Miracle of the year, or maybe decade!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe beloved husband wanted to go shopping.

I checked the weather feeling sure there was a huge tsunami coming inland or an Armageddon of some sort.

Perhaps it was the cause of the oppressive heat wave over most of the country.

He researched (he always does) before making his declaration. He typed in “Charlie Harper” shirts (from Charlie Sheen’s character on Two and a Half Men). Turns out, they are bowling shirts. Not what he had in mind.

He needed a “flowered shirt.”  I was envisioning something from Gone with the Wind. I was confused as he doesn’t usually wear curtain material. Normally. But then he doesn’t normally WANT to go shopping. Then he explained.

I call them Hawaiian shirts. They are silky and cool for the summer with island prints – big hibiscus or palms or something like that. His existing two are old and faded.

I  wasn’t going to chance a change of mind which can happen fast. We were shopping within minutes of his declaration.

Armed with a coupon we traveled to the nearest mall. The first store (which was the coupon store) did not have much of a selection (why doesn’t the coupon ever work?).

The few they had were old people looking. You know what I mean. They were similar to what the old guys who belong to country clubs wear around the bar. Perhaps they are trying to pick up chicks but it wouldn’t work for me. Oh wait! I am past their targeted age which is usually younger than their daughters.

Off to the next store. Eureka! We found three beautiful prints. They are like Tommy Bahama meets Don Ho with a dab of Peter Max — colorful but not too over the top. Somehow I coaxed him to get all three. (Earthquake coming?)

After all you can always wear one to your own funeral to give it an island feel. Hmmm…planning your own funeral may be a future post!

Now we are ready for all the summer invitations to roll in.

28 thoughts on “Miracle of the year, or maybe decade!

  1. Great shirts! (Much better than the Guayabera shirts so common around here – they can look pretty “retired person”)
    Smart to take advantage of that shopping mood ( which lasts about 30 seconds here…two stores is really pushing your luck!)


  2. Oh boy, be careful. These are my husbands favorite things. He has a whole collection of what he calls (with no irony at all) Aloha-Wear. We were in Hawaii last year and I thought we were going to have to buy another suitcase to bring home all his shirts. Honolulu Hattie retired after that.


  3. I have a confession…I too love Hawaiian shirts and usually add one to two new ones to my collection each year. They’re wonderful to wear with brightly colored tank tops (which means I can usually get away without wearing a bra).


  4. I think he just wanted to get you out of the house and stop your conversations with the furniture. But the shirts are great…looks like you need to do a cruise to the Bahamas!


    • We have a rather stupid store locally (it wasn’t the one I talked about in the post) that has coupons only for sale items. Usually their sale items are not things I want. I stopped clipping and carrying them completely.


  5. Hahahaha! A real miracle that was! I don’t think my husband has ever asked to go shopping. He relies on gifts from others (the Tommy Bahama style shirts come from my brother in CA), and LLBean for the rest. So he goes from the Conservative Golfer look to the Hawaian Tourist look, depending on the mood of the moment.


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