Coming of age kicking and screaming…smart phones

ref cell phoneWe have made the decision to acquire a smart phone. This isn’t something we did lightly. We have been talking about it for four years but we weren’t (and still aren’t completely) convinced we would use it enough for the monthly cost. Of course my mother said that about my first bra but that’s another story.

Currently we have an old flip phone. Every year we buy 1000 minutes and at the end of the year there are 950 minutes left. Not big talkers here.

The attraction is texting. After a long career in human resources I much prefer to write than talk. Yes, talking is better. You can spot lies and deceptions easier but after retirement most of those surround how wonderful I look. Quite frankly, I don’t mind those.

I canvassed friends. Of course, I had to put up with abuse.

“A flip phone? I thought those went out with the horse and buggy?” (But it’s a red one. Doesn’t that bring extra points?)

“You don’t answer the phone when you’re on the john? How can anyone get in touch with you?” (I am not always on the john…well maybe…)

“OMG! You know not keeping up with technology is the beginning of the decent into old age and senility.” (Senility? Really? Hey, who are you anyway?)

Finally, I understand the service plans enough to be able to pick something cheap that will work for us. Now I need to buy a phone.

Yikes! The last time I bought a phone it was so overwhelming (and this was the flip phone) that I just said to the clerk, “I want the red one.” No questions asked. I didn’t care what it did besides being a phone. It was a gorgeous shade of red.

Today’s phones offer 3G or 4G or 4G LTE (is that diet 4G?). I know it’s about the speed but how exactly does it relate to me?

I have decided to not get overwhelmed by it all. I will search for a nice color (and there aren’t too many colors out there) in a modest price range and go for it.

After all isn’t the first one you choose really just an experiment? I wonder if that includes husbands.

Clipart courtesy of someone who posted it on Google. There was no credit but I promised not to make money on it.

39 thoughts on “Coming of age kicking and screaming…smart phones

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  2. My phone is smarter than me, remembers everyone’s phone number and address, can find anything on Google, take pictures, and even complete tasks when I speak to it. I don’t especially like talking on the phone, but I like all of the conveniences. Hope you find one you enjoy.


  3. Like you, Kate, I rarely use my mobile phone for calls, and don’t text. But, it is a comfort to know I have one in case of emergencies. The only problem is when I might need one for an emergency, I’ll have to charge it first because the battery is dead from long periods of non-use. (I did break down and trade in my cute little flip phone for a smart phone because it also took photos.) Good luck with yours. It has a lot of gee-haws that you might find fascinating.


    • Unless the gee-haws cook and clean I won’t find them that fascinating! I have the dead battery thing too. We don’t normally have it turned on which saves the battery for a long time but every time we plan to use it we recharge it.


  4. Well, I am glad that I am not the only one in the world with a flip phone – I can text and take bad pictures. Husband has been making noises about upgrading to smart phones eventually. I am happy with my flip but I can see the advantages of the newer ones. But to me it is just a tool to keep in touch. I will look forward to posts on your communications adventures! And thanks for the recent like and comment for a post!


  5. Hmmmm, I love my flip phone and would not change it, lol. I got a smart phone as a gift a few years ago and I hated it. It didn’t recognize my touch if my hands were cold and it it broke after one year so I went back to my old pink flip phone and am quite happy with it.
    I have an iPad and it is always in my bag so if I need Internet, a map etc. it is quite handy and the monthly plan was only 7€ a month. I do pay as you go for the phone and it costs me about €15 a month. I use iChat mostly to connect with friends because it is free and most of my friends and family have iproducts :).
    It took me a while to get used to texting because sometimes it is faster to just make a call when decisions have to be made, but otherwise I can see the advantage and convenience, but a bit impersonal at times too.
    Tip: never put your phone in your back pocket. My friend had hers fall into the toilet bowl twice, hahaha, gross! And…if it gets wet, submerge in a bowl of dry rice.


  6. We crossed over to the dark side when we got smart phones 3 years ago. I didn’t think we’d use them enough to justify the data fees, but it’s proved to be a very useful tool. Have fun learning how to use it.

