The return of the…..mullet!

I could look like this if I was Asian with dark hair and 10 years younger. Ok, 30 years younger!

I could look like this if I was Asian with dark hair and 10 years younger. Ok, 30 years younger!

I had my hair styled (they don’t cut, they style!) right before my beach vacation. The beach is a very humid place. Humidity frizzes my hair. Now rather than do the logical thing and just hump through the week with some frizzles (hair goo doesn’t eliminate them) I did what any hair-obsessed lunatic would do. I snipped with a scissors. That is a very permanent alternative.

The frizzles tend to be around the face so there was a little snip here and a little snip there. Not too much but maybe too many rounds of little snips.

At the end of this frenzy the hair around my face was….ummmm…..shorter. It didn’t look half bad but what did look a bit odd was the fact that the back hair was still relatively longer.

My back hair curls nicely. No issues with it so most of the time I ignore it. After all, I can’t see it anyway.

Never ever use a mirror to see how your hair looks after you have gone on a cutting frenzy. NEVER! OMG! 1990s here I come. How can I go on vacation looking like a poor relative of Billy Ray Cyrus (with all of my teeth)?

Do I need to learn how to twerk? I had to Google it to be sure what it meant. I am not convinced my body can contort like that but I’m always willing to give it a try! Woo hoo!

No hillbilly relative! No twerking! I decided to snip the back a little. It’s not too bad or too even. I can hobble around like this until my real haircut in a few weeks.

Fortunately I have a stylist (not beautician) who likes a challenge!

33 thoughts on “The return of the…..mullet!

  1. I have straight straight hair. No natural frizz. For years and years my husband permed my hair. It may have been an all day affair, but he did as well or better than some professionals. When you know you are saving $$$$$$ by doing something yourself, you can do a pretty darn good job! 🙂


    • I fully understand. The top of my head has straighter hair so I perm that to match the back. For many years I did it myself. It was about 8 rollers on top and I took the $60 to $70 and bought myself something nice.


  2. I remember letting my sister take a little off the front when I was younger, and it turned into taking some off the sides and back too! Luckily for me ( and her since we were in the same school) it came out ok.
    She does cut my bangs every now and then and nothing else.
    Here’s hoping it grows back fast.


    • Those sisterly acts often end up in lopsided bangs. I cut my own bangs most of the time because I like them on the long side but I have learned how to do it without looking like Katy Perry (a look that reminds me of grade school).


  3. Oh my. First you take scissors to your own hair, and then you Google twerking? And consider doing it?? Perhaps you should have a quiet rest until you can gather your thoughts again. Your hair will have grown out by then.


  4. Oh man, if I looked like that chick in the photo, I’d get that haircut for sure. She’d be gorgeous even if she was bald.

    Kate, I would never dare trim my hair. I remember the disaster of a cut I gave my Mom once. Dear lady never once complained about her “layered” haircut … and, it was awful. She wore a pull over hat until it grew out. Can’t blame her. 🙂


  5. Eeeek! I have the same hair. Can that be? And I do the same snipping. The frizzies drive me crazy. When I come back, if I come back in another life it will be as a tall, slim, blonde with straight hair! 🙂 Great post Kate.. and something else in common.


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