what do I serve that will get eaten? I decided to do burgers and corn on the cobb. I had coleslaw for the adults but I knew he wouldn’t eat that. So what vegetable would a teenager love? Potato chips! Perfect! Everyone was happy.

From the bro — My brother sent me this YouTube clip of Robin Williams as the American flag. As always, he is hilarious and sneaks in a few impersonations. Love his Mick Jagger!


35 thoughts on “Random five for August 24

  1. Kate love your week and that camera, such a cool idea, I would like to know what beast eats all the cats food by morning. Maybe one of these would catch the culprit. Happy day to you. I have a picky eater and he survives on chips and nuggets or sausages lol.


  2. My younger grandson (age 6) is a picky eater. Very picky! I feel sorry for my daughter. Everyone has a theory about how to make him eat better. They think my daughter and son-in-law have done something wrong. If they’d just been more strict, they say, or presented or prepared the food differently or ignored him or … The suggestions never end. But I’ve seen how hard my daughter and son-in-law try, and he is improving. In the food category, though, my grandson is definitely a difficult case.


    • My nephew was the first one in the family to be picky although we all had our likes and dislikes. His son tops them all but I suspect he will slowly change as he gets older. My nephew eats most anything these days. Of course he’s in his mid-40s.


  3. oh deer! 😀 I’m afraid I try to avoid shopping with my husband as he hates browsing and I love looking for deals. Luckily my sons have never been fussy eaters but when my nephew came to stay with us for a couple of months a few years back he would only eat cheese sandwiches! I was convinced he was going to die of scurvy. Thanks for sharing the great video. He will be missed.


  4. Speaking of picky eaters, my youngest son was always in motion, so the only way to successfully get any food into him, was for it to be portable. I became an expert at cutting everything into bite-sized pieces that he could grab it and go, all in one quick motion. Everyone used to laugh at me because it seemed like everything he ate, had to fit into his chubby little toddler hands, (a bit like feeding an always-in-motion monkey). Sometimes, you just have to do what works!

    thanks for sharing that Robin Williams video … love discovering old video of him that I’ve never seen before, and this one, as usual, was a great showing of his comic genius. 🙂


  5. A salute to Robin, long may he wave. I started laughing and I ended crying for him. This clip finally made me shed some tears, Kate. Thank you and to your brother. I will be sharing the video soon credit to you. On a ligther side of life, you caught the culprit with no pants.


  6. Great idea to set up the infrared camera to find out who the culprit is before you decide to take action. It is so frustrating to tend to plants/flowers and have them disappear overnight to some unseen munching marauder.


    • It’s been a bad year. Not only is it a bad year for tomatoes, the deer are also eating raspberries for the first time. I pulled out my blueberries because I wasn’t getting any and I got 2 dozen peaches out of hundreds. Very frustrating year. Next year I am going to find out who is eating a bite out of my tomatoes which are in a chain link enclosure. My money is on chippies.


      • I had a tomato plant on my patio one year. It was wrapped in mesh netting. One afternoon my cat started going berserk by the patio door. When I looked out, I saw a groundhog standing on his hind legs. He was weaving a paw through the mesh and yanking the cherry tomatoes off the plant. He was one determined groundhog.

        Good luck on getting to the bottom of this mystery.


  7. Buttered noodles + Potato Chips = Carb Load.

    Can’t wait to see what other critters you capture with your infrared camera. Loved the video ~ especially his impression of the states (VT, CA, and Tennessee)


  8. I’d love potato chips as a main course…the video made me cry since there will be no more.
    I like the word beachy…got a whole feel going on…the smell of salt water, Sea and Ski sunblock and creamsicles dripping down my arm 🙂 I do love the Random 5.


    • I have been trying to hire some deer as groundsmen but they insist on eating not only the grass but the good stuff too. My nephew, who couldn’t even peel an orange at age 12, does the family cooking! There is hope.


  9. I felt old reading the part about the 13-year-old. When I was a kid, our appetites weren’t taken into consideration. You ate what was there or you did without. Funny how times change.

    And I blame advertisers for our change in thinking.


    • Both his grandfather and I were raised the same way as you. His father, however, was allowed to be picky as a child. He now eats pretty much anything but we went through a tuna melt stage that lasted a long time. My mother (his grandmother) never catered to him though. Now his son shares the same bad eating habits. Fortunately I don’t have to cook for him.


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