Jiminy Crickets I did it again!

The beloved husband as a young boy.

The beloved husband as a young boy.

This is getting embarrassing!

Today is my wedding anniversary – seven years and counting. I don’t know why but I always (mostly) forget it.

It was a simple wedding. Not a big deal. I was in Las Vegas for a Human Resource conference and it seemed like an easy place to tie the knot.

I didn’t pick the date. It just happened on the only open time slot in my conference schedule. It was before the early morning pre-conference opening. I had 20 minutes!  Afterward I went to the conference; the beloved husband went to breakfast. I didn’t see him until dinnertime.

No hoopla. No Kardashian-style wedding. No paparazzi. Our friends did surprise us with chocolate covered strawberries and champagne.

No special outfits. No mani-pedi although I did shave my legs. (It was either shave or braid!) No bridezilla. No fuss. It was just a legal joining of something special that had been in place for several years.

The worst part is that the beloved husband NEVER forgets the date. Of course, he doesn’t forget ANY dates. He sends out birthday cards so people get them on time. Cards for him are never on time. We have lame excuses. We are so busy? Pullease! He is not offended.

There was a clue. I am good at clues but I missed this one. In cleaning out his office trash I saw a bag from the card shop. For two seconds I wondered what it was for. Then my pea brain was off to the races on other things. (Even I am amazed at how unsuspicious I am in a stable relationship!)

I will get the last laugh because I am planning something special for that special man. If only I don’t forget!

Happy anniversary Dan!

Just a little grayer

Just a little grayer

49 thoughts on “Jiminy Crickets I did it again!

  1. I hope you and Dan had a wonderful anniversary, with many more to come. You guys are still newlyweds in many ways! How lovely! I’m not very good with remembering dates, but I do remember my anniversary, Kate! LOL!


  2. I’m a little late too…Happy Anniversary Kate…and I think it’s really inspirational you got married again. Whenever you write about him, I smile. Loved when you went shopping for shirts. When you team up later in life it’s for all the right reasons. Happy for you…Happy for him.


  3. Whatta hunk! Lucky you, Kate. I hope you had a beautiful anniversary day. Funnily enough, my beloved and I celebrate OUR 7th wedding anniversary on July 7 (we ended up with a date he can’t forget — 7-7-07 :D). It wasn’t a huge deal and yet it was. He moved from your country (USA) to mine (Canada) to be with me. Huge step on his part. But I am the one who follows all events and makes sure the cards get to the various recipients on time. I have to say he is very good at getting cards for me, although it is a foreign touch to him. He picks out the bestest ones.


  4. Happy Anniversary! One year, both Hubbs and I forgot and he realized it before me .. I pulled into the garage after work and he arrived at the side of my vehicle with a stricken look. I thought someone had died. Then he blurted out how sorry he was for forgetting and blah blah blah and he could tell by the dumbstruck look on my face I’d forgotten, too – we both laughed pretty hard at that one. Life! It’s like that 🙂 Happy day to you both!!


  5. Happy Anniversary! In our house we’re both getting senile so typically neither of us remembers until the last minute. So neither of us has to feel guilty! Do something special for your beloved Dan the Man!


  6. Happy Anniversary to Dan and you, Kate. At our house, Dave is the thoughtful one who always remembers.

    I bought him two cards for Father’s Day and forgot to give them to him until three days later. He wasn’t upset. I told him I would have been. Like you Dan, a very sweet man. 😉


  7. Happy Anniversary! My husband loves giving cards also, I on the other-hand not so much as its me who has to find a home for them “after” the event…


  8. “I did shave my legs” – now, THAT shows special consideration! 😀

    My third time at the alter was more or less a carbon copy to yours. The anniversary is close to Christmas. I forgot it last year. So did he. Just another day at the OK Corral.

    Emphasis on OK.


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