Happy Cat-mas to all | For Animal Lovers

This is a disgusting and graphic post about my last few days of ill cats presented in a lighthearted way that disguises my craziness. Hopefully.

Nothing can take the magic out of holidays like illness, especially the messy kind.

As we moved into the last few days before Christmas a few things happened.

It was a big hairball! I worked on it for a week. Mom was so proud!

It was a big hairball! I worked on it for a week. Mom was so proud!

Mollie developed some whopper hairballs. Anyone who knows cats will tell you that they do not barf on bare floors. Their mommies teach them to head for the nearest carpet as soon as they feel queasy.

Our cats are no different. Mollie presented me with some humongous hairballs. She’s a small cat. She must have been all hairball inside. Oh yes, she did a stream effect so that the barf would cover 10 feet. Whatta gal!

Listen cupcake, I'm not going out and that's it! Get out the piddle pads.

Listen cupcake, I’m not going out and that’s it! Get out the piddle pads.

Everything is snow-covered outside. Jake prefers to pee outside but does not like to walk in snow. Can’t say I blame him. I wouldn’t like to walk in snow to pee either. The only difference is that he doesn’t like toilets. Nor does he like to pee in a litter box. Sometimes.

That sometimes is when someone else has done their business there. You know that there is a contest as to which cat can defile a newly cleaned litter box first. Jake finds it disgusting if there is a lump there. Go figure.

We have compromised and he has a piddle pad to piddle on that is next to the litter box. Yeah, doesn’t make sense to me either but it’s better than cleaning up piddle in the wrong places.

I don't feel so good.

I don’t feel so good.

As if all of that isn’t enough, Morgan got the poops — the really disgusting kind that causes the house to need fumigation. Fortunately she always goes in the box. That is except for this one time.

The day before yesterday she was locked in the screened in porch. She loves it there but someone has to let her back in. She doesn’t have a key and can’t operate the handle. Not yet anyway.

Yep, the urge overtook her while she was sitting on the one cushioned chair on the whole porch. Did I mention it was really disgusting? Yes, I had to clean it. Scoop it up and wash it all. It took a day to get the smell out.

Something good for cats with diarrhea is rice in their food so I had to cook for Morgan. Not only did she enjoy it but everyone seemed to like it. There is no diarrhea here. Yay for me!

So far today, no more hairballs, the snow melted so Jake can pee outside again and Morgan is back to her chipper self. Hazel is good. My prayers have been answered.

Let’s hope that your holiday is a lot less eventful than mine has been.

44 thoughts on “Happy Cat-mas to all | For Animal Lovers

  1. Our Sam has IBD, so we have spent a lot of time dealing with bodily emissions. If only we could teach that cat to use a can of Lysol. Thankfully, we’ve finally found the right type of hypoallergenic food and medication to help his tummy feel better. Good luck with your brood. I hope they are all feeling better.


    • Oh! You found a solution? Please share. Hazel almost always has diarrhea so it’s nothing new for her. I gave her Pearls for a while until she figured out how to eat the pill pocket and spit out the Pearl. Damn cat! I agree with the Lysol. I keep it everywhere there is a litter box and a few extras scattered around.


      • Sam had problems at both ends. Our vet worked diligently with us for about a year to find the right combination of food and medication. Thankfully, he has stopped leaking. He is on an RX hypoallergenic diet for both wet and dry food. There are several on the market and we finally found that Royal Canin high-energy gastrointestinal food works best for him. We also have to add RX clay to the wet food. It looks like dust from the inside of a vacuum cleaner, but it’s supposed to help firm things up. On top of all of that, he has to take steroids on a daily basis and a drug called “metro” which he is not fond of. Like Hazel, he manages to work his way around the pill in a pill pocket. We started off with the least invasive solution possible and just kept adding things until he stopped having diarrhea and throwing up all the time. We are all a lot happier now that he feels better.


        • Thanks. That was helpful. Morgan just went off liquid metro for her bout. Hazel is overweight and skittish so she is hard to handle and pill. She also eats everyone’s food. I am terrified she will end up diabetic like Jake. He is so good about injections and glucose testing. She will not be.


          • I know what you mean about having a skittish cat that would be hard to pill. Linus is like that.

