Lost and sometimes forgotten gifts

It happened again. I bought an early birthday present and now I don’t remember where I hid it. It’s not for anyone in this house so I know I didn’t go to great lengths to hide it. It’s just out of public sight. I have done this so often, you would think I could compensate for my poor memory. I should have written down the location. Nope, didn’t do that. To be fair, I would probably forget where I wrote it. When I find the gift (probably next summer) it will be a surprise present for myself. Unfortunately, it’s a food item that isn’t exactly perishable but by next summer it will definitely be old.  It will be like eating Halloween candy on the fourth of July. (Yes, I’ve done that already.)

I often forget where I hide gifts for Christmas. I don’t even like to think about Christmas before October but every once in a while I will snag a sale earlier and hide it away. Sometimes I don’t even remember that I already bought something but usually, I just don’t remember where I put it. For obvious reasons, I never buy wrapping paper the day after Christmas. That would be a lost cause.

When I was a kid, I had a great talent for finding Christmas presents. My mother would get very irritated. She started keeping my gifts at my aunt’s house where I would not dare to snoop. It didn’t bother me that Christmas wasn’t a surprise. I savored the anticipation that I was definitely getting a particular item. That was far better than hoping I would get something and being disappointed.

Now I wish I had those old skills. I always try to do something logical so that I won’t forget – like putting a Christmas gift in with the wrapping paper. The problem is that the year I did that, I didn’t wrap my gifts until two days before Christmas.  By then I had replaced the gift.

Catnip, did someone say catnip?

One year I made catnip bags for all my friends with cats. I made them in early fall when the catnip dried. Fortunately, my cats helped me find those gifts. I mailed them to my friends. One friend asked my not to do that again. By the time he came home from work, all his mail was torn and strewn all over the house. Personally I think he was afraid the postman would report him for drugs and his house would be searched. He wasn’t fooling me at all.

Back to the birthday gift search – where did I put it? (Note to self – always tuck in catnip so the felines in the house can help.)

8 thoughts on “Lost and sometimes forgotten gifts

  1. LOVED this post Kate. I always ALWAYS do that. One time I hid some jewelry so my teen agers friends wouldn’t be tempted when they were over. I coulldn’t be bothered opening the safe. Anyway I could NOT remember at all where I hid it! For over 6 months, it was gone. I looked everywhere, tore apart dressers, looked under….everywhere. Then 6 months later I was in Canada visiting a sister. We were actually talking about this since she had misplaced something that day. I then went in to lay out my clothes for the next day. It was cold and snowy there. When I pulled out warm socks, ta-da! there was a diamond and saphire bracelet, gold earrings and a ruby ring! !!!!! really……we laughed so hard.
    Great post again, Kate. Hope you don’t mind my sharing the memories it stirred in me. Another thing I always misplace…..birthday cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Argghhhh


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