Techie Monday

Courtesy of Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

My friend bought a new Kindle HD 8.9 tablet last year. She loves it. Since I am kind of in the market for something that is bigger than my e-reader and smaller than my laptop, it seems like a good choice. It’s easy to handle and easy to read.

This year’s models cost a lot more than her model did. Boogers.

At the same time, my four-year-old laptop appears to have crapped out on me (that’s a technical term meaning it doesn’t work). It may be the battery or it may be something else. I can’t recharge the battery so for sure the battery is shot.

The laptop is our back-up when our “real” computers get the flu. It doesn’t happen often but it does happen. Two years ago the beloved husband’s computer not only got the flu, it went on life support and eventually died in his arms surrounded by loved ones. There was a very touching obituary in the newspaper. I blogged about it here.

My “real” computer is five years old which is 90 in computer years. (They are like dogs in that they age faster than people.) Old people can get replacement parts more easily than a five-year-old computer.

My last computer didn’t last five years. It was hit by lightning or maybe an electrical surge. Yes I have a surge protector but it was definitely fried like an egg in bacon grease.

I hate wasting brain bytes on computer decisions. Last time I had to buy a laptop, I just picked out the red one. It was so easy and it worked.

Now they come in all sizes and are called different things – iPads, notebooks, tablets, and readers – what is the difference? Is it the size? The memory?

Worst of all, they are black. How can you make an intelligent decision if color isn’t a point of difference?

There is no need for complex spreadsheets – just word docs, books, web surfing, email and of course, Photoshop. (My cats like to look their best!)

I am a simple person. (Or more likely, I confuse easily especially about technology, so it needs to be simple.)

I did what any normal person would do; I laid my plight out to the esteemed guru of all knowledge – my IT techie.

Of course if the Kindle came in red, it would be a no brainer.

33 thoughts on “Techie Monday

  1. Kate, thanks for another excellent post…smiling on! We have a PC (HP slim-line because of our small space) and I’m the user…hubs leaves it alone…he was the one who introduced me to the computer age and eventually I sort of took over and he leaves it to me. Now I have my precious Apple ipad that I am hooked on; not about to share so I’m getting him a Kindle because he enjoys reading but needs great light…a Kindle will solve that problem. He’ll be so happy! I’m in no way technically adept…I’m a fiasco…but I’m self taught and do amazingly well on the computer.
    Wish I knew more but I’m happy and that’s what counts.
    Hope you get what you want in the tech world…go for broke!


  2. I have a Nook I am not fond of but I do play solitaire on it. It has books on it just in case I can’t get to the library…which never happens. My laptop is getting touchy and I am trying to be kind to it so it won’t just give up the bytes and die.


  3. I’ve had two Kindles and haven’t taken to them. I never remember what I read on them. They don’t seem real to me, so the words don’t attach to my brain. Sometimes I even end up buying the real book after I attempt to read it on Kindle. Amazon must adore me.


  4. LOL! You are a kick Kate! Your posts are not only thought provoking like this one, but hilarious for their base in reality. I do have a Kindle but.It’s a love/hate relationship. I never know when it will lose my place even when I bookmark it. I want to smash it and head for the bookstore. But when it’s good, it’s very very good. The laptop is still running but doesn’t let me type without typos. It doesn’t like the way I touch the “n’s”. More frustration. I wonder if I could stomach going back to a manual typer! I think you can get one online. But do they have it in red?.


    • I have an old Kindle that I sort of like. I like reading on it but it doesn’t have page numbers so I can’t page forward or back and know I’ll get back to the right page. This new one is more of a tablet so I’m hopeful. One problem I have is with autocorrect. Sometimes the computer doesn’t like the words I use so it changes them. Unfortunately, nothing makes sense.


  5. I love my Kindle, it’s got a beautiful red case. I still read paper books though, I can’t seem to give up the feel of a paper book.
    I loved your reply to Nancy’s comment…lol! 🙂
    Thanks again for your awesome guest post last week!


    • The truth is that my husband and I are often on the computer at the same time. I don’t like the way he sets up his icons or anything else for that matter. It just wouldn’t work to share.


  6. You are so fortunate to have an IT techie! When my husband and I were working, there was always a go-to person at the office. Now, we are left to our own devices… and Google. We are on the lookout for someone good (at both MAC and PC), honest, and relatively available (they can’t be in such demand that we can never get a hold of them or so easy to reach that one wonders if they have any other customers). So sorry about your laptop.


    • My techie is a guy I worked with. We both have cats and I supplied his cats with catnip for many years (yep, I was his drug dealer). He’s working at another job now and isn’t quite as easy to reach but I will hear from him in a day or so. I know what you mean though. My brother found someone who is reasonable and convenient.


  7. I think we can all relate to your computer woes. I’m having plenty of my own with this laptop I’m typing on right now. My husband recently bought me a Surface, and I love it. I read from the Kindle app. I enjoyed reading about you on Jill’s blog.


  8. Could be the battery…happened to mine that now works fine. Can you take it in for a free assessment? I want an iPad so badly…am saving up for exactly what I want. You are so cyberly inclined, I say go for the model you want. Life’s short. 🙂


  9. Great write, Kate.

    BFF and I share a single desktop computer purchased in 2006. Nope, not a typo. No tablets, e-readers, smart phones, laptops, kindles, etc. And our cars don’t have GPS either.

    I know, I know, you’re wondering how we function without apps. 😎


  10. Technology was supposed to make our life simple! What happened? Why are there so many choices? It’s a nightmare for an indecisive person like me. My phone crapped out on me recently. After a lot of research I just got one that was small enough to fit in the pocket of my jeans.


  11. Love my Kindle, much to my husband’s distress. He believes in books that he can hold in his hands. I like books I can download instantly and they don’t take up space in the house. Sacrilege for someone who worked in bookstores and publishing houses and has written 8 books, perhaps, but I still like my Kindle.


    • I used to collect books and loved bookshelves stocked tightly with wonderful reads. I got over that. They gather dust; take up too much room; and are a real pain when moving. I have a Kindle reader and I love it.


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