Quarantine, quarantine! Illness in the house!

I have just survived a week of illness in the house. It wasn’t me. I am just fine. The beloved husband had some respiratory illness and it lasted days and days (seemed like months and months to me…probably to him too). He still isn’t up to snuff but I at least got him to go out for breakfast today.

He hasn’t been sick like this in the past 16 years and here’s hoping it’s another 16 years until he’s sick again. He really tries not to be intrusive but that’s not really possible. First the snoring ratcheted up a few notches.

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to sleep in an airport hanger? No? I’m not surprised. Unfortunately, I have a pretty good idea. This week I slept next to a 747 that was taxi-ing for takeoff. I really should have those earplug thingers. In solidarity, our cats piled in the bedroom for support. I found that odd. They don’t do that for me. We have two cats who also snore, so more noise. In deference to his illness, no one including me barfed a hairball!

Then, there is always the drugs — which ones are the most helpful. I found it odd that it took four different stores for me to find a standard cold medication that wasn’t packaged in super-sized packages at high prices. When did cold medicine get to be $30? I need enough for about 5 days to a week. I can guarantee that by the next time we need it, it will be out-of-date. For this round I emptied out the drug stash we had and threw most of it away. Some of it expired in 2006. Heck, I don’t even remember 2006, why do I have meds from then.

One thing is for sure…I wasn’t cut out to be a nurse. I don’t have the patience and I don’t like sick people. They are cranky even though they don’t think they are. I am just glad to have a healthy hubby back.

Besides all that, being nice is exhausting. Maybe I’m not cut out for that either!

Clipart courtesy of Shutterstock, header courtesy of Hazel.

19 thoughts on “Quarantine, quarantine! Illness in the house!

  1. My cats really hover when I’m sick. I like to think it’s because they love me and are worried, but they’re probably just there to tell me: “That man you married just fed us macaroni and cheese, and he hasn’t cleaned the litterbox in days!”


    • You may have a good point there. I wasn’t sure why they huddled around Dan. He doesn’t feed them although he has been know to give them a good scratch or two when no one is looking.


  2. Kate, I’ve nominated you for the Kreativ Blog Award. It was a genuine nomination as you are a very “kreativ” individual, posting about your every day happenings, but creating such an interesting and often very meaningful application. You can read more about the nomination here: http://breathelighter.wordpress.com/2012/03/13/am-i-talented-just-ask-a-preschooler/. You are under NO obligation, of course, to accept, but I hope you’ll have some fun with it. It took me a month to get this far, and we still haven’t really followed the instructions in full. Make it your own, and keep moving forward with your own brand of creativity! Debra


  3. I hope you’re all back to your normal roles (normal selves) by now! I always think I’m a better nurse than my husband is as a patient. He is so rarely cranky, that when he’s sick, and in ill spirits to boot, I don’t even know how to be helpful! How thankful we are that illness is rare, right? Have a much healthier week! Debra


  4. Oh, I bet you’re a much better and patient nurse than you think you are. I’m just glad Dan’s better and you’re getting your sleep! This way when I see you next, you won’t be grumpy!


    • When I am sick I want someone to provide the food, clean the kitty litter box and any other chores. Other than that I want to sleep and watch the food channel. Dan just gets irritated that he is sick and his life is interrupted.


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