Views from the ladies of the circuit

end is nearI was at the gym earlier this week. It was full of ladies and chatter. As is often the case, no matter how positive or wonderful the conversation starts, it always ends up with someone saying, “This world is going to hell in a hand basket.”

I’m not sure what that means literally but I know it’s not good.

Changes are happening all around us and we’re not comfortable with it. Every new idea or product has a plus and a minus. So let’s focus on the negative and whine. (I prefer my wine with cheese!)

New technology helps us do things faster and more accurately but it can also isolate us. There are people who don’t know how to talk to each other face to face.

There are people who don’t know how to discuss differences or (gasp! God forbid!) confront.

People even break up through email.

Hi Hon! How ya doing? Did you pick up the bread and milk? I’ve been thinking that we need to see other folks. Moved out this morning. Could you drop off the bread and milk at my new apartment? See ya around!

Scams are easier for those who are technologically savvy. All those heart wrenching stories on face book are so sad. Don’t you just want to reach out and help?

Send me your money and I will forward it to the most worthy (which may be my retirement fund)!

On and on…kids don’t have respect like we did (of course we were pretty perfect)…people are more rude (that doesn’t include us when we are blasting other drivers)…no one helps out (umm…I’m kinda busy today)…schools aren’t teaching the right things…everyone wants to sue.

You name it; it’s hashed over and spit out.

After listening for not all that long (I have the attention span of a flea), I told them they sound like my mother. She said the same things 50 years ago and here we all are.

Rock and roll didn’t ruin the human race. (All those wild tunes are now considered elevator music. I so wish my Mom was here to “enjoy” that one.)

Faster cars and younger drivers didn’t kill everyone.

Short skirts and makeup didn’t ruin morals. (Skirts got shorter if that’s at all possible.)

Most of Mom’s comments were aimed at me although my mother did admit to rolling her stockings down below her knees which was scandalous at the time.

I wonder what my grandmother said? Probably the same thing.

I am not convinced things are all that different. They may LOOK different and FEEL different but underneath it’s the same.

We are all people trying to make our way through life and learning along the way. Some of us are nicer (like me and maybe you) and some aren’t quite so nice (like “them”).

By the way, if kids aren’t respectful these days, whose fault do you think it is?

Artwork credit: I have no idea who did this originally. It was posted on several sites with no author information.


29 thoughts on “Views from the ladies of the circuit

  1. I have to tell you that I ask myself the very same question. What did my grandmother think? I know that among her things I found a variety of pamphlets and small books intended to instruct a parent, or grandparent, how to warn their children against communism. They were actually kind of funny, but it was obviously something that deeply worried her. There are so many things that I think are indicative of us “going to hell in a hand basket” but I do believe every generation dos think we are spiraling out of control and down the drain. I sure do have to limit what I listen to or I become quite sour myself. Great post, Kate. I’ve been slow this week,and so glad I didn’t miss it! 🙂


    • Glad you were able to stop by. The issues change but the concern remains. I don’t remember the whole communism thing too much but I do remember the bomb shelter rage. I was a very small child and the whole idea terrified me. Of course I had never seen one so it seemed like an underground tomb to me.


  2. I’m betting that some ancient philosopher predicted that the next generation is doomed. But there is always hope for the current and the next generation. You see it in little upbeat stories all the time. Plenty of young people are polite and eager to help others. I see it in school a lot.

    Good for you for beating it out of there, Kate. That negativity will only wear you down.


  3. I just don’t have time for negative people. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy a good discussion but when it devolves into “all” “every” “none” “never” or “them” (vrs. “us”) then I know it’s time for me to exit.


  4. I had lunch with two lady friends today and guess what? The end of the conversation predicted the end of our way of life! Yikes. You are “right on” as I say now but sneered at once as hippie jargon. What a great post. “You rock girl!” And of course we don’t recognize we are repeating history. I’m sure my parents thought the end was near too. BTW, the cartoon is hilarious and fits your post perfectly.


  5. I have your title: I Prefer My Whine With Cheese….this is a great essay…it has a great flow…not that I’m an expert, but your essays do have that downhill skiing feel I covet…I go off a lot…you stay loyal to your thread 🙂


  6. I can’t stand being around whiners and complainers. Often they’re whining about something totally insignificant. I admire those who have a real reason to whine but choose to stay positive.
    Great post, Kate!


  7. Whine fests are annoying, especially if they go on too long. Actually solving problems … now that’s a different story. Yesterday my smoke alarms were beeping at intervals, and I didn’t have the proper batteries. I drove out to buy a couple of packs (super expensive). Then I climbed on a little step ladder and put in the new batteries, aligning the knob with the arrow. And … hurray! Problem solved, and I felt great.

    Isn’t it funny, all the concerns people had years ago about Elvis, skirts an inch above the knee, and a little mascara?!


  8. I wish the world’s problems were simple enough to be solved by blaming music, cars, allegedly lazy kids, etc. I agree completely-every generation thinks the world is coming to an end because the next generation doesn’t get it. Having recently met some lovely, smart, ambitious young women who are making their way in the world–I can say we are safe in their hands. Unfortunately, those of us who came before managed to ruin the environment and the economy leaving them with no good alternative planet…and no decent jobs. I think the young adults these days are going to have it harder than any of us did.


  9. Kate,  This was one of my favorite of your blogs.  I do believe that all those dire predictions made because of music and skirt lengths, never did come true…but I have to say I miss the late 50’s and early 60’s.  My biggest fear was a bomb from Russia!  (and of course I would be protected from that by putting my arm over the back of my neck!)  But, I am sure you have hear this too, it was an easier time.  I am glad I heard my Grandmother say, that’s not music, it’s just noise….and now I echo her words!!!!!! 


  10. Seems that we all agree to disagree…ha! Arguments have been w/us from the get-go…Adam blamed Eve…Eve eyed the snake in the grass and here we are. Times change; people don’t or won’t or can’t…doesn’t matter. Negative people are real downers and avoidance is a good move. But hey, life goes on…and on…and…smiling/laughing makes it easier to digest…ya’ think? Good post.


    • Oh God yes! I usually high tail it out of there when I feel it coming on. Not sure if it happens when you put any bunch of people together or if the advancing age factors in. In any case, I picked up a mocha latte and was happy as a clam.


  11. I agree. Things are different now, not necessarily worse. But some people would always rather have a problem than a solution, so they see only the negative. I avoid those sorts of people. 😉


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