Dang! They did it again!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALife is all about change. Since my recent post on broken appliances, we have broken the toaster, coffee maker and the cat. Well, the cat isn’t exactly broken. He just doesn’t want to pee in the litter box.

I have just about adjusted to all of this and replaced everything but the cat when the local store had a sale on ice cream. Not my favorite brand but a good brand – two containers for $5. Now this is the container formerly known as a half-gallon but now known as 3 pints. I wouldn’t mind the size so much but the price didn’t go down even a little.

Yesterday it was screaming hot here so I decided to have ice cream for lunch. For heaven’s sake, if you can’t do that when it’s hot, when can you? It’s nice and cold with lots of calcium but no other nutritional value. I’m ok with that!

As I pulled the container out of the freezer I noticed that it didn’t say ice cream. It said frozen dairy dessert. What on earth is that? Looked like ice cream. Sort of tasted like it but different. The cherries weren’t the bing cherries either. Bummer.

At first I thought it was ice milk from my childhood memories.  Back then it was the diet version of ice cream. Or maybe just the cheaper version. I wasn’t much of a gourmet when I was a kid. I liked ice pops and all sorts of frozen stuff. We didn’t have air conditioning so even twinsicles would do in a pinch.

In further research some of their “products” are ice cream and some are “frozen dairy desserts.” Ice cream has 10% milk fat and doesn’t have a lot of those odd ingredients that sound like what you use in making tires.

Somehow I didn’t get the memo that you had to read ice cream cartons. It didn’t taste the same. It was disappointing. Frozen dairy dessert anyone?

By the way, we couldn’t replace our wonderful toaster or coffeemaker with the same thing because they discontinued the model with the desired features. This required the beloved husband to do tons of research. In the end we had to settle for something less. Or are we fighting change?

About the cat…at this point we are hoping for the best.

28 thoughts on “Dang! They did it again!

  1. Seems like things are designed to fall apart so you will have to re-buy! Bummer. It also seems we have to very carefully read labels to make sure we are getting the real thing. Bummer. A broken cat? All I can think of is to change the litter brand. Maybe the kitty finds what smells good to you may be offensive to him?


  2. Since you’re buying new appliances anyway…I highly recommend the Cuisinart counter top ice cream maker. I throw in cream, milk and vanilla…that’s it, and twenty-five minutes later I have the real deal. It’s already paid for itself. You can add your own REAL cherries, too! I hope your cat isn’t in too much distress! 😦


  3. When I want ice cream – I want real ice cream – not something like ice cream.
    Hand over the Blue Bell. I may give up cokes, and fattening foods – but NEVER ice cream (I’m now including fresh fruit chopped up in it so it can be considered healthy. Works for me!)


  4. This is why I love Ben and Jerry’s. OK it’s high in fat, but it’s rich in flavor. Kate, I hope you have much better success on your next trip to the grocery store.

    Hope the kitty is OK. It’s always a worry when you suspect something’s wrong, but you don’t know what it is or how to fix it.


  5. That faux ice cream…bait and switch…fool you with the at-a-glance label that makes you think one thing while you’re getting another makes me furious. You’re composure is an inspiration!


    • At a minimum they should make it more prominent or something. I expect they wouldn’t want to do a news release but what a waste! I’m tossing out the cherry vanilla. Now the vanilla is real ice cream. Go figure.


  6. Reading ice cream labels can be downright scary . . . they put some strange chemicals in some of them. I like to be able to pronounce all the ingredients: milk, sugar, cream, vanilla.

    Hope your kitty is OK. Sometimes cats stop using the litter box if they have a UTI. Or if we change their litter and they do NOT approve of the change.

    That would tie in nicely with all these unapproved changes in your life.


  7. Since I started eating healthier last year, I’ve become fanatical about reading labels and companies are getting really tricky. I was looking for a “light/lo-cal/low fat” substitute for standard peanut butter and ran across a “peanut flavored spread” attempting to camouflage itself in with the Jif, Peter Pan, and Skippy. Eww.


  8. I hate it when my favourite appliances and gizmos are discontinued. It happens to me all the time. Sorry about the ice cream. I know what it’s like to anticipate digging into something and then being disappointed. As for the cat, hate to say this but you might have to take him to the vet. Sometimes it is a symptom of a problem. I had that problem with one of my cats. They told me it could be because she was sick, not feeling well. They ruled that out, happily. Then they said I should call in a cat shrink. I kid you not. Turned out she was afraid of one of my other cats. It was sudden but something happened between them when I wasn’t around. I had to separate them for months and gradually reintroduce them. They never loved each other but at least they learned to tolerate each other.

    At the very least you should see if he’s not sick or hurting.


      • Yeah, it’s always good to check these things out. He’s probably pissed at you for something you didn’t know you’d done 🙂


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