Private Practice, R.I.P.

Dang! It happened again. Private Practice has been cancelled. Whenever I get attached to a TV series, it bites the dirt. I am very private about what I like for fear the gurus of TV-land will find out and shut it down.

Private Practice is a night-time soap opera much like Grey’s Anatomy. In fact it was a spinoff. I liked the characters. They were interesting and it was set on along the coast in California. What’s not to like?

I have always been fond of medical shows. I remember the really old ones like Dr. Kildare, Ben Casey, Marcus Welby and I met Allen Alda through M.A.S.H. I watched the original ER until the plots and subplots made me crazy. There was also Chicago Hope. There weren’t many I didn’t watch. I even watched House which was just plain nuts.

There is something fascinating about a hospital. People save lives. They make heart-wrenching decisions and they have sex all over place! I never worked for a company where you could have sex in little rooms although I am sure it goes on. (I once asked my doctor if there was really that much sex in the hospital and he said, “I wish!”)

I would have made a great doctor except for a few — very few — flaws. I love the problem-solving aspect. Figuring out what’s wrong when reviewing the symptoms that are presented. Reacting to crisis situations makes the job interesting. Wearing scrubs! One of my doctors wears black scrubs and looks absolutely scrumptious in them.

The people who work at hospitals tend to be smart – sometimes arrogant – but smart. I have learned some terms and new illnesses through the years but they are not useful for dinner parties. Yelling code blue at a party is not a good idea. Neither is discussing diseases at the dinner table or so the beloved husband tells me.

The flaws I have involve my tendency to get ill when I see body fluids – like blood, barf and the other nasties. If you barf, I will barf too – partly in sympathy and partly because I have no control. Cutting into someone and having puss flow would put me out like a light. If the blood or any of the other stuff was mine, well you can just forget it. Call the undertaker.

The best part about TV shows is that I can close my eyes when the slicing starts although if you think of it mechanically, it’s probably no different from fixing an engine.

I will miss this show but there are a few new ones that I enjoy. I cannot mention them because I just know those TV gurus are trying to figure out what I like so they can cancel them!


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19 thoughts on “Private Practice, R.I.P.

  1. Eventually anything I really enjoy seems to be cancelled. I never seem to enjoy the shows that are the most popular. The only show in recent history that worked for me–I loved it and so did enough people to create a following–was LOST. I think that’s the only time when I’ve been in the flow with a popular show! Since then, several others I enjoyed have failed miserably. I am sorry for your loss…I get it! 🙂


  2. I get hooked on old shows on Hulu. I have watched all of the Alfred Hitchcock episodes, mostly while walking on my treadmill.

    And I agree that sympathetic barfing would be a disadvantage in the medical profession.


  3. You’ve got me thinking . . . I’m going to invest in some black scrubs. I may not look scrumptuous . . . but I’ll be oh-so-comfy! 😀

    Maybe you SHOULD tell us what shows you watch? We know you have good taste. We’ll watch them too. Their ratings will rise. More people will watch them. And they’ll never get cancelled.

    Although, if “How I Met Your Mother” is one of your faves, keep it to yourself. The thought of that show continuing ad nauseum makes me a bit nauseous. Enough! How did you meet their mother? Was it in a hospital? Was she wearing black scrubs? Having sex? Who is she? :mrgreen:


  4. So you’re the reason they stop all my favourites. Please don’t watch Big Bang Theory. You might be relieved to know that 15% of the population share your blood and guts reaction. But remember….No BIg Bang Theory for you.


  5. I also wanted to work in a hospital. While my original plan was to be a nurse, I wound up working in the computer section of a medical library. The library part was pretty cool. Like you, I don’t think I would have been able to “cut” it when it comes to someone getting sick or dying.

    I’ve had many a favorite TV show eliminated over the years. Now. Payback. I rarely watch TV at all. (Except for “Project Runway.”)


  6. I always like the medical/doc shows the first couple of seasons…then they change writers and the plots start getting too dumb.
    (and scrubs are such an easy wardrobe! But all the medical people I know just groan at all the playful hospital sex…when do they ever find time to take care of patients?….not to mention real docs are exhausted most of the time)


  7. I watch PP too but I do find that Violet is a bit weird… and yes I could have become a doctor too, the only thing is that I really don’t like studying and they have to do so much of it … by the way a friend of mine is a doctor, married a doctor and she said that yes they do have lots of sex in hospitals, something to do with being close to death


  8. This is so funny! Not that your show has been cancelled, but the endless hospital sex. When my father retired in the 70’s, he got hooked on General Hospital (don’t let the other teamsters know) and he would constantly say to us “If I’m sick please don’t take me to this place, everyone is either drinking or having sex!” Um, dad, it’s not real. He was all involved in their lives….lol
    I LOVED Trapper John MD and Marcus Welby…they were great doctors.


  9. This must be a trait you and I share – favorite shows getting cancelled. Ever see Off the Map? Awake? Life on Mars? Mr. Sunshine? Eli Stone? Friends? Frasier? Okay – so I really digressed, but still …. I have a habit of loving shows that no one else does, but I did have to give up on Private Practice a while back. After one particularly dramatic episode I couldn’t go to sleep because of all the anxiety it caused me! Hmm….it’s possible – just possible – that I get a little too involved in these TV shows I watch…..


    • I wasn’t crazy when that woman cut the baby out of one of the main characters. In fact, I may have missed the follow up on that. I don’t like shows that give me nightmares or make me afraid.


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