Fix tooth, check!

The beloved husband had one of his wisdom teeth extracted today. Normally this wouldn’t be worthy of a post. It’s not about me or the cats so how important can it be? It was an interesting experience.

His appointment was at 8 a.m. but they wanted him there 15 minutes early. I ignore those requests because in my experience, it means I sit there 15 minutes more. I always update my data in the portal prior so there is no good reason. However, we were up and dressed so we went early.

They took him in at 7:50. That’s 10 minutes earlier. I figured they’d make him sit for at least 10 minutes in an exam room. At 8:10 they called me back. I thought something had happened. Way too soon!

I didn’t get it at first. He was on the chair, slightly reclined and looking out of it. I figured they may have given him a small dose of the anesthesia prior to the surgery to calm him. Nope, he was done. Tooth, gone.

This has to be the most efficiently run dental surgical unit I’ve ever been to although it’s also my first. The beloved husband is woozy and reclining peacefully with his Kindle. Up next, a mush diet for 3 to 5 days. Oy vay.

Editor’s note: There is no picture because he looks a bit like a corpse.Β 

66 thoughts on “Fix tooth, check!

  1. Wow, that was simple wasn’t it? I wore the metal wrap-around braces on my teeth for almost three years and the orthodontist had my dentist remove my rear upper molars to allow my top wisdom teeth to come in when we first started my orthodontic treatment. That was all good, but, right after I got my braces off, my wisdom teeth started coming in. To keep them from shifting my teeth (despite wearing upper/lower retainers), I was sent to a maxillofacial surgeon to be removed ASAP. They were impacted and I took the day off work, as did my father to drive me as they were to put me under. I got there, filled in the insurance paperwork and was sitting in the dental chair, anticipating the ordeal when the surgeon walked in. Now, I went to this surgeon, despite him being sued multiple times (our firm did dental malpractice and represented him), but he was tops in his field, always on-call for serious accidents with mouth/dental trauma at local hospitals. So I’m not going to say what he said to me as he swore like a trooper, but said no (multiple expletives) legal secretary was going to sue him because his scalpel slipped and my jaw hung down and I never ate again. I would have gotten up and left, but, because I had taken the day off, as had my father and it was the Friday before Memorial Day, giving me plenty of time to heal, I stayed. He gave me the nitrous oxide and got in my face, mumbling about me suing him. I was not fully under and remember crunching teeth, him pulling them out and the next day I was green, black and blue from bruises on my chin and neck. I got an air pocket and had to go back and have him look at it – more stitches. What an ordeal – what an idiot!

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    • Wow! That’s some story. Hope your teeth-mouth are good now. I worked with a woman whose husband got a vasectomy done by a doc who was in litigation with her father. He had quite a story to tell and the way he told it was very funny. My husband is good today. No bruising and not much swelling. If you didn’t know, you couldn’t tell.

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      • Yes, no problem now. I have worn a bite splint for years because I grind my teeth in my sleep. Oh that sounds like an interesting story there. I never knew if my bruising was something he did intentionally or just because they were impacted. I think the latter because he was supposed to be a really good maxillofacial surgeon, no matter his attitude issues. But boy, did he hate lawyers. I had put where I worked and thought to myself “well, he sees where I work and our firm represents you, so why are jumping all over me?” That’s great news that your husband is doing well today – sounds like a streamlined and good dental practice there. Good thing you didn’t have a ton of chicken soup to eat.

        When I had the metal braces I went once a month to get them tightened and we had soft foods for dinner for a few days as my teeth felt wobbly and it hurt even to eat a banana.

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  2. Good dentist.
    Reminds me of the time my dad asked me to drive him to the dentist as he had found one who would knock him out with an injection in his arm as he tends to react (badly) to gas or an injection in the mouth. They called me in and Dad was sitting in the chair. ‘I’ll be out in a minute love,’ he said. ‘They’ve got to knock me out first.’ I told him he was done and dusted and it was time to go home. He couldn’t believe it as he’d felt nothing, and his mouth felt normal!

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    • He hasn’t eaten all day. He’s still bleeding a little (not a lot) and I think that can dampen your appetite. No pain yet so the block they gave him hasn’t worn off yet. He takes a pain med at 5. He’s not a pudding guy but we have ice cream ready and some thin soups.

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  3. The hubby must’ve been in for some good karma to have been taken in early for his appointment and be done in such a quick time. I hope he has minimal pain and can enjoy things like applesauce, ice cream, oatmeal and of course, The ever popular popsicles.

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