Girlfriends’ week — Craziness lurks

We don't really dress like this!

We don’t really dress like this!

This is “girlfriend week.” I am doing several events with my girlfriends – dinners and concerts. No men tagging along. It will be fun and a chance to blow off steam.

Dinner with women is different from dinner with men. Starting with cocktails, there is always discussion and tasting and coaxing. We are going to a restaurant with an extensive sangria menu. Making this decision could take 20 minutes!

Then we taste each other’s drink. I consider myself lucky if I like my drink best. That’s not always true.

Ordering the meal – oy vay! I need to know what everyone is getting before I commit. I can’t do salad or anything healthy if someone gets a wonderful smelly entre. I know this from experience. I cannot remain civilized if I smell French fries next to me! I steal food.

We order odd stuff. Maybe we’ll order one entre split 3 ways with another entre split 2 ways and a couple of shared appetizers. Someone is always dieting so ordering dessert is tricky. No one ever wants dessert but we get it anyway!

It’s always complicated – onions, no onions, fat-free dressing, full-fat honey mustard dressing. We are good tippers so the staff doesn’t mind our shenanigans — at least not that they would say.

Then there is the transportation. Three of us are going to a concert that is 45 minutes away. All of it is highway driving. Should be easy peasy, right? Wrong!

We all try to use the “old card.” The problem is that we are all the same age so the “old card” doesn’t work. None of us feel confident driving at night so we jockey for “getting out of the driving” duties.

When we were young we fought to drive!  I remember driving through Washington DC at 3 a.m. with everyone sleeping in the car! Not a problem! Didn’t get lost and there was no Red Bull then!

We try everything to get out of driving. One pulled an “it’s my birthday card” and the other pulled an “I have cataracts card” so guess who is driving? Yep me. No birthday and cataracts yanked out long ago. Bummer. I need a life threatening issue that’s not too problematic.

I have no sense of direction. Last time I drove, I totally missed the city we were going to and ended up 20 miles on the opposite side before ANYONE (including me) noticed that we missed a turn.

Since I’ve been to this concert venue many, many times, I am hoping not to make a wrong turn. Maybe. It will be dark and you know everything looks different then.

I hope there are no the dead deer on the road. It totally freaks me out to see Bambi lying there lifeless!

We need to win the lottery so we can hire a driver! It should be someone young (so they can see well) and muscular (in case of a carjacking). We will do extensive interviews. That would add a new dimension to girlfriends’ week for sure!

20 thoughts on “Girlfriends’ week — Craziness lurks

  1. What Fun! And it’s so grand that you have been doing this so long that you are all now trying to get out of driving. Enjoy every second of the girlfriends Kate. There’s nothing like that kind of friendship anywhere else. 🙂


  2. It was so fun to read this. I never thought of the “card” trick. Third week of May will find three of my girlfriends and myself on a theme road trip. One way about 1,300 miles and then we have to turn around and make it back. Although we are great friends and have been for 10 years there is still a chance we will arrive DOA! I am buying flask for the girls. They get along wonderfully when drinking. Of course that means I will be driving, however, on the way back I am throwing their flask away and I will be pulling the “I can’t drive, I’ve been drinking” card. Of course that means I have to start around 5 am to make it work. Ok city, Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville or bust. Our road trip theme? to find as many Whole Foods grocery stores along the way and as many Country Dancing Bars as we can find. Yes we are old, but no body told our party bone yet.


  3. What a wonderful opportunity to enjoy your friends! I do alright with most of the shenanigans, but I don’t enjoy it when the check comes and everyone acts like they can’t do math! I hope you have a lovely week with lot of girlfriend time! 🙂


    • In our group we have a VP of Accounting and we make her do the math for us all. We split evenly. It’s just easier and pretty close. I remember lunch with work friends in my early years and check time brought out the cheapies.


  4. Worse than a dead deer in the road? Live deer. I’ve had them jump out in front of me and slowly make their way to the side of the road just as I’m rounding a curve. I know what you mean about wanting to avoid those night-driving duties. Have fun, Kate.


  5. You need a good bartender for girlfriends date. A good set of abs would help, too. I sent you a clip of a good one. I think you can hire him for $1M. Maybe he’s the one who holds the signs, “will work for sex!!” Cheers

    Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2013 14:36:43 +0000 To:


  6. Looking forward to our girlfriend dinner this week and after our evening of fun I feel so happy there is no guilt trip of the calories I just consumed. I truly enjoy these get togethers with great friends!


  7. Can’t wait for our girlfriend dinner, I feel so happy after our fun evening that the guilt trip of all the calories I just consummed does not faze me. I truly look forward to these get togethers with great friends!


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