Dreary, dreary, dreary – how long until spring?

It’s just a matter of time before the back yard will look like this!

Our area is getting back to normal after Hurricane Sandy. There are a few people out of power but most are back. Critical trees have been cleared and people have stopped being overly nice.

The weather has been yucky all week. Usually after a storm, it gets sunny and windy but all we had all week was the wind along with some drizzle. We haven’t seen the sun in two weeks and it’s starting to take its toll.

There is nothing like a sunny day to perk up your disposition — make you nice and happy. The dreary weather even makes aches and pains seem worse. As for motivation, forget about it. It’s even an effort to write a post.

The beloved husband’s kids live in Denver where it is sunny 300 days a year. It sounds nice but they also have a very dry climate. I like the sun but I also like the lush greenery we get here in the east. I wonder if there is any place where the weather is perfect. Maybe the islands?

I was trying to get myself motivated to do something but even the beloved husband is struggling. We are not all lazy. We spent yesterday cleaning up the yard, taking things in and bringing other things out. Maybe it’s the end of summer blues that is at work here too.

It’s painful to see the outdoor furniture cushions get stored. Almost all of our leaves have dropped and it will be six months before we see leaves again. Boo!

I read posts from blogger friends down under (do they call us up over?) and it’s really nice to read about their excitement at the signs of spring. I know how exciting it is to see the first of the summer birds chirping around and smell the wonderful blossoms. The pond will be brimming with fish and frogs and other critters trying to get a drink.

In a few weeks we will have winter solstice and the days will start to get longer. It will be bitter cold for several months but with a little more light each day, there is the hope of spring.

I guess those pagans had it right when they scheduled a holiday at the beginning of the winter. It’s something to get excited about and fuss with. It just goes so fast and then there is the long hard winter to get through before spring breaks again. Those who ski and ice skate are lucky. They have some things to look forward to besides spring.

I shouldn’t sound so gloomy. We have family visiting in a few weeks; tickets to some upcoming concerts; and a big dance coming up. If only the sun would come out!

20 thoughts on “Dreary, dreary, dreary – how long until spring?

  1. I feel the same way you do about winter, Kate. It is a season to be endured until spring. I try to buy myself some cozy PJs, make a list of books to read and snuggle up with the cats until I see the first crocuses pop out of the ground.


  2. I always felt that no one appreciates Spring like a Central New Yorker. But, you sure do have the longing for greenery blues, Kate. My perfect weather would be the low 70s and a change of seasons – so, that lets Florida out of the picture. 🙂


  3. Guess there’s always trade offs for weather and locations
    My brother found the mid Atlantic depressingly grey – and moved when he was able.
    Islands have horrid humidity AND heat. Denver may be dry, but the sun is warming even in winter – I bundle up here with more with winter dampness even though not so cold.
    Screen porches do look sad in winter!


  4. I hear ya, Kate. The Mid-Atlantic is oh, so gray. Moving to FL was a good move for us . . . the sunshine in the Sunshine State perks me up. So does being able to wear shorts and sandals for 11 1/2 months a year. 😎

    I’ll never move back to the Mid-Atlantic ~ too dreary, dreary, dreary.


  5. You really scared me with that snowy picture. I thought “Nooooooooo….” I was so relieved it was from another time. I complained all summer when we had weeks of triple digit temperatures. Then I went to watch my daughter cheer at her last home football game of the season and complained because it was freezing. I pretty much need 72 degrees in order to be happy.


  6. There’s something about sunlight that perks people up and the lack of it to get you down. I think you’re in one of those down periods and your natural happy disposition will come through with the next sunny day.


  7. Well hello there up over. Reporting from down under to say that the climate in Johannesburg is pretty much as perfect as I figure things get. Our winters are chilly but not cold enough for snow and they come with brilliant blue skies and lots of sunshine. Our summers are simply spectacular with hot days and afternoon thundershowers, after which the air turns a brilliant yellow sort of colour and everything feels refreshed. Oops – sorry, probably not helping out much here but it’d be a good place to visit when you’re in the middle of winter.
    I, for one, would love to go skiing and skating – we miss out on that stuff.


  8. “It’s painful to see the outdoor furniture cushions get stored.”

    Well said. I agree. I feel the same way. Plus we have wicker furniture that we take inside as well. So then we spend months and months looking into an empty screened-in porch. It can be defeating.


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