Things that make you scratch your head

A few years ago I changed my face dermatologist because of “production line” appointments but they haven’t taken me off of their email list.

Not a problem. I no longer use their products but I like to see their specials and what’s new. It’s one way to keep abreast of the fabulous new products that are guaranteed to take years off of your life (and your pocketbook).

I received their “holiday special” this week. You can get any of their laser treatments at 20% off if you have them done between Dec. 22 and 31. These are the skin resurfacing type of treatments that take a layer of skin off your face.

Listed side effects include possible oozing or crusting or prolonged erections (oops! that’s from another product!). After two weeks, you should expect to look gorgeous.

Umm…am I missing something here? Most women who would spend money on these kinds of treatments do so to look good for events. Would they want their face puffy and bruised or sore through the holiday season?

Women who don’t get invited to parties don’t care about wrinkles and spots. So who is the targeted audience here?

I considered throwing a party to see who would come with camouflage makeup but that degree of research seemed like too much work.  Besides, after a wine or two, I would forget that the party was a research project. I would throw caution to the wind and have a good time. Dang!

Then again, I would have to invite people I don’t know to get a good basis for the project. I can’t imagine any of my female friends taking advantage of this deal but I will be checking for camouflage makeup with the occasional oozing during this holiday season.

Maybe women aren’t the target.

I never really look at men that closely. One of my friends is convinced that a male acquaintance had a face lift. He is an attractive man my age but I can’t tell. Maybe he just has good genes with few wrinkles or maybe he did the deed.

I remember he had back surgery. Maybe there was a two-fer.

Perhaps if I plan a party with mostly men and don’t drink any wine, I could research this better. Then again, there are more women my age alive then men. Back to the wine.

I am over thinking this. Next time I see the aesthetician, I will just ask.

So what stupid things to you over think?

21 thoughts on “Things that make you scratch your head

  1. A live topic if I’ve ever heard, or rather, read one. Just spend an hour on Madison Avenue and you’ll never touch your face ever…sunblock will be in question. As a model, I’m always either offered deals to scrape and peel or being put up as their model representative, always a dubious place to be. The first thing you are is their paid guinea pig which means, all bets are off cheek wise. Camille was cast in one and came out looking like Alvin from the chipmunks. Thank God fillers don’t stay filled. A ploy on their part to get you to fill-er up monthly, and the prices are criminal. As far as men go, I just worked with an actor, who shall remain nameless…so handsome, so young, who recently must have had his eyes done. I wanted to go into the bathroom and cry. Whatever possessed him because you know Kate, men get away with murder. Like a big hunk of cheese, they get better as they get older. Women of course shrink and sag…i just noticed my jawline took another dip. Chinstrap, here I come…enjoyed your writing as always. Look at the rant it inspired…lol… 🙂


  2. My dermatologist doesn’t offer anything. You are lucky if you can get a once a year appointment. That’s all. Laser treatments? Never heard of em. What do I over think? Paying for two long lasting lightbulbs and one is broken. How do I get the time to return a half used package to the store? Do I want to wait in line for this? Is the broken one a mercury filled thing that will now kill us off from handling? You asked…. it’s what I’m overthinking. 🙂


  3. Ha ha ha – “What stupid things do you over think?” Answer = all of them!

    My latest mental-to-myself-rant? When I pay for something and then receive the item (coffee, a sandwich, a purchase) and I say “Thank you” and the waiter/clerk/shop-kid says, “No problem.”

    Generationally, I have a problem with “no problem” in place of “you’re welcome.” ACK! But If I speak up I sound like that deranged older lady they probably all talk about as soon as she walks away …… ~sigh.



  4. Yup, you are over-thinking this:

    1. The dermatologist has NO BOOKINGS from 12/22-12/31 for all the reasons you note.
    2. They decided to TRY and drum up some last minute business with the 20% offer.
    3. They will get few takers (maybe some Jewish folks since Hanukkah is over?).

    Maybe next year they’ll close that week and go on a cruise. :mrgreen:



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