It’s not about the weather, it’s about the behaviors

This photo is from a couple weeks back.

This photo is from a couple of weeks back.

We are anticipating another huge snowstorm to come through Thursday. This isn’t a whiney post about that (although I could do that in a heartbeat!). It’s a series of observations on storm behavior. My apologizes to anyone in warmer climates but this is really a bad winter!

We have had a lot of snow this winter. According to the beloved husband he has cleared 11 snowstorms (correction 17 snowstorms according to him) in the past few weeks and he doesn’t say it with a happy face. He is not excited about the foot he will need to clear tomorrow but maybe that will soften him up for a move to the tropics.

Here are some observations from these snowstorms along with some very sage advice.

Today I picked up some spinach at the market. I know everyone else there was picking up bread, milk and eggs for the French toast but not me. I am looking forward to some Italian wedding soup. I walked over to the spinach section and there was an older couple. They were probably my age but I look so much better that I figured I had to be younger.

They were obviously looking for a special kind of greens. Not sure that they need them because the nicely dressed man was followed by a cloud of….ummm….the foulest smelling fart I’ve experienced in a long time.

I moved quickly to the dips nearby thinking I could wait it out. Really, how long does it take for gas to dissipate? Let me tell you, a long time. Either that or he was having his own Olympic marathon. Put, put, put.

It took me at least 10 minutes and then I just held my breath, scurried in and grabbed a pack of spinach and darted down the aisle.

Fortunately the spinach was in cellophane so it hadn’t wilted from the toxic gas release.

Everyone knows that if you have gas in a grocery store you go to the frozen foods to let her rip. It helps to open a door to let some cold air out. Somehow cold farts are better than warm ones.

What’s with the weather forecasters? I know this is your time to shine but your voice is staccato, you pre-empt all normal programming and there’s nothing new to say. Yep, it’s snowing. We don’t need people sticking yardsticks in the snow on every block. Don’t you have a sun dance?

Walking out the door could kill you. I went out to fill my bird feeders. Looking up, I saw what looked like humongous stalactites hanging from the gutters waiting to fall on my head and kill me.

Now I am always looking upward and I’ve updated my will.

The snow-clean-up guys have done a great job this winter. All of the main roads are cleared and the parking lots of malls and stores are clear too. So where did they go with all that snow? There are snow mountains that you could ski on in corners of parking lots and around light stanchions.

It’s a hazard to drive around them because folks are tired of being slow and careful.

And no post is complete without a note on the Starbucks’ drive-through. When the weather is bad, more people use the drive-through instead of going inside. They also order more food and multiple drinks. This is a conspiracy to make my trip longer. I am longing for the days when folks wander in to order and eat outside under the umbrellas.

Here is the good news. It’s 35 days until spring!

33 thoughts on “It’s not about the weather, it’s about the behaviors

  1. First of all, you have a lovely home…very New Englandy indeed…and yes, the snow is cramping my style too. I guess Starbucks is out of the question for you or is it? Don’t they make decaf you can buy? Maybe they’ll sell you some. Manhattan is slush hour…you swim between streets. And rumor has it, we’re getting more. My boots are overworked.

    Talk to ya after the thaw.


  2. We’re in the thick of the storm right now here in northern NJ. Another 10 to 16 inches are predicted. Sooo tired of it all!! Spread seed out for the birds and wildlife (deer, squirrels, turkeys) and sunk into the snow up to my thighs. Hope we make it until spring!!


    • We are in the lull expecting it to start up in a few hours and snow all night again. We have so many robins here I put out some blueberries I had frozen. So far no takers. I do have the suet and sunflowers seed feeders filled along with a heated water source so they should be good….except for those robins….


  3. Kate … I know what they do with all that snow. They go up a cul-de-sac and refill all the driveways that were just shoveled. Or, at least, that’s the way it appeared when we lived on one.

    Weather folks aren’t any brighter in Florida. They go out in hurricane to report on it just so you can see their perfectly-coiffed hair blowing in the wind.

    Hang in there. Spring will be here before you know it.


    • I sure hope so and while they didn’t completely fill our driveway, they do plow it shut on every run. This house isn’t too bad. My last house had a steep decline from the street to the garage and shoveling uphill was hard.


  4. That’s a lot of snowstorms….if it makes you feel any better we’ve gotten bitter winds blowing in freezing rain repeatedly…just as ugly. People are cranky and it’s difficult to go out ( but yea! a new drive through Starbucks just down the block always – no more running inside the one in the wrong direction)
    But hang on – the sun came out today and it may stay a couple of days. Despite what the groundhog said, a flock of early migrating birds showed up in a popular flight staging area – guess they are resting a bit and watching the weather before moving on. And the army of squirrels are suddenly very frisky. So maybe they know something we don’t? Wring out the shoes and hang on a bit longer


  5. Excellent advice Kate… Next time it snows here? I’m buying spinach, keeping my ruler in the house, only looking up while walking outside and will turn on my hazard lights while driving in parking lots. But oh how I sympathize with the long Starbucks drive thru wait… that’s the real trauma in your excessivly snowy winter.

    Spring may be 35 days away but after our week of snow and ice the temperature today is 55 and the crocus are peeking through. (I feel safe saying this knowing you probably can’t throw a snowball over 3,000 miles. 0.o


  6. Adventures in shopping! Oh my…
    It started to crazy rain here just a few minutes ago. If you get this in snow, well, I hope you have left over soup to keep you warm. Good luck! 8)


  7. I hear ‘ya. This has been such a long winter. Everyone I know is sick of it– even the wackos who adore winter are trash talking about the snow. On a cheerier note, the Italian wedding soup sounds like a good idea. Hope it was delicious– especially all that you went through to get it.


  8. So funny and so true, especially about the weather folks. They seem to go into a kind of reporting hysteria designed as a contagion. Those preempted programs really annoy me too. Hey, if you’re home watching TV, why would you need constant reporting about the roads. That’s what Smart phones so for you for if you’re out. Egad!


  9. We have your storm now, here in Charlotte. Snow now that’s predicted to change to ice, it’s bad. The birds have eaten almost an entire bag of seed so far today…they’re hungry! I’ve gotten some great pictures. Stay safe, Kate!


  10. I’m thinkin’ almost everyone is more than ready for Spring to make its entrance. Our good friends from Wisconsin called last night; we lived there 7 years and ice-fished on Lake Winnebago. They reported at this time the ice on the lake is 30″ thick and they’re staying inside the house! Brrrr…we stay home too…lots of slip/sliding going on all over the country! Hurry Spring…we’ve had a couple of robins hanging around…surely warmer weather is coming…you think? One can only hope!


  11. The grocery store here was crowed already by 9 am today…thought I could beat the crowd, but no! Still, I’m ready…and even more ready for Spring to come. Soon, please.


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