    Don’t worry about the color of the phone. You can always buy a snazzy cover for it.


  7. I am a texter. I get annoyed when someone dares to call me. For goodness sake, just text me.
    I do like the camera on my SP and I like the calendar and alarms. All the rest of the features I regret to say, I don’t use.


  8. Still loving my Blackberry! But a few months ago is the first time I ever had to buy a plan; my employers were always delighted to put a device in my hand and give me unlimited voice/data so I could be available 24/7. When I left my most recent job they agreed that my BB wasn’t worth anything and let me take it with me. I use it for email and texting mostly. I HATE talking on the phone!


    • It seems a lot of people hate talking on the phone. Last night a relative called with the health status on another relative. I was on for a half hour. I was thinking, why don’t you just do mass emails. It would have saved her a lot of time. I suggested it and yes, she said she didn’t have time to email. Go figure.


  9. I also have a flip phone which I’ve had for 7 years! I had my previous cell phone for about the same amount of time. Like you, I’ve avoided getting a smartphone because I hardly ever use my cell phone and I’m sure I wouldn’t use a smartphone enough to justify the cost. But what IS important to me, is a phone that also doubles as a (good) camera – only then, I suppose I shall start hankering after the capability of instant upload to Facebook and YouTube, for which, of course, I shall need a phone with internet connection. But when I got my present phone (7 years ago), I had 3 years of internet connection which I hardly used!
    BTW – I understand that LG has a “Basic Smartphone” which they are promoting as “suitable for Senior Citizens”. In case you’re wondering what that means – “Simple interface, easy to read and convenient. Maximum availability at all times.”


  10. “Currently we have an old flip phone. Every year we buy 1000 minutes and at the end of the year there are 950 minutes left. Not big talkers here.”

    Same here! We have a flip phone. Every year we buy $100 worth of minutes and at the end of the year there are $90 left. Not big talkers or texters.

    Good luck!


  11. I have a “hot pink” flip phone and it’s all I need. I like to be disconnected at times and everyone I know who has a smart phone, it’s like an appendage. I could be eating my words down the road. I recently purchased a Kindle after swearing I never would. Enjoy your new phone!


    • I like my Kindle too but I still read books. Sometimes (especially at our local Ollie’s) they are cheaper in paper. I am planning on not getting attached. I am not a big phone talker. Haven’t been since I was about 16! Prior to that both the phone and I were tethered to the wall.


  12. FYI–you can get a cover for most smart phones in ANY color you want. Mine is black and pink with a black cat and a birdcage. True story. We’ll chat more (and I’ll show off my phone) next week!


  13. Good luck!

    By the way — we have a phone that is only a phone we can call home or the police in case of emergency; but no one has the number. We threw our fancy cell phones in the trash when my husband retired (almost 6 years ago). He called his “the leash.” I know it’s radical; I know we’ll probably have to give in and join the modern world one of these days. But I don’t want to.

    And I’m not senile–I’m nearly 3 decades away from 80.


    • I understand that. We only give out our cell number if there is a real reason like we’re traveling and someone will need to contact us. Most of the time it’s off so people (even those who may have the number) don’t bother calling it. Heck, we rarely answer the landline. Most of the time it’s the FBI warning us that there are breakins and we need to buy a super-duper security system or it’s our very last chance to upgrade our credit card. I remember the good old days when a ringing phone meant a friend was calling.


  14. Go to Consumer Cellular. You can get a super cheap plan, and change it anytime you need to, even on the day of billing. I’ve used them for years and love them. Great customer service when you need help. Videos online showing you how to use the phone. Can’t say enough good things about them. And if you tell them I sent you (Debra Farrington) you’ll get a $10 credit. (Sorry…not pushing you there. I just really love this company!!)


  15. Ohhh, this is exciting news. I am graduating from a flip phone to a smart phone too. It will be my birthday gift next month! Hoping the camera and zoom capabilities will help to add great photos to the blog, but first I have to learn how to answer it and make calls. I will hate parting with my gray flip phone though. “Simplicity is strength.” ~Dor P.S. Good luck with yours and maybe we can compare notes! ” 🙂


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