Back to the ladies of the circuit….

This is how they see me (yeah, really!)

Trust me, no one looks like this at my gym!

Long-time readers know that I routinely go to an old ladies’ gym. That’s how I justify my mocha lattes.

It’s a form of circuit training which I like because of my very short attention span. It’s similar to that of a flea, especially when exercising which I absolutely hate.

I am one of the youngest there. I love that. They think I am gorgeous. (Ok, so some are a bit myopic.)

Within the past year the chain was sold to a new owner and we saw changes — universal paint colors and wall hangings for example. Home office was trying to make all the gyms look alike, just like the restaurant chains do.

They also got rid of all the kitschy stuff and dead plants. Customers weren’t affected although there was a lot of “what if-ing” at my local gym.

Who really cares if the walls are cream or vanilla or ecru?

There was a big regional meeting with more changes. I asked the owner about the meeting and her perspective. What a can of worms! Not all from her either. Every person there had an opinion even though they didn’t know the facts.

You gotta love opinionated old ladies! Their stories are a lot like Bullwinkle’s Fractured Fairy Tales!

Some equipment is going to be eliminated because they have been injury prone. (That’s a good thing, isn’t it? Not if it’s your favorite!)

A big screen TV will be installed and Jillian Michaels DVD’s will give instructions. (That should be interesting – change it up a bit. Get the group MOVING.)

There’s a new clothing line coming and weight loss strategies.

The average age of the women in my gym has to be around 75. Don’t be fooled by that number though. They are feisty AND THEY DON’T LIKE CHANGE!

I don’t think they like exercising either. Some, like me, come in, work their butt off and get out. Others come in and chat. They are there when I come and they are still there when I leave, hanging on the equipment with occasional movement. I don’t see a bead of perspiration either.

No judgment here. If that’s your socialization, it’s ok with me.

I understand what the corporate office is doing. They are hoping to create some excitement with visible results to attract more customers, younger customers – a younger clientele who will live longer and pay membership fees. YES, THAT’S A GOOD THING!

Younger women don’t need socialization at a gym. They need to tone up or lose weight or both. They aren’t as concerned about what happened on Gray’s Anatomy. They like it changed up and they like the music loud so they can get into it.

As for the clothing line, the biggest complaint is that there won’t be enough sizes in XXL and XXXL’s. I can see that a large stock of those sizes doesn’t bode well for a gym but that’s only me.


23 thoughts on “Back to the ladies of the circuit….

  1. Thanks for a humorous perspective on an exhausting exercise – one few of us look forward to. I once belonged to a gym. When I realized that my measurements varied depending on who was doing the measuring, I thought it was time to move on. Give ’em heck, Kate.


  2. I do see you as someone who can weather change…but then, you’re not 75! LOL! I do hope that when we get to that age we can still be resilient and accept that change can still be good. I do wonder what so often happens as we age that we hold on very tightly to “the same” rather then see possibility. I don’t want that to happen, and I hope that the desire to remain open won’t leave me! Now, I AM very curious about the line of clothing. To this I might be just a tad skeptical. Let us know. 🙂


    • I have seen enough change to know that it’s necessary. Usually the good parts stick and the bad parts get adjusted. I am always amazed that others don’t share my view! As for the clothes, they will be sold in “bundles” so franchise owners can’t pick sizes. Unless the clothes are colorful and in a size small I won’t be interested anyway! I am kind of looking forward to the changes but I wouldn’t dare say that at the gym! If you get too weird when you are 75 I will smack you on the side of the head….assuming I’m not too weird.


    • I don’t think our gym will attract the young crowd. First the hours aren’t flexible enough for working women and Planet Fitness (which we have several) is cheaper. I do love the ladies. One of them celebrated her 90th birthday. I admire that they continue to get out and exercise.


  3. I gave up my membership because of the changes catering to the young. Loud music that I became tone deaf. All the television, I try to escape the tellies. So instead I hide in the sauna and steam rooms which I really do not need. There has to be a section for the oldies and goodies.


  4. I’ve been a member of 2 gyms here, amounting to about 4 years of my life. During that time only two women spoke to me. So the idea that you go to a gym where ppl talk to you is amazing to me. I’ll be interested in knowing if all the “improvements” put an end to the socialization.


  5. I’ve seen several of them close in our area, but since I never managed to have the confidence to walk into one of them, it wasn’t a loss on my end. Well, actually, there was a time that I worked out regularly in a gym, but that’s a story for another day. Today, my workouts consist of being on the following end of a dog leash.


  6. I once “joined” a circuit gym.  Yup all ladies too.  I had more URI’s that year then ever before in my life!  Came to realize it was from the machines not being cleaned between each person.  Yuk…disgusting.  Suffice to say, I never went back.  Good old fashioned walking, keeping my hands to myself is best for me.  Now if I could just remember where I put my sneakers!!!! 


  7. At least your gym is still in business. Many in our area are here one day and gone a few months later. It sounds as though they’ve got some good ideas for improvement. Keep us posted. By the way, that picture is hilarious!


    • The chain that I go to had quite a few in the area. They were almost as common as Starbucks but over the past several years all have closed but the one I go to. There are cheaper ones around but the advantage that I like is that it’s a woman’s gym (no competition from men) and it’s a circuit so no one can hog the equipment. I also enjoy the entertainment!


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