Old memories and first infatuations

roller skatesWhile watching the Olympic ice skating competition, the beloved husband was awed. He said, “I thought I was something when I learned to skate backwards.” Of course, my response was, “I spent most of my very short ice skating career sliding on my butt.”

I can fall on dry flat pavement. How they do all those graceful moves with a skinny metal blade on slippery ice baffles me.

When I was young, roller skating was big in my area. Yep, I was a roller skater. I went with my school friends every weekend to the rink. We were 12. We thought we were a very grown up 12. We weren’t.

Most of the skaters were kids from 10 to maybe 16 or so but there was this one guy. He was out of school (hopefully by graduating) and that made him extra cool. He wore his hair long especially for that time and he skated….oh how he skated.

My “very grown up” friends and I used to try to skate around him to get noticed. He would skate with different girls for the couples skating but they were the “older” girls.

They even had boobs. Life was just not fair at least that’s what we thought at the time.

When you are working to get noticed, you tend to show off. I didn’t have any skating skills worth “showing off.” That didn’t stop me.

My favorite (and only) way of stopping was to skate into a wall. Oh so not cool. I was elated when I learned how to stop with my skates. Off the wall excited. Now for sure he would notice.

He never did. I learned how to skate backwards. He never noticed.

I even grew boobs (you could do that quickly with tissues). He still never noticed.

The great thing about my group of friends is that we were all the same so he didn’t notice any of them either.

I was glad when that stage was over but I still like to watch a good roller derby every once in a while. Reminds me of that hot guy at the rink.

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28 thoughts on “Old memories and first infatuations

  1. This is the sweetest post Kate! It makes me remember. We roller skated too – but on the sidewalks. I thought I was really good. Then I started to ice skate (we had an indoor rink in Florida) and thought I was really good. There was this cute guy and he skated alongside me once until I fell on my butt. I love watching ice skaters now even though they remind me of embarrassing times.


    • I did some sidewalk rollerskating with strap on rollers but our sidewalks weren’t good enough. I had forgotten about that. Falling on your butt can ruin a great romantic moment but makes for great memories.


  2. Winter was more bearable because of ice skating. Great fun. I even recall skating down a hill that sledders used. Yes, I was a tomboy. When my folks decided to move to the country, I was really bummed because a roller skating rink had just opened in the village where we lived. This happened at a critical time in my life. I was 14.

    You brought back many memories, Kate. Kids don’t know what they’re missing about the good old days. All they have are video games and the mall. 😉


  3. Great memories Kate. I loved to roller skate and I was about the same age as you when I was skating. Our roller rink was in a cave in my little town. I ice skated on farm ponds and I still get kidded about the time I skated face first into a little tree in the dark. I ice skated again in my thirties.. once. I couldn’t walk for two days my legs hurt so bad. Going up or down stairs made me scream like a little school girl.


  4. Roller skating was popular in my town for a brief period. A couple of people learned some tricks. Not me. I remember one birthday party at a roller rink. We played crack the whip, holding hands and circling the rink, the people on the outside speeding and falling. It was very scarey.


  5. Oh Kate! What fun memories…My best friend and I were regular’s at the local rink. She was the smoothest skater…I was clumsy but eventually learned to make smooth turns and couple skate. I was so proud of my skates. The ‘whistle blower’ was very suave and handsome; he dated a lot of the girls…even me! Ah, those were ‘the’ days; we were so cool and flirty! I marvel at these whizzes on those skinny blades…how they fly around. Awesome.


  6. My favorite job while in high school was working at the local roller rink, since I loved to skate. I was a skate guard and my job description was to bust the people skating too fast…it was the best job ever. With the blow of my whistle, I was in complete control. Of course, I never blew the whistle when the hot guy skated too fast. And yes, I could skate backwards. 🙂


  7. Among my first infatuations, I was working at Burger Chef–pre-MacDonalds. Yes…we lived in Florida at the time and the closest rink of any kind was in Orlando…an hour away.
    Talk about backwards…did you see those free skiers skating backwards last night?


  8. When this landed in my reader and I saw the roller skates, I thought, “Kate needs to swap those wheels for blades . . . then she could skate down (i.e., slip and slide) to Starbucks for her cup of JOE.”

    Have a warm and wonderful Valentine’s Day, Kate!


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