Best commercials ever, really!

I don’t like TV commercials. Sometimes I will record a program so I can fast forward through the commercials. It interrupts the story. They are boring and repetitious. I am not in the prime demographics that commercials are targeted for so advertisers really don’t care what I think.

I don’t buy cars based on how fast they go (everyone knows I buy cars by the hottest color!) nor do I buy drugs because an actor/actress pitches it. Some ads seem farfetched to me. My husband and I do not get all horny excited standing next to the tomatoes in the produce section and we don’t have separate bath tubs out on the lawn.

Feeling like that, I was amazed that I was transfixed with a new commercial on TV. I actually watch it instead of thumbing through a magazine. I sing the song in the shower and the car. What is going on?

There are some commercials I like, very few, but a couple. Put a cute animal or a talking baby in it and I’m a goner. There is a commercial for Advantix flea treatment with a cute yellow Labrador puppy that’s been around for a couple of years. I can sing the entire jingle and have been known to dance with it. I even buy the cat product! Bingo!

I love cats but the Meow Mix commercial is too much. I’ll pass on that. I do love that Aussie (?) accent that the Geiko gecko has but not enough to buy the insurance. The caveman was funny too.

The Budweiser horses are another trap to get me to watch. Especially the series where the one horse didn’t get to join the wagon team – so sad.

Or do you remember the streaker?

There is that baby day trader for E-trade that is adorable. I want him to manage my portfolio. It couldn’t be any worse.

Unfortunately the vast majority of commercials are not fun. Some are very repetitious and you listen to the same pitch several times during the same program. Others are just awful.

The political season has started. I especially hate political commercials. Most ads attack the opponent but never talk about what the candidate would do to make life better. I wish I could click my heels and it would all be over.

Now about that commercial that started this post – I LOVE the new Target commercial and I don’t know why. Target commercials never say the store name and this one doesn’t either. It is a balloon with a bunch of acrobats jumping out and changing people’s clothing and homes. Maybe I like it because it reminds me of Circ du Soleil or maybe it’s so French. I find myself singing “Allouette” all day long! Watch it if you dare but I can’t guarantee you won’t sing along!

22 thoughts on “Best commercials ever, really!

  1. Fun post! Can you do one for radio next?! 🙂 It’s funny, I can’t think of any overly annoying TV commercials right now because, like you, I fast forward through them. But I hear the same few commercials over and over again on the radio and I cringe!! I am so used to being able to forward and rewind so when I miss something good on the radio, I think I can rewind to hear what I missed and then I realized I am confusing my media!


  2. I LOVE the Target commercials. Before I’d even finished reading your post I was already thinking that the only ones I stop to watch are Target. There’s another one that just came out where colors are spread all over the town and it’s simply beautiful. They are carving out quite a niche for themselves because, as you point out, they don’t say much, but I know a Target commercial from the moment it begins. I am hoping to avoid as many political ads as possible. They’ll be there–hiding in the least expected places, but I’ll try to outsmart them. I can’t bear them! Debra


  3. I think there are good commercials out there; it’s the repetition that gets to me. Now matter how much I like the commercial, by the fourth or fifth showing I’m sick of it and begin to resent the sponsor.


  4. That’s the first time I’ve seen that Target commercial. Wonderful. Very creative. Also love the Streaker and Hank pumping iron to get selected to pull the Budweiser wagon. I confess I watch Super Bowl with my husband only to watch the ads. You had some excellent ones here. Unfortunately, as you say, too many others are just BORING.


  5. I know exactly what you mean about most commercials being boring, repetitious, and targeted elsewhere. But the Budweiser one is pretty cute! Awesome post as usual!


  6. You are a commercial analyst of the highest degree! Love that puppy and the draft horses – the e-trade baby, well, tired of that. Your comments about the political ads are right on target – including the click your heels part! I love the “Allouette” ad: it was such a popular song for a while – and now it’s back! YEA. Enjoyed your post.


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