Something to jump start the holiday season

*sniff sniff*

My brother sent me this link today. I am always moved when people come together. Why don’t we do it more often and about truly important things? You can’t watch it and not get the spirit.

For those of you who get the big wad of mucus in your throat when you hear the Hallelujah chorus, (insert big sob) here you go:

Now all we need is for WordPress to make those snowflakes available for our blogs!

15 thoughts on “Something to jump start the holiday season

  1. Awww Man…. I held out till the 1:14 mark on the first video. (I’d never seen this one before.) But tears showed up after only 40 seconds on the second. Hallelujah Chorus is my absolute favorite song…. EVER. [I have a huge connection from playing this on violin and cello in orchestra settings for six years.]

    You’re right Kate, my Christmas season has been jump-started… totally in the right direction. Thank You!


    • I would love to see on of these in person but I hate venturing into the mall at Christmastime. However, next week we are going to the King of Prussia mall outside of Philadephia so maybe…….


  2. I was weeping way before the little boy kneeled in awe at seeing the “Holy Couple” with the “Baby Jesus.” Beautiful! I’d love to know how many people joined in spontaneously on the Flash Mob’s performance. Very moving.
    I posted this to my Facebook page. Thank you, Kate.


  3. Oh yeah, I remember this. I was there shopping at the time at Pacific Centre. Aren’t they Great!. Thanks for the memories. May I use this clip to share around again. Thanks.


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