The amazing properties of chocolate or not!

The beloved husband is amazing. It is true. He does the right thing most of the time. He read an article this past summer that dark chocolate was good for you and immediately bought a case of dark chocolate bars which he rations out one a week. It’s like a vitamin or fish oil. He eats it without the decadent pleasure and accompanying guilt that happens with chocolate but he takes it regularly.

On the other hand, a long time ago without any medical research, I decided that milk chocolate was good for me. It’s tastier than Valium and medicates me the same way. Upon learning that DARK chocolate was the better alternative, I immediately assumed the studies were flawed. After all there are a lot of flawed studies. Many things that have gone out of vogue after we all had gotten on the bandwagon.

Vitamin E is one of those. There was a time when it was the “do all” and “be all” but not so much anymore. Now there are studies that give conflicting results. There was Vitamin C. Now it’s Vitamin D.  However did we survive without mega doses of Vitamin D? It prevents bone thinning, cancer and leprosy. Ok, I am not sure about leprosy but I did read about the other two.

That is not even mentioning people. What happened to Saint Christopher? After all the medals and statues I had in my car it turns out he really didn’t help at all. Good thing I carried car insurance!

Back to chocolate – despite the regular intake of a whole dark chocolate bar, the beloved husband was ill over the Thanksgiving holidays. His ears were blocked. We did the right thing – we checked with Mr. Google and our neighborhood pharmacist. Both said he had a cold and was congested. He needed to take decongestant pills for a week before it would be better. Today was a week. He still can’t hear because his ears continue to be badly blocked.

That is not all bad news for me. For the next few weeks, whenever something happens, I can tell him that I told him but he probably didn’t hear me.

We ended up in the doctor’s office today and it turns out he has a very bad ear infection. There is no fever or pain. How were we (or Mr. Google or the pharmacist) supposed to know that there was an inflection going on?

He’s on antibiotics and steroids. I am devastated that his regular use of chocolate didn’t prevent this but I am not giving up hope quite yet. I have more faith in milk chocolate anyway. Maybe combined with Vitamin D (perhaps St. Christopher too) the outcome would have been different.


25 thoughts on “The amazing properties of chocolate or not!

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    • He’s feeling just fine but he can’t hear anything. He can’t watch/listen to TV or talk on the phone. Talking to him face-to-face is hard. We are going to a specialist today. I suggested RotoRooter but he didn’t find that funny. He has completely lost his sense of humor!


  2. I learned to like the dark chocolate and enjoy a small piece once or twice a day. Coconut oil and almonds are also good for our health. I found that eating a small spoon of coconut oil and a few almonds with the chip of chocolate is as tasty as an Almond Joy, without all the sugar.


    • I tried but the only way I can eat dark chocolate is with a lot of something else like in a Mounds bar or maybe a peppermint patty. Almonds are not a problem. We both love them and eat them. I love coconut but never tried just the oil. I will look for it. By the way, coconut was another thing that was listed as a “bad food” a decade or so back.


  3. Hilarious! Chocolate (any kind) is supposed to be helpful for stomach problems too! I take Vitamin D, Vitamin C, AND Chocolate and haven’t had an ear infection in years. May your husband hear you soon – or not! And ma all your dreams come true. LOL! 🙂


  4. Why can’t we get a chocolate, loaded with vitamins. Like a multi only in chocolate?
    I hope his infection clears up soon. My littlest boy has one too and is on antibiotics for the very first time. He’s proud of himself.


  5. I have more faith in milk chocolate anyway.” Amen. Me too.

    Although now that I’ve read Anita’s advice I think that she might be onto something smart. Will do as she instructs and get back to you.


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