The family reunion is here!

Saturday is my family reunion. My grandniece Jenn is hosting (yay!). Here is a post from last year. The sentiments are the same including the food! I can’t wait!

family reunionFamily reunions are a hoot. There is all the hype and anticipation and ours doesn’t disappoint. I pulled the short straw this year so it’s at my house on Sunday. I dodged the bullet the last couple of years but I ran out of relatives.

I enjoy seeing the family. We don’t get together often enough. Every time you see the kids, they are a foot taller and look a decade older. How do they do that? It doesn’t happen to me. I haven’t grown in years. I don’t think I look older either. It must be something that just happens to kids.

Then there is the food. I come from a family of great cooks. My brother makes my Mom’s potato salad recipe. I am not convinced he does it exactly like Mom did so there always is that discussion. She made it warm with a hot bacon dressing that was so good. He makes his salad with bacon but it’s cold. I’m not complaining — it’s very tasty.

I make the strudel with hand stretched dough. It’s not hard to do, just tedious. There will be cabbage and potato strudel. My niece is making walnut snails which are a lot like kiffels. There will be barbecue, burgers and all sorts of salads and cakes for dessert.

This year I have assigned the game planning to the young adults. I wonder if it will be beer pong or jello shots. There will be a bean bag tournament for sure and I heard talk of Dominoes.

For several years, we had a karaoke. When people get that microphone in their hands crazy things happen. I’m as bad as the rest of them — crooning at the top of my lungs to just about any song or even no song. We haven’t done that in a while — you know neighbors, police, jail and all that.

Then there was the year that we had a line dance instructor. It was confirmed that the beloved husband has two left feet, maybe three. When we did the electric slide, he was always facing the wrong way. My niece Anita is the only one who will do the slide with him.

The most interesting part is looking around at all the different variations from the same gene pool. There are different occupations, different interests, different skills and different physical traits. It’s just amazing. Almost as amazing as the food.

Now you gotta watch this video! If you don’t wiggle your ass in your chair, you need to see a doctor! Come on girlfriend (boyfriend)! Shake that booty!

18 thoughts on “The family reunion is here!

  1. I hope you had a wonderful time. Your family reunions are a lot more active than mine…organized games? We can’t even organize our meals. LOL! But they are wonderful times to be together, and I enjoy our yearly get-together. I would love to taste that strudel! 🙂


  2. I love doing the Electric Slide, but my beloved Hubby won’t so most of the time I am whooping it up on the dance floor with others. Have fun with your family and making new memories, as crazy as they always are..they are ours!


    • You are right about that. Today is overcast and rainy although “they” say it will clear up. It’s the worst weather because Jenn doesn’t have a covered porch or patio and we will all end up in her living room. I am being optimistic that “they” are right though.


  3. Have fun and enjoy the fact you aren’t hosting it this year! I live in the epi-center of my family so usually get stuck hosting since its “convenient” (yeah, convenient for everyone else). 🙂


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