Leftovers from vacation

Courtesy of Mutts cartoons

Courtesy of Mutts cartoons

Things have a way of punishing you when you ignore them — all things, not just pets.  For this trip the pets seemed to do fine with the cat sitter although they were glad to have access to the screened porch again. I am part cat owner, part doorman, part food server. They did gift me with one hairball. So sweet!

tomatoes, garden

This is just one plant. There are 8 other ones just as fruitful!

The garden wasn’t as forgiving. I came home to a revolt of the tomatoes. All summer they were disciplined. They ripened in a rhythm that I could keep up with. Not so when I left. When they saw the car go down the street they ripened as if they were doing the happy dance on steroids. Or perhaps it was the rumba!

Laundry grows exponentially. I can’t believe the laundry we go through on vacation. First you have to wash everything you took because…well, just because. It all smells like the seashore which is part fishy and part salty. Of course if I would only take the clothes I need, that would cut down some but that’s not in the cards.

caftan, Soft Surroundings

I can picture myself floating around with a drink in hand.

At least I stopped taking caftans. In my fantasy world, I see myself drifting around in sexy caftans with dazzling sandals. I don’t even wear that at home! I keep working on merging my fantasy world into reality but you need a place to retreat to sometimes.

Sand, sand everywhere. Just before bed I noticed our bedspread at home was full of sand. Don’t know how it happened but it did. I think the cats were working on a sand castle. Sigh.

During my absence all the summer help at Starbucks resigned to return to school. For my first visit it took 20 minutes to get a coffee. The new crew was clueless. It will get better within a week but I have a new batch of names to learn.

Emails – yikes! I missed so many “last chance” sales. Oh my! The notices promised that this would be the last time this item would be on sale…ever. No worries though. There will be more last chance sales this week.

And the weather….wow! We had a low in the 40s last night. That was a shock from the 80s at the beach. The beloved husband cranked on the heat! This week is supposed to be seasonal. I wonder if the weather gods know that.

31 thoughts on “Leftovers from vacation

  1. I can just see all of your cats waiting…pacing by the door. Tomatoes make me think of my grandfather who had huge plants he treated like babies…you can make lots of sauce and freeze it. My mother did that,,,she’d date all the containers. It must have been so nice just to get away. You always come refreshed regardless of the trouble it always takes to leave. Welcome back…


  2. If the world were only like a bookmark. You mark your place. When you return, nothing has changed and you begin your story anew.

    On the bright side, you have lots of tomatoes for a BLT, tomato soup or gazpacho. 🙂 Welcome back, Kate.


  3. Yum, love those tomatoes. I had more than I could eat this year to and made fresh tomato soup (basil and dill varieties) which I froze. Nothing like that with a grilled cheese sandwich in winter. Come for lunch :-)!


  4. Sometimes you need a vacation from the vacation you just came back from, just to catch up on all the things that happened or need to be done while you were gone. I too feel the need to pack more than I need and then wash it all when I get back. I hope you can salvage some of the tomatoes.


    • I would send some down but they are mushing fast. As beautiful as they are, most are overripe. I am really impressed that you are house trained. So you pee inside the box, do you? BTW I finally bought your book (Kindle version) when I got back. Looking forward to reading it. Love, love, love the title. You have my kind of humor and that is downright scary! (For anyone reading this it’s called “When Good Boobs Go Bad — A Mammoir” and it’s about her experience surviving breast cancer.)


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