US Political angst — is it over yet?

There is another political debate scheduled for tonight. I dread election year. Partly because of the inane commercials for all sorts of people who are up for election and partly because I don’t like the nasty campaigns. All I want are the facts ma’am! Just the facts. I don’t like what it does to people either.

I don’t discuss politics because it gets folks riled up. I do believe everyone should vote and work on issues that are near to their heart. As an animal-loving, retired female, I check out how candidates vote and I vote accordingly. I value my right to vote which some countries do not have.

What I find annoying are the folks who base their decisions on how candidates look or how they debate. From my perspective, neither attribute is on the top of the presidential skills list. Not saying they aren’t helpful and clearly both candidates can debate but newscasters who talk about debates as if they will decide the election frustrate me especially with flip-flopping poll scores.

We don’t judge candidates on their ability to dance and they attend tons of dinners with music. We don’t judge them on their language abilities which would be helpful. There are no tests on economic knowledge or the ability to simultaneously know and juggle everything that’s going on in the world. Those are far more important skills.

The debates are a cross between a circus and reality TV, neither of which I like. So what will the debates tell us? I am not sure but I have something recorded that I will need to watch instead. I can catch anything of interest on the thousands of news replays that will happen afterward or perhaps Saturday Night Live.

16 thoughts on “US Political angst — is it over yet?

  1. I agree with what you say about the TV elections. However, in the UK for the 2010 elections we had the same type of televised debates for the first time and I think it was a great idea in theory because it at least made people actually pay some attention. In the UK people spend gazillions of pounds on phoning up to vote for X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing etc, but actual voting in the Government elections is at a pitiful low. Anything that makes people sit up and take an interest in poliitcs should be a bonus really.

    I’m not eligible to vote in the US elections so the closest I’ve been able to get was choosing between the red and blue coffee cups in the 7-Eleven…..


  2. It’s a shame that politics become personal attacks, and I’m not talking about between the candidates! Years ago, maybe too long ago to be relevant, people could talk about differences of opinions without it degrading into really unkind, if not outright hateful behaviors. I will be so glad when we move on…then we can just wallow in the negativity that will persist, but it will all be focused in one direction. Gheesh!


  3. A fellow blogger rejected a (virtual) award I nominated her for because I will not discuss my politics publicly. Be gentle out there folks. The elections will soon be over and then all you’ll have left is some burned bridges to repair.


  4. I really do understand all the comments and I do agree…….

    But I watch every bit of it and all the in between too. And I watch both sides and the fact checkers too. I want to be informed and feel like I am making in informed decision. And I do discuss it with others. My choice is strong for one side but I feel I can argue and rebut a lot of things. I want to be able to say……..I chose for this or that reason and give the supports.

    BUT YES!! Will be glad when it is over. 🙂


  5. Great points, Kate, especially about the debates. Cable TV and the constant commentary by pundits of all stripes plus those endless polls are smothering. Voting is essential and thinking about why we make our choices the key. Thanks.


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