Random five for August 3

Next to my relaxing frog, this is my favorite picture

Next to my relaxing frog, this is my favorite picture

As I was looking over some of my previous posts, I often start with “this was a hectic week.” Well, this wasn’t hectic at all. Hectic weeks give the best posts…but summer can help.

Do you really look at people? — My middle finger on my right hand (yes, THAT finger) gets nail polish dings faster than the other nine. I don’t know why but it must be an…umm…active finger. I touch it up at least once between complete nail polish changes. Since I am both cheap and don’t want to invest in the time, I do it myself so it’s easy peasy. This past week, I grabbed the wrong color. I didn’t realize it until after I slopped the top coat on. Yep, it was a different shade of pink. I decided to let it be because I am lazy about those things. I went to two functions with the mismatch and no one noticed. Perhaps people don’t really look at older women. Perhaps they know I’m not a style setter anymore (if I ever was) or maybe my friends are vision impaired. In any case, it worked for me.

New wheels – The beloved husband is amazing when it comes to decisions. He talked about possibly buying a new car. That was on Tuesday. Wednesday morning he bought one. I talk about it for a year. Visit almost every showroom in 30 miles to figure out what I want. Pick out a model only to find out I don’t like their red color so I am back to the drawing board. The time I first set foot in a car dealership to the day I pick up the new car can easily be a few months. (I hate car dealerships so I need recovery periods.) He always knows what he wants and buys it like I buy…well, nail polish!

Smoky problems – Recently in the news locally there was a big ta-do about a food vendor. He rented a vacant commercial corner property on a well-traveled road to set up a mobile barbecue trailer complete with two smokers in the back. It was a temporary setup and he was only open Thursday through Sunday. I never was there but his barbecue received a lot of rave reviews. The neighbors in back of him got tired of smelling the barbecue and complained…and complained. They finally ran him out on a technicality. He wasn’t in a residential neighborhood and the neighbors weren’t right next door. He was across the street from a humongous drugstore and strip mall. I wonder if smells, even good ones, can get on your nerves after a while. What do you think?

Night visitors – My pond is recovering from the ravaging it received from nocturnal visitors a few weeks back. I pulled out everything that deer and groundhogs enjoy eating to lessen the attraction. I also replaced the (imaginary) sign that said “smorgasbord” in animal language with a sign pointed to the next door neighbor’s yard that said “free lunch.” It seems to have done the job.

Well, duh! — I am a smart person, really I am. I can calculate shoe sales in my head and can predict when my cat will barf before the telltale hacking. This week I bought a wifi extender so I could surf the web from my porch. My IT techie assured me it was easy (sort of). Crap! It took me two days and twelve attempts along with help from the beloved husband who is not at all knowledgeable about IT stuff (yeah, what was I thinking?). First off, the instructions never match the buttons and prompts you get so you are shooting from the hip. We finally got it installed and all it good. Now Mr. Google and I can converse on the porch!

So how was your week?

29 thoughts on “Random five for August 3

  1. My week started with a 7-8 hour drive with my hubby up to South Carolina, the things we saw on our way made us giggle like crazy. I will be collecting pictures for my blog this week.

    We are here to surprise his mom for her 70th birthday. His sister and her family plotted behind their mom’s back along with their stepfather and his family to get us all to South Carolina. The surprise is today! That will also be in the blog!

    Glad you were able to deter the night scavengers to a new buffet area so they leave your pond alone!


  2. I want a wifi extender now.. so I can interweb under the Oaks! CH takes months to buy a dang pair of shoes. It used to drive me to distraction. You need shoes, ya buy em! So you can imagine how long it takes him to purchase a vehicle. I need/want a vehicle, I know what I want.. it’s going to be the same “make” just the new year, maybe different model. I have “car fever” disease, got it from my Dad. Sorry about the bumper scratch. Hmmm, I don’t know about the BBQ smell, might get tired of it. We have a commercial pig farm down the road from us. Never been able to find it, everybody says it’s there. Thank the heavens we can’t smell it because when the trucks go by the house with squealing pigs the stink almost makes me faint!


    • Thank God you can’t smell the pig farm. We used to get our milk and dairy products at a dairy farm about a half hour away. You could smell it a good mile before you got there. Their milk was the best and the cows were often out in the fields (which always makes me feel better than having them caged in a barn). Best ice cream ever! Couldn’t live near it because of the smell.


  3. I seldom polish my nails, but in June, before our trip to Maui, I had them done a light pink at the nail salon. I thought the chips wouldn’t show with such a light color, and it worked.

    My Nissan is eleven years old–in that in-between period where everything works fine, but something could go wrong at any time. I’ll probably go another couple of years but not much longer. Being a widow with no affinity for mechanical things, as soon as it starts feeling undependable, I’ll want a new one. Then I’ll be like you. I’ll read and compare my options. But once I decide, I’ll buy it quickly … if they have a good color, that is.


