What happened to stylish neutrals?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARemember back in the old days when everything that was made for household use was kitsch-y? Things like tissue boxes and even paper towels had homey motifs printed on them.

Motifs like apples – remember when everyone had apple stuff all over their kitchen? Or maybe you had teapots or little hand stitch-looking cottages? Or kittens and puppies? Or little flowers? Or bears (oh my!)?

Well, those days are gone. I didn’t think I would miss them but I do. In comparison, today’s products display a style that is just not for me.

I finally broke down and bought plain tissue box covers because the cardboard boxes they come in are so darn ugly. I am looking at a box that is lavender with black leaves and larger aqua, taupe and purple leaves on it. Ugly!

Who is designing this stuff and isn’t it time for them to go back to the asylum? How about some basic neutral colors with muted patterns or perhaps a marble design in simple colors? I don’t ever use my tissue box as the focal point of my room. People who do, need a life and should not be employed by these companies.

I was patiently waiting for the new holiday Kleenex boxes to come out. They are more costly but have a fun design. This year’s design looks like a little house. I miss the oval shape with the more colorful tree ornaments or other winter scenes. At least it’s not taupe with aqua and purple.

Perhaps today’s designers have a different idea of neutral.  Did it change when I wasn’t looking? Did I miss the memo? I am starting to long for some nice apples.

15 thoughts on “What happened to stylish neutrals?

    • Last Christmas I bought enough of the decorator Kleenex holiday boxes to last until this October. Yes, we had snowflakes and tree ornaments on them throughout the summer but they were pretty. I don’t like this year’s as much. Wish I would have saved some for the holidays. Do tissues go bad?


  1. Newcomer designers are from the generation that can no longer hear straight because of a lifetime of loud music – and no longer see straight because of a lifetime of intensely focused gazing at cell phones! No wonder our tissue boxes are ugly. Great post!


  2. I’ve never thought about it but you’re right — the patterns out now are gross. Hideous lilac with swirls, limey green with purple dots, ugh. My guys have lots of allergies so there’s a tissue box in every room – but in the “main” rooms I try to buy ones that aren’t so ugly!


  3. I agree with you about tissue boxes. They need better designers. On the other hand, when I remodeled my kitchen last year, I found so many beautiful designs, I had a hard time choosing. The choices in tile were especially impressive. And walking around the granite warehouse …wow! I thought I was in design heaven. Wait! No one designed the granite; it came that way. Oh, well.


    • We redid our counter tops about three years ago and then put new tile on our screened in porch. I was in overload when I went to pick out the materials. You are so right about the granite. You don’t mess with mother nature!


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