Have you seen my holiday spirit? I left it somewhere…..

blow up santa-'56 Mojo-edGroan…sniff…sigh. I’ve lost it. I have looked all over and I cannot find my holiday spirit. I have a hundred excuses but I can’t get myself excited about Christmas. The shopping is done. The beloved husband put up the tree but I just can’t get enthused about decorating or baking or most anything holiday-related.

Maybe it’s packed away somewhere with the old Christmas gifts that I forgot. Maybe I left it at the veterinarian on my last visit. I just can’t find it.

This is not like me. I am the one who buys gifts early – mostly for me – and forgets where I hide them (assuming I haven’t worn it yet). I probably bought something on sale last year and I can’t remember if that’s true or where I put it.

We have been doing everything to get me in the mood. Scented candles – that sort of worked – it made me so hungry for gingerbread that I had to go out and buy a muffin. Thank you Yankee candle!

Electric candles are in the window making the house look so inviting after dark. We even toured some of the more ridiculous holiday displays. You know the ones I mean. During the day there are lumps of dirty laundry lying in the yard. At night, it all comes alive in animation. It’s not doing it for me this year. Not even with the snarky comments.

There are carols playing in the house. I am singing along, off-key of course, but it’s not working.

It was Jake's turn here.

It was Jake’s turn here.

The cats are jockeying for the prime real estate. For the next few weeks that spot is on the velvet skirt under the tree. They are amazing. They will each take their turn at different times. People should work together like they do. (Did you hear that Congress????) I wonder if I should get in the rotation. Looking at the tree from a different angle may help.

We start the holiday socializing this week and I hope that works. I will get dressed up and talk to adults. Maybe some shiny clothes with bling will help. Perhaps the conversation and all the wonderful stories people tell will help me find that spirit.

Now dang! Where did I put it? Maybe it’s in with my snow boots that I didn’t use last year. Where did I put them? Sigh!

31 thoughts on “Have you seen my holiday spirit? I left it somewhere…..

  1. The spirit is in the bottle but that will only give you headaches. Big family also gives me a headache Christmas or not. Listening to Christmas song works for me. Don’t have to decorate or bake cookies or any kind of cooking since I live alone.


  2. This year has been extremely hard for me to get into any Christmas spirit, however, after the horrific event on Friday, I can still hold my hubby and my sons and tell them I love them all so much which many of those parents cannot do now. Then I realized the Christmas spirit is alive with me to appreciate my wonderful family and friends each and everyday. There is one other thing that would also help is to join the person above with a blow dart and release the rest of the Christmas Spirit from those inflatables!


    • You are so right. The Christmas spirit isn’t the decorations or the baking. It’s sharing and caring. It seems like there are a some crazies out there (me included) who would like to do some deflating…..


  3. For me, Christmas will always be a dusting of snow … getting together with friends … and enjoying (other people’s) decorations – inside and out. We switched from a big tree to a much smaller one several years ago.
    Hope you recapture that festive spirit soon. Merry Christmas, Kate.


  4. I find it harder and harder to get into the holiday spirit each year. I think they start playing Christmas music and putting up displays earlier each year. When this starts in October, I’m sick of it before we even put away the Thanksgiving leftovers.

    Hope you find your spirit soon.


    • October is too early and you are so right. I worked for a while in a floral design shop. Christmas is magic there but it starts in September. By Christmas I had allergies to pine resin and was worn out from long hours. I went back into the corporate world but I do miss the first box of Christmas greens that would come in and scent the whole place.


  5. I found my spirit after the last two years of it being missing! It was lurking around waiting for me to relax and watch the parade of others searching for their spirit. So that’s the trick Kate – sit back and watch the show and see what happens next. 🙂


  6. I don’t remember the last time I had any holiday spirit. I must have been in the bathroom when they were handing it out and I missed it. I don’t even have a single decoration put up and not planning on having any this year. So call me Scroogette.


  7. Drink some prosecco…that usually gets me in the mood 🙂
    I put my Christmas lights up in mid-November while my husband was still here because I knew it would be less depressing. I won’t even be here as I leave Friday and will return mid-Jan, but I just put fake cutout snow flakes on the elevator doors on every floor in my apartment. I am not a big fan of Christmas myself but I get some joy from making other people smile. My entire building is full of old people…’m the youngest and the only foreigner. It won’t take these old geezers much to figure out where the decorations came from, haha.


  8. It does get harder and harder to drag out the decorations. 😦 I do most of my decorating on the computer…….making little nonsense things with the graphics programs. They gather no dust and don’t have to be put away. 🙂

    I get more joy from Thanksgiving. Doesn’t seem to be the pressure or the let down that the Christmas holiday sometimes gives. But the holiday socializing does give an excuse for a new outfit, so I intend to keep celebrating. lol


    • In the past two years we have gotten rid of a lot of our decorations. I wish we could just bag the tree and bring it out every year already decorated. We spend two days on it — one decorating and one undecorating. After we put all the decorations up, I tend to sneeze more. I dust everything but tchochkes collect dust, even Christmas ones!


  9. Mother passed Sept 17. It will be my first Christmas without her in 63 years. My parents have lived with me the last 10 years and it is just Father and I now.My son will be here with his girlfriend and her 4 year old son and the 1 1/2 year old daughter they had together. I have never seen the children. Then my daughter , her boyfriend and their three kids live here in Miami and we will all be together for the first time except for mother. Life is for the living but I know she will be here in spirit.


    • It’s good to have family around when you go through your first holiday season without a loved one. I always found the first one the worst. With all these kids, they should distract you and your father.


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