Summer meltdown and the cats are at it again | For Animal Lovers

Mollie and Hazel solving world problems

Mollie, Jake and Hazel: Hi all! We are blogging today. Kate’s recovering from too much picnicking.

Hazel: Yep, there’s been a heat wave here and she had two outside picnics with humid mid-90 degree weather. She doesn’t have a nice fur coat to insulate her so she gets hot and cranky.

Where is a pine tree when you need it?

Jake: Yeah! Me, I just love to lie under the big pine trees when it’s hot. They are so cool and once in a while you find a luscious rabbit there too. It’s heaven. She should try that!

Mollie: There is nothing worse than a bunch of hot, sweaty humans all clumped together.

Hazel: Did you ever notice how smelly that gets?

Mollie: It may be the beer too. Suds all over the place. I don’t know why they just don’t barbecue some nice kibble.

Jake: How would you get that on a skewer?

Mollie: Not my problem. I’m the idea person remember? You figure it out. Maybe make a salad out of some fresh catnip greens. There have been a lot of those lying around. I love summertime.

Hazel cogitating on life or waking up from a snooze.

Hazel: Kate was all beside herself about the resident frog too. She couldn’t find him but he was croaking in the ground cover by the patio.

Resident frog

Jake: Not sure what she sees in that frog. He’s all green and really smelly, like fish but not the good eating kind that comes in a can.

Hazel: Yeah, she keeps hoping for tadpoles but we don’t need any more pets. We are enough! More for us!

Mollie: That reminds me – how did our pond fish get out of the can? I see them on the label of the cans in the closet but there they are swimming in our pond.

Jake: Must be some sort of miracle. Maybe like those tubes she calls hot dogs. Never saw a dog shaped like that. They don’t bark either.

Mollie signing off!

Mollie: Humans! Good thing they have opposable thumbs and can open cans or we would have to take over things.

Mollie, Jake and Hazel: That’s all! Kate will return!

19 thoughts on “Summer meltdown and the cats are at it again | For Animal Lovers

  1. Now that’s a very cute cat crew! Mollie and Hazel look like twins – one with short hair and one with long. So nice that Jake gets to lay outside. Reminds me of Slash, they look so much alike and love to be outdoors. 🙂


  2. I stay indoors when it is really hot. I don’t have any grass or trees just a cement balcony. It burns my paws in the afternoon so I stay in the cool air inside.


  3. I don’t share my home with cats, (just dogs), but I can’t help having a particular affection for Mollie. Something about that face just says “You’re gonna love me.” My dogs are fun, and wonderful, and even a hoot now and then, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still sometimes wish I had a cat living under my roof again, (as opposed to a frog living near my patio). Hope the heat gives you a chance to find a cool spot, so you can catch your breath again.


      • uhmmm, yep …. we regularly get 90 degree weather in April and May, and start hitting triple digits some time in June or July. Thankfully, we’ve been seeing temps in the low 90’s this past week, so we’re grateful for that … always nice to stay out of the triple digits here in South Texas. I have a hard time remembering where people are from, but based on your current heat wave, you could be anywhere … one of my sisters is in Florida, and she’s got the 90 degree weather, too. They went to their cabin in Tennessee this week, and now it’s getting down to 65 at night for them. Lucky her!


    • Please! She reads my blog and will be hard to live with! I adopted her from the shelter as an adult (she was the adult not me). Can’t believe someone gave up such a beautiful and friendly cat. Believe it or not, she has no bad habits. Hazel is more homely to make up for it. Thanks for the nice comments. Are you softening up on cats?


  4. I’m also suspecting they overdid it on the 4th. They may be a bit dehydrated, which would also account for their need to cut back on their activity. I hope they feel better soon…it’s going to be a long hot summer! But they do set a good example for the rest of us…we need to take care of ourselves in the heat! Debra


  5. Our cats, Jean-Louis and Reggie, say “hi” to you and yours. They also have this relaxin’ thing down and are quite content to call the shots (read: give orders to me and my hubby) at our house. Thanks for giving us the inside picture of what cats are really up to. 🙂


  6. I was surprised that they weren’t swearing, they look like they swear….Hazel & Mollie have sailor mouth written all over their faces! Perhaps you edited the original version for fear of being booted off of WordPress.


  7. Molly, Jake and Hazel have the right ideas about summer. Just loll and daydream and loll until dinner. Great post Kate! I love how you think like a cat with the right words for the right attitudes. And the kitties are adorable. 🙂


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