My random five and an upbeat look on life…maybe

Some bloggers post a random five. It’s a collection of five snips which are a paragraph and not related. I always enjoy them. Here is my random five for a snowy Sunday.

Snow, snow, snow — We are 10 inches from breaking the local all time snow accumulation record and I’ve been really cranky about that. It reflects in my blog so my goal is to be upbeat, enjoy the beauty and drink more. I will embrace each snowfall as if it were my last and revel in how glorious nature is. Yeah, I know. It won’t last for more than five minutes then I will be cranky again.

What! Are they crazy? —There are some good things (very few) about being snowed in. I’ve watched more winter Olympics than I ever have in the past. I have seen somersaults and twists and whatever done in midair with either skis or snowboards. I can’t help wondering how someone tries that for the first time without visions of dying.

Don’t overlook a gift berry! — I don’t think robins are smart birds. I put out some very luscious blueberries and there were no takers. We are completely snow-covered and all my holly berries and crabapples are gone. Was there a special on worms at a local restaurant?

It’s a small world. — We went out to dinner at a local bar last night. It’s one of those places where everybody knows your name. Two of the beloved husband’s adult children are visiting. They all live in Denver and one of the bar’s key managers comes from Denver. They had a great time comparing the best of the Denver bars. Not much talk about the Broncos though.

Can it be a peek of spring? — There is a new week coming with a snowstorm predicted for Tuesday (of course) but the temperatures are also expected to start soaring. “They” say we will be in the 50s next weekend possibly hitting 60. I remember 60. It’s not quite flip-flop weather but I may be able to peel off a layer or two to dance in the sun.

This is for Sharlene!

Created by Bill Watterson

Created by Bill Watterson

24 thoughts on “My random five and an upbeat look on life…maybe

    • My husband is itching to get out some tee shirts even if it’s just for a day or two. Me, I get cold too fast but I will shed layers and my fuzzy shoes. It will seem like summer. I am sure the kids will be at the mall with flip flops and shorts.


  1. We are looking forward to a photo of you lounging by the pool in the near future, Kate. They’re calling for temperatures near 70, here in Charlotte by Thursday, we can only hope. I have a feeling there will be a baby boom in the Northeast after this winter…either that or the divorce rate will skyrocket. Have a great week, Kate!


      • Oh no…the snow argument! Uncool! I had one of those when I lived in my townhouse in VA. Just because I lived alone and had one car, my neighbors thought they could us my extra parking spot for piling their snow. Oh, my dad was furious when he came over and couldn’t park his car. 🙂


        • We have new neighbors down the street whose driveway is across the street from another driveway. The folks across the street always park in the street (instead of their driveway) so the new folks plowed out their driveway in such a way that it’s really tight to get between the snowpile and the parked cars. I have no idea how they get out of their driveway at all. I don’t know why people are so unkind (that includes both neighbors). On street parking in town is at a premium these days. Some people shovel and some don’t but try to get into a shoveled space. I wonder if that’s called parking space rage? Just a matter of time before someone shoots someone unless it melts soon. Fortunately I don’t live where I have to fight for a parking space.


  2. 60? I’m getting out my bikini…the random five is a great concept…I totally get how snow blows…ran yesterday for the first time in a week and of course today there was too much ice to take a chance.

    How nice your husband’s kids came…I’m sure they adore you and the cats. Were they all by the door when they first came? Mine always did that, like it was their house and I was living with them.


  3. They’re saying the same warm weather next weekend for us, too. Can’t imagine. Would love it, but one thing that this winter has taught me is: don’t get your hopes up. Still…


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