Just for fun – brain tests!


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This is adapted from a post by the Spectacled Bean.

There is a lot of discussion about left brain-right brain. Logic versus creative. I think most of us can guess what we are but then again…..is it really? Does it matter?

Here is a 30 second test that will give you instant results and its fun.

I am mostly left brain (66%). That explains some annoying habits although it doesn’t explain my years as a designer. Since I was raised in a house of engineering-type brains, I am not surprised but I’ve never let it define who I am. How could I? I had no idea!

How about you?

It’s 30 seconds. Give it a try. Let us know how you tested and whether you thought that was what you really are. Click here for the 30-second brain test!

This thinking, while very popular, is controversial as noted by the posts below. But hey, it is great fun!

Thanks again to the Spectacled Bean for finding this link!


24 thoughts on “Just for fun – brain tests!

  1. My results were exactly 50% each!
    I really struggled to do the part of the test where there are words for colours in different colours and you’re supposed to choose the colour not the word.


  2. According to this test, I’m mostly “right-brained”. But some parts of the question, like the ones where you had to cross your hands, or legs, or touch your head, didn’t take into account external forces – such as the fact that my right hand was occupied with clicking on the mouse and therefore, not free to touch my head. Likewise, obstacles at my feet determined which leg I crossed over which.
    I wonder if people who are “right-brained” are also generally “right-wing”. I know I am 😉


  3. So you know I have to tell you, as a neurologist, that specific lateralisation doesn’t exist. OK, got that off my chest. Phew, I feel better. However, various connections, that are spread through the brain may be quicker in some areas and slower in others. Very interesting science that. Personality types aren’t defined by left or right but rather whole brain thinking. We can separate the hemispheres completely and a logical thinker will still be logical, and an artistic thinker will still be artistic. I love the brain.


  4. Kate … the results said I use my brain equally: 56 percent (left brain – strategy, logic and rationality); 44 percent (right brain – creativity, intuition and chaos). Intriguing. I’ve always thought of myself more creative, but I admit to a certain “Mr. Spock – that is not logical” attitude. 🙂


  5. Mine was 53% left brain, 47% right brain, which is not really what I expected. I tend to think I lean in the direction of creativity and fluid thinking, as opposed to analytical and structured thinking. But then again, I guess everyone has some of both. It was a quick exercise. No harm done, and thanks for sharing the link.


  6. I came out 56% left brain and 44% right brain. I think this explains why I was an accountant a long long time ago. HR seems like the right profession for balance though; logic and reason along with creative solutions. Sigh. I’m waxing nostalgic about HR, I think it’s time for me to go back to a real job!


  7. If we want more balance and less stress in our lives, we need to flow between the two hemispheres. We need to use the right brain to see and enjoy this moment and the left brain to help us learn from the past and share our thoughts with others through language.

    You might be interested in this:

    For me, the really fascinating information is reached in Chapter 15, My Stroke of Insight, as Jill Bolte Taylor (a neuroscientist who suffered a stroke) addresses the differences between the left analytical brain and right experiential brain and how they help us interpret the world.


  8. Since everybody’s doing it I acted like a lemming and jumped in yesterday, too. Found out I’m 53% left brained and 47% right brained. I feel “sorta” balanced. I spend part of my time figuring out creative solutions and, right now, sewing costumes and the rest of the time organizing for community groups and church finances. It’s a juggling act.


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