    • I stick with light colors too. You can get away with dinks much better and you can repair them easier. As for cars, I just hate the process but like driving something new AFTER I figure out how.


      • Exactly! It’s nice to have something new … after you figure it out. I’m still getting used to my new camera and laptop, even my new clock radio.


  4. Kate I love your amusing thoughts on life. I use to wear bright red nail polish and red lipstick daily. Im not sure when it stopped happening? Maybe after marriage and children. My daughter paints me up every now and again and I remember the days of carefree living where all I had to worry about where was my next holiday to going to be and what colour nail polish I should put on? My week was filled with appointments, visiting my mum and rounding off the week with my daughters gym comp. It is monday morning and I need to get ready to do it all over again. PS Im like your husband I make quick sale decisions and my husband does his research.


  5. I gave up on nail polish maybe seven years ago – I thought it didn’t look right on my aging hands……. I’m actually just thinking I need another car and I’m a bit like your hubby – but in my case it usually goes: decide, buy, regret! I’m trying to be more like you – maybe I’ll find the balance 😀 [I laugh, because if you knew me …..] I don’t have smell problems or night visitors thank goodness and [touch wood] no techie issues going on at this end – life is good! 🙂


  6. Like Nancy, I gave up nail polish on my fingernails about ten years ago. The last straw was when I tried a new “Ten Day No Chip” and it didn’t even last ten hours. The moment I got to work and starting typing, etc…it was a chip here and a chip there. I said, “no more!” I still paint my toenails in the summertime though. 🙂
    I had a great week, as it included a visit from you! Thanks so much for your wonderful spotlight post, Kate!


    • I gave up nail polish for years mostly because of the time commitment but started up again a couple of months ago. This time I do them myself so I can stop anytime easily (isn’t that what all addicts say?). It makes me feel “girly.” Of course I paint my toenails all summer! A very bright red too!


  7. Keep thinking about the barbecue man who reminds me of my cart guy…I’ll just bet there’s more to it than the aroma of baby backs.

    A NEW CAR…I can smell that new interior, more than those ribs. I hope he lets you drive it.

    As far as a techie saying it’s easy…it’s easy for them.

    Love the random 5


  8. “He talked about possibly buying a new car. That was on Tuesday. Wednesday morning he bought one. I talk about it for a year.” – ha ha ha – that had me rolling with laughter. That is so Hubbs & me.

    Loved the finger/polish story as well… you’re right, no one notices stuff like that anymore.

    I got a manicure recently and switched from French nail to a pretty pinky-red. It’s WAY brighter than I planned on, kinda 80s Cyndi Lauper pink. But I’m on vacation so who cares. Guess who noticed? The 20 year old checkout girl @ the grocery store. No one else. Not hubbs, not colleagues, no one. Made me laugh 🙂

    Have a great day,


    • You are so right! The only one who ever notices my nails or eye makeup or lipstick is an under 21 person. I recently thought I would break out of my very modest pale pink and brighten it up again. Yikes! It took me days to get used to it. It chipped faster but maybe you could just see it better. Hey, vacation is when you do the wild and crazy. You should come home with dreadlocks.


      • my natural curly hair has a party every night – when I wake up one side is flat and the other is about 7″ in the air – and the sides take turns. They are kind of dread-lockery in their own right 🙂


  9. The middle finger would make contact before the others, being longer, maybe? Wearing different colours is trendy, if I am to believe the multitude of images on the ‘net.

    I have only once been to car dealership and will avoid the experience forever more, if I can. Hubby researches (Lemon Aid books) till the cows come home then goes out and buys it in one day. He’ll take whatever is on the lot – no preference for colour. No seat warmers either, dang it.

    Funny you should mention BBQ smells. The last two nights someone in the neighbourhood has been grilling out doors which is fine, (primal cravings for charred meat notwithstanding) but the smell of fuel lingers afterward in the house. (It is cool enough here to have the windows open) That smell is off-putting.


  10. I am just like your husband and you my dear are my husband. The research that is done before a purchase is insane to me, yet so normal for him.

    I can think of so many smells worse than BBQ.

    My week wasn’t too hectic either, and I think I like it that way.


    • Buying a car is a funny thing. Some people do it like it was a spa experience and some people think of it as being dragged off to an asylum. One of my friends looked at a house in Hershey, PA near the chocolate factory. She didn’t buy it because she was afraid the smell (even though she liked it) would drive her crazy.


  11. I never notice nails or nail polish so I never do my own. Haven’t worn nail polish since high school.

    I don’t buy cars often enough to know where I fall on the spectrum these days ~ it’s been 14 years since I bought my Honda Civic.

    Maybe the neighbors were vegetarian and didn’t like being reminded that the world is full of carnivores?


    • I don’t think they were vegetarian or that would have come out in all the community meetings. Maybe any smell, good or bad, can get to you. Normally I keep my cars for 10 years but the last one I just didn’t like so I traded after 4. Dan had a series of recalls on his.


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