Uninvited guests

Yesterday was my family reunion.

sad-cartoon-face-mdThere is a sadness on the day after an event. Perhaps it’s a sense of letdown after all the anticipation. Maybe it’s knowing that it won’t happen again for another year and everything might be different. Whatever causes it, I always get it.

Every reunion has its own life. Coming together with relatives that you don’t see regularly can guarantee new revelations that sometimes surprise you. Our family is no different from any other pasty white family with German roots.

Over the years we have become diversified just like everyone else. Along with a variety of skills and talents, we have become mixed both racially and with different sexual orientations. As astounding as this is when each addition is announced, it flavors the group. There isn’t anyone I would trade out. Together we make a perfect family.

Since most revelations come out at the reunion itself, I commented to the beloved husband as to what the big announcement would be today. We both laughed thinking there isn’t much territory left to discover.

Oh how wrong we were.

Midway through a pleasant but so far uneventful reunion, we found out that cancer has again invaded our group. This is one very unwelcome visitor.

That’s when the sadness started. Cancer is not reserved for the old or the folks with bad habits. It’s an equal opportunity invader. It can turn your life upside down. It changes your dreams. Your goals become short term. Looking forward to retirement in five years? How about being alive in one?

Maybe it’s just me but I get more emotional. Before I left I made sure to hug absolutely everyone there whether or not they were related. Didn’t matter if they weren’t huggy people (my family is not a huggy family at all). Everyone got a dose of Kate.

Now we all pray and hope for the right answers and outcomes.

Oh yes, the other thing I found out at the reunion is that I cannot, absolutely cannot, drink caffeinated coffee. I was up most of the night. Or maybe that was the big C stopping by for old times.


Clipart courtesy of clker.com


26 thoughts on “Uninvited guests

  1. We recently had a mini reunion with Hubby’s uncle and his family. It was two days after Big Bro went into the hospital and the day aftr we killed ourselves trying to move his stuff into his new apartment. But, Uncle Joe was scheduled for surgery and I insisted the party go on. After all, you never know what might happen!


  2. Very touching to hear your sadness, Kate, and I think I understand that. Our family “reunites” once a year, too, and there are the same moments. I can think of leaving many a campground with a heavy heart and few tears. It’s really important that we have the gatherings, and then whatever comes, we have each other to hold through life’s storms. Hugs to you!!


  3. The “C” word showed up in our world this week, too. Like you, I’m reeling. Not that you needed the reminder, but it sure does drive home the importance of reunions .. and hugs.



  4. It pokes it’s fingers into every where it can, Kate. I am sorry this marked your special day but I am glad you go your hugs in. Very important are those hugs.


  5. I’m sorry that you had an unwelcome guest at your reunion. It is an ugly reminder that we do need to appreciate each other today … and not wait for some day in the future to do so. I’m so glad you hugged everyone – especially the non-huggy ones. (I also came from a family of non-huggy folks, but my Mom got into those warm embraces toward the end.)


  6. I hope you can sleep tonight …and yes Cancer is one of those uninvited guests we would rather have standing outside in the cold … don’t know anyone who hasn’t been effected by it by some way


  7. I love the way you describe your family becoming more diverse–and better for it. The cancer is an insidious, uninvited hanger-on, but how blessed you all are to have each other and to make the effort to come together for good times. You and your family are in my thoughts and hope that cancer loses another battle. Our side is getting stronger all the time!


  8. Sorry your reunion was tinged with sadness. Guess it’s a reminder of how important it is to have reunions and stay close.


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