Nostalgia and a visit from Mom – wunnerful, wunnerful

Disclaimer: With the storm and bad weather over the past week, I have been desperate. I read until my eyes blurred then I sought out some banal entertainment on TV. There was not much to be had so I had to do with what there was. Do not judge me!

We all know that songs and smells can remind us of another time in our life. Usually they are good memories although I suppose they can be bad memories too like the smell of my childhood doctor’s office. On the way to see him I would always pray that I didn’t have to get a shot. It’s funny how times change. Now on the way to a doctor’s office I always hope my malady can be fixed with a shot and not a surgery.

In my search for mindless TV, I came across the Lawrence Welk show. (Hey, I can hear those groans through the internet!) Personally I wasn’t a big fan but my Mom was. We always watched it along with the Waltons and other “healthy” programs. It was squeaky clean “champagne” music. We liked music in the house. My Dad played polka music on an accordion so this wasn’t a stretch for my family.

I turned it on expecting to be bored but it was just like the wonderful smell of strudel from my childhood. I swear I could look over at the couch (we had a couch, not a sofa) which would have had a crocheted zigzag afghan lying across the top (you can see it in the photo). My Mother would be sitting there keeping time with the music. She has been gone for 26 long years. This was such a warm, surreal and welcome feeling.

I watched the whole show. It was disappointing that the Lennon Sisters weren’t on. There were slightly older than I was but they were my favorites just like Annette from the Mickey Mouse Club. The woman who did the wonderful ragtime piano music wasn’t on either but there was enough that I remembered to make it familiar.

This was better than comfort food. For one hour I could swear that my Mother was sitting next to me humming away. There is no better feeling than that.

16 thoughts on “Nostalgia and a visit from Mom – wunnerful, wunnerful

  1. My parents liked The Lawrence Welk Show, so we watched it. The whole show was so staged and campy. I remember wanting to be a Lennon Sister so I could have a matching outfit along with them. And I remember Joanne Castle, the ragtime pianist with the bouffant hairdo. She was, as I recall, very enthusiastic about her piano playing!


  2. Awwww, Grammy across the street (that’s how we would refer to her)! That picture brought back some of my own fond memories of your mom.


  3. I’m right there with you, Kate! I caught a good portion of one of the old episodes not long ago and did the same thing…grew incredibly nostalgic! I watched it as a kid with the family, loved the Lennon sisters and wanted to be one of them, and secretly enjoyed the music, although I knew it wasn’t at all cool! Then I probably made fun of it for years…but this one episode I saw made me miss my grandparents and simpler times. I can only imagine how housebound you are right now. I would never judge you! 🙂


  4. Don’t you just love those unexpected moments when someone you loved returns to you for a little bit? For me, the Lawrence Welk show brings back wonderful memories of my grandmother. Every onece in a while I spent the night at her house and if I was there at the right time we ALWAYS had to watch Lawrence Welk! I still like that show! So glad you had such a wonderful time watching the show!


  5. Oh what a lovely story Kate! The voices and arias from Saturday at the Met remind me of my mother, who was an avid listener. When I hear opera now, I feel that she is also in the room….. especially when it’s Madame Butterfly (her favorite). Thanks for sharing and reminding me of those times again. 🙂


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