            FYI – the metro also comes in a gourmed flavored chewable treat or a medi-melt tab (it starts to dissolve as soon as you get it in their mouths so that they can’t spit it out) We tried the liquid metro with Sam, but ended up wearing more of it than he actually ingested.


            • Our vet probably doesn’t carry that because she doesn’t suggest it. I will have to ask. Morgan has been good but I have worn it often with the others. Jake can make it foam just like a latte! I like the medi-melt tab idea myself.


  2. I have a little doggie version of the story to share. My house, right now, is pretty much as spotless as it ever gets. With a small parade of people coming through, I’ve made an extra effort to have everything nice and tidy. Which is the perfect storm for doggie disasters. I cooked up a turkey over the weekend, and, as is always the case, I used the carcass and stray bits to cook up a pot of turkey soup for the doggies, as a special treat. Well, it turns out I was the one that got the treat.

    After my special turkey soup gave them both a massive case of the drizzles, a few nights ago, they woke me up at least eight or nine times in the dead of night to desperately demand that they be let outside RIGHT NOW. Thankfully, they are both very good about signaling me with a short bark, that we’ve agreed means that this is serious business, and don’t even think about ignoring me when I bark and let you know that time is of the essence. When a hundred pound dog tells you he needs outside NOW, you would be doing yourself a favor to pay close attention and heed his warning. Or else.

    Well, after eight or nine times of dragging my freezing butt out of bed in the dark of night, sure enough, another bark signaled at around 5 am, and this time, listening to my groggy head instead of our agreed-upon language of an emergent situation, I fussed at them both and told them to GO LAY DOWN, and I promptly fell right back to sleep.

    You know what comes next. I woke up to a messy pool of poo in the only carpeted room in the house. Poor things had managed to hit it in about ten or twelve different places, probably cursing me the whole time. They both greeted me in the morning with guilt-ridden faces, but I couldn’t fault them one bit, and quickly told them that Mommy was sorry. Bad Mommy. Bad, bad Mommy. They had done their part, and signaled me that there was an emergency waiting to explode if I didn’t hurry up and let them out. I was the one that ignored the pleas, and put my head back on the pillow.

    It was hours and hours of shampooing and fumigating and scrubbing and deodorizing and apologizing to the poor doggies before things were back to normal. Thankfully, only one neighbor came by for a drop-in visit during the process. I’m sure she’ll never come back again. Poor thing couldn’t help wrinkling up her nose in disgust. She happened to catch me in the beginning of the cleaning up process, and all I can say is that maybe next time she’ll think about calling first. 🙂

    No more special turkey soup. Ever again. Ever, ever, ever again. I promise.


  3. One time Hubby and I were minding our own business, watching TV. We started to hear the unmistakable sounds of a cat about to retch from under the dining room table. We looked up just in time to see a stream of yuck exit the cat. It was like something from the Exorcist! We had to move the table and Hubby had to keep running to the back door to breathe fresh air, so he wouldn’t upchuck from the horribe smell. I was trying to clean up the mess but ended up rolling on the floor with laughter because the whole situation was so crazy and horrible. What can I say, I laugh at poop jokes, too.


    • Hubby needs more experience. Barf doesn’t smell anywhere near as bad as a diarrhea poop. He just needs more practice in cleaning it up. If we are lucky, it’s only the hairball which looks like a cigar wrapped in hair. If we’re not lucky, there is food in it too.


  4. She doesn’t have a key and can’t operate the handle…great line…I have visions of her with keys. I do remember hairballs and that little backwards moon dance they do before they launch it like a missile. And there’s nothing quite like a fresh dollop of dung in the liter box…you need to ask yourself, what exactly is in Fancy Feast anyway?

    By the way, I love the picture with all the Starbucks cups, as though they really belong to Kitty, not you.


    • I have had a cat that could open doors as long as they weren’t locked with a deadbolt. She didn’t need keys. She just had a method. This crew is not that crafty. Morgan does show signs of brilliance though. I’ll have to wait and see.


  5. After reading this, I had a stern talking to with our two cats: Jean-Louis and Reggie. I outlined when and where they were allowed to defile the interior landscape of our home. I noted some eyeball rolling and snickering behind paws.

    Glad to hear your cats are feeling much better. I do remember giving rice and hamburger to our dog when he was sick and that seemed to do the trick. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


  6. With seven cats of our own, I am ever so familiar with most of these scenarios – merry Christmas!! Hope that cats continue to do well